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Three Beaches You Must Visit in Morocco

Morocco is well known for its outstanding culture and coastal delights which is why you should always look to find the perfect beach resort.

Morocco Beaches

Whether you’re after a dreamy lagoon, a bustling coastal town or something that offers peace and seclusion, there are all sorts of sandy beaches available for you to set foot on in Morocco.

Here are three seaside resorts you must visit on your trip to Morocco. If you find the time to visit all three then you’ll struggle to pick a favourite!


Marrakech is one of the busiest places on Earth with the usual hustle and bustle capable of draining the energy of any tourist group. If it’s a peaceful break from the usual activities associated with

Morocco that you’re after, Saidia beach could be the ideal destination for you. It’s here that you will be exposed to the true aspects of Moroccan culture with the quiet seaside town creating a charming atmosphere that is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed.

You can take in the exotic flavour of this seaside resort by strolling along the shore and embracing the history of the medina. The sea is beautifully coloured and you’ll be desperate to go for a swim at this luxurious seaside resort.


There is a delightful lagoon situated right in the middle of Oualidia beach that is as appealing to the locals as it is tourists. However, this is quite an unknown seaside resort that gives tourists the opportunity to escape the crowded beaches and enjoy the untouched sands for themselves.

Located on the Atlantic, this is the ideal destination for someone who isn’t a fan of crowded beaches. The beautifully shaped rock faces on the shore are an ideal place to sit back and admire the costal views.

To top it all off, Oualidia has proven to be the perfect location for avid birdwatchers to get a glimpse of some particularly rare species, with hundreds of birds flocking to the shores throughout the year.


Essaouira has to be one of the most elegant beaches on the planet. From the shore you can witness some truly magical scenes, from delicately glazed waters alongside stunning weather conditions through to the comforting sands and delightfully decorated sailboats.

You will be identifying all sorts of worldwide influences at Essaouira that go far back throughout history. There are plenty of clear indications that this particular setting ahs managed to inspire some of the most creative minds in history.

A combination of grace and style is what makes this seaside resort a must visit for any tourist group. It could be the perfect ending to your already fun-filled Moroccan adventure.

About the author:
Tara Ennis is a beach lover with a particular passion for northern Africa. She has contributed this post on behalf of El Zohar Riad, stunning Marrakech holiday accommodation in the heart of the historic old Medina

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Introduction to California – The Golden State – Sacramento and San Francisco

As a new immigrant to the USA and California, I want my wife to understand where we are and the history of this place. She’s never understood my love of bacon, sourdough bread, movies, aviation, and Mexican food – it’s all fairly understandable when you realize most of my childhood was in California gold country. Last night I forced her to watch this PBS documentary about the Gold Rush. Today, we went to the Sacramento History Museum and strolled through Old Town Sacramento. I think she might be starting to get it…

This is a spectacular documentary about the Gold Rush of 1848-1856, the largest mass migration in human history, and the birth of California as a part of the United States. Well worth the 2-hours to watch and if you’ve ever been to Sacramento or San Francisco, wondered how California stopped being Spanish and Mexican, or why there was a huge migration of Chinese to the USA during that time. This will answer the questions. Great history. Great documentary.

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Vago’s Motorcycle Club

Hey, if you want to join a motorcycle club…this one has nothing to do with me. Except it has my name and it was formed near where I grew up, they wear my favorite color, and all the major chapters are in places where I’ve lived or my family lives today. (Thanks Rev for pointing this out!)


The Vagos Motorcycle Club, also known as the Green Nation, is a “one-percenter” motorcycle club that was formed in San Bernardino, California during the 1960’s. The club’s insignia is Loki, the Norse god of mischief, riding a motorcycle and members commonly wear green.The Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have named the Vagos as an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, claiming that they are involved in criminal activities such as producing, transporting and distributing methamphetamine and marijuana, as well as assault, extortion, insurance fraud, money laundering, murder, vehicle theft, witness intimidation and weapons violations. The Vagos have approximately 300 members among 24 chapters located in the American states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and three chapters located in Mexico.

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A Typical Greyhound Busride – Farters and Axe Murderers

American Gothic

I’ve heard they’ve gotten better but here was what a bus ride on a Greyhound looked like in 1998. 

The bus ride was fairly uneventful. The first person to sit next to me was a sweet looking old woman who got on the bus in Centralia, Washington. I made room for her and she pulled out a little crochet pillow and quickly fell asleep. It was about 10 PM. I was reading and watching the lights go by. Happy to be on the road to somewhere.

First she began to snore. I pulled out my walkman and put in a mixtape the girl I was madly in love with had made for me. That’s when I noticed the smell. It smelled like a dirty old turd on that bus. I took off the headphones right after ‘The Revolution will Not be Televised.”

She was farting. About every two seconds that old broad would let one rip. Pfthhhhwwwwrrrp! The smell was horrible. I looked around hoping that there was another seat open. No way. I was stuck. A guy across the aisle looked at me with sympathy and shared suffering.

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Marseille Street Art – So Freaking Much of It

For your visual delight on this Halloween Day…the Street art of Grey Marseilles…

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Announcing My Forthcoming Novel…. The Keys of the Riad

This is a funny thing to do, but it’s nice to have a blog that’s all about me so I can do this kind of balderdash. I’m still in Marseilles very much loving it, though to be honest, mostly just enjoying the fact that I’ve got this lovely apartment and the time to work and think while I’m here.

15th Arondissement Marseille

Today I took a bus up to the 15th Arondisment , or the quartiers du Nord and wandered around a bit. It’s the rough part of Marseille but I found it was mostly immigrants from North Africa and Senegal. Three of the ten or so people I spoke with had booze breath and I saw one middle aged skinhead chugging Heineken on the bus and tossing the cans out the window. A rough looking Senegalese kid got up and gently gave his seat to an old Moroccan lady and I learned what Algerian Berber sounds like – not that I’d recognize it if I hear it again, but who knows. I might.

I also got some much needed prep for the WTM London done and managed to convince myself to write another novel for NANOWRIMO in November despite the busy month I have planned.

This is the novel I’m going to write in November for #nanowrimo  #nanowrimo2012  What do you think?

Title: The Keys of the Riad

Short Synopsis: The discovery of a ring of ancient keys leads a  career focused woman on a journey through the exotic world of mystics and fortune tellers.

Thats as much as I know now…aside from the fact that I can’t think of a good synonym for career focused woman….

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Wonderful, Beautiful Fucking Marseille

First a few pics that demonstrate why this town has immediately won me over…

If I lived in France, I’d live in Marseille. I’m sure of it. Nice is nice, Paris is cultural, Bordeaux is pretty shitty, but Marseille? Great food, great street art, perhaps the friendliest people I’ve met in Europe and a multi-cutural soup bowl that is worthy to be the home of bouillabaisse, which it is. Marseille is my kind of town.

Dog friendly, graffiti filled, fisherman town filled with a melange of African, Arab, European, and everyone else. The only bummer about Marseille is that I’m suddenly a bit ill on my second day here. This is a definite grippe and the culprit is no doubt a lack of sleep at home and in the Sahara last week, the flight here, and the fact that in a town that gets 300 days of sunshine, I arrived on one of the other 65. Today was a total deluge and even with the big umbrella provided by my new favorite hotel chain “Mama Shelter”, I still got drenched.

It was fine but as the day went on, I started to feel a real malaise that four cups of coffee didn’t get rid of. Then my back and neck started hurting and even though there is a lively crowd downstairs in the bar, I can’t seem to find the energy to go down and enjoy the sounds of the DJ and hang out with my new friend Bobzilla.

Instead, I’m up here in my big comfortable feather top bed lounging amidst four big down pillows on super soft, super clean white sheets while looking at an iMac TV and using the fast wifi. Sure, I’d love to be down there, but feeling like this, I realize I need to be resting. This is just the beginning of almost 3 weeks in Marseilles and London so I figure it’s better to be down for the count at the beginning than down for the count for the entire trip.

The World Travel Market in London next week is too important to be sick for. Maybe if I go to sleep now, this fever will go away. If not, at least I’m in a five star bed with plenty of luxurious accouterment to keep me company. The toilet is just a few steps away and all mine – though, I’m a bit bothered there isn’t a bidet or a bum washer. My anus just can’t handle paper anymore. There it is…if you can’t handle my anus making an appearance once in a while, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

Come to think of it, given the reputation Marseille has – it’s no wonder I love this town.

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Grafitti and Public Art in Morocco, Italy, Egypt and Turkey

Grafitti and other public art captivates me…this is some of my favorite I’ve encountered this year in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Egypt and Malta during 2012.

Rather than posting my photos one by one, this might be a better way. It gives me a chance to share my work and tell you the details of it at the same time. What do you think?