A request to friends and readers- 10 minutes to help me.

I hope you are all enjoying my adventures. I’m not asking you for money (though if you want to help fund my trip you can hit the donation button on the left side of and it will be greatly appreciated) instead, I need more readers.
Amazingly, the number of readers of this blog have actually declined since I stopped writing about politics every day. I think that what I have been posting lately is much better, but in order to continue doing what I am doing, I need a larger readership.
You see, I don’t want to stop vagobonding and I am fairly sure that if I can get enough readers, i will be able to get sponsorship, sell ads, and hopefullly make enough money to continue these adventures.
So here is my request. Can you spend 10 or 15 minutes just writing an email to people you know suggesting that they take a look at my blog? If you know anyone that might want to sponsor me, could you recommend me to them?
I know that time is valuable, but I think that this travel blog is better than most. I think my adventures are good enough to share. I spend a fair amount of time putting them here and all I am asking in return is for you to spend the next 10-15 minutes doing a little viral promotion for me.
Another way you can do this is to click on the “bookmark this” button on the bottom of each post and then select ‘Digg’. Sign up for a free account and then ‘digg this’ story. Each person that diggs a post makes it more accessible to more and more readers. It’s fast.
Or if you have more money than time, like I said, feel free to donate a little moolah to help me fund these adventures.
Muchas Gracias Amigos!

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My friend Sky sent me this. Absolutely great travel poem.

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Adventurer/Filmmaker to live alone on Island for 300 days


French explorer and adventurer Xavier Rosset is about to embark on a 300 day trip to live alone on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific. His adventures will be filmed and used for a 52 minute documentary.
Xavier’s only luggage will be a Swiss army knife, machete video camera and a solar panel for charging the camera. He will spend 10 months alone on an island to develop another way of life through an exciting adventure, a return to the elemental sources. Xavier will survive alone on an island without human interference and without polluting emissions.
The ambition of this documentary is to make a reflection on our lifestyle, our current system and our relationship to nature. And the most important thing is to put the dream and emotion at the heart of adventure natural.
He will find timber to build a shelter, feed on the rudimentary fishing, plants and the harvesting of rainwater to survive.
The philosophy of this adventure is quite different than the existing issues which are aimed competition and the elimination of participants through a system of testing and votes. The primary motivation of this documentary is to draw attention to our planet, on our perception of the world around us and different ways to preserve the future.
Most men have forgotten how to live with nature because we have so far arranged the world according to our needs and desires that these bases, so important, have disappeared.

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The most unphotogenic guy in the world returns


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Feeling much more normal after loss me sleep and now among my plants. I can’t believe that I actually look like this, I think I take really bad pictures. I slept like zonkers last night and began to write up the walk this morning. 10 pages so far and just covering the bare bones. I’m shopping it around. Many of the pictures I took with the camera are almost National Geographic worthy, so I may try there. My first choice is Honolulu Magazine, they expressed some interest before I left, after that I figure I’ll try National Geographic and Esquire. So if anyone has any editorial pull, it would be very appreciated.