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Can anyone out there tell me what this book is? I don’t read Japanese so I am just guessing….

I found this book when I was browsing through the freebox at an estate sale. It’s old, appears to be handmade, and is in Japanese. Lots of pictures of swords. I don’t read Japanese so I am assuming it is a book on swordsmanship. The sword I got in a trade for some rubies. I traded all the rubies for a sailboat to a guy who then asked to trade back, he had ‘lost’ some of the rubies for the trade back and gave me his sword. It was strange to have a homeless looking man giving me a sword in the parking lot of a Zippys on a rainy day.
$150 for both. Could be a priceless book for all I know, but there is my price.

You can buy them at My personal museum.

Art and Beauty bartering cash and poverty in and out

Prostitute sells sex for Charity

God loves the working girls. At least he does if he is like me.

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – A Chilean prostitute has auctioned 27 hours of sex to raise money for the country’s largest charity during an annual fund-raising campaign.
Maria Carolina became an overnight celebrity in the conservative Roman Catholic country, making news headlines and appearing on talk shows since she made her unusual donation to the televised charity event, which runs for 27 hours starting on Friday evening.
“I’ve already auctioned off the 27 hours of love,” Maria Carolina told Reuters on Wednesday, saying she had raised about $4,000. “One of my clients already paid. It seemed like a good deed to him.”
Adult prostitution is legal in Chile. Chile’s two-day Teleton fundraiser is endorsed by television stars and aims to raise funds for poor, disabled children.
Speaking about Maria Carolina’s unusual donation, campaign organizer Mario Kreutzberger said he would not encourage “immoral” activities, but said he would accept her pledge.
“Everyone can do what they want, but if someone tells me that they’ll do something immoral … I’m not going to encourage it,” Kreutzberger, who as “Don Francisco” hosts the long-running “Sabado Gigante” program on the U.S. Spanish-language Univision network, told local media.
But Maria Carolina, who advertises her services on the Internet, defended her money-raising scheme.
“There are people who are going to be donating money that’s a lot more questionable than mine,” she said. “The only thing I did was publicize it.”
(Reporting by Antonio de la Jara; writing by Lisa Yulkowski; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

Art and Beauty bartering

Beautiful Ruby Jewelry

I just wanted to show you guys what killer work my friend did with the rubies. These are not for trade, but they are an example of what cool jewelry these rubies can make. I traded him rubies for his work and the silver. My pictures don’t do the jewelry justice, but hopefully you get the idea.

Art and Beauty bartering

Rubies are now a special consideration barter item…

I’ve had these rubies for a while now and while they are nice, I decided I would rather have thirty paintings and meet thirty artists in Hawaii. So I’ve started trading one ruby for one painting to local artists. I started with thirty and am now down to 26. After all the rubies are gone I will put together a website and hopefully a show of the 30 Ruby Art.

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New Trade Item. Do you want to be in a Movie?

I have concluded another trade and I think you guys will like what I have to offer. I traded two rubies and the certificate for psychic services for a speaking role in the next film Hollywood producer/director David Gaz makes. David Gaz currently has a film at Cannes in France.

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The problem with trading

As those of you who have been around for a while know, I have been trading stuff for a while. Starting with the old skateboard here are the list of my trades.
1) I traded .50 cents for an old veriflex skateboard.
2) I traded the skateboard for a piece of Folk Art by R.A. Miller. The guy I traded with actually sent the R.A Miller and another piece of art I had admired by Willie Jinks called “Been long time sent take shit” I kept the Willie Jinks. (both artists are highly sought after folk artists)
3) I traded the R.A. Miller for over 70 rubies. (I also made an identical copy out of tin before sending the R.A. Miller off)
4) I traded fifty rubies for a sailboat.
5) I traded the sailboat back for 47 rubies and a sword when the guy realized he wanted the boat back but had ‘lost’ three of the rubies.
6) I gave one ruby to the little girl who lives next door so she would have something precious to put in her jewel box. It was probably the prettiest ruby of the bunch.
7) I traded four rubies to my friend the jeweler in return for him making silver jewelry with 12 rubies. So far he has given me two pieces. He is making the rest.
8) I gave Mink Hippie one of the pieces of jewelry for Valentines day.
9) I traded the other piece of jewelry for a moving company to provide a big truck and some labor when we moved.
10) I traded two rubies for a two hour session with a georgia psychic
11) I traded two rubies for something else that is pending but pretty cool
Not bad for .50 cents, right? So currently, as a result of this 50 cents, I have, a very happy girlfriend with a custom piece of jewelry. All of our stuff moved (truck rental and labor). The Willie Jinks painting and the R.A. Miller copy. A ninja sword and the offer to go sailing on the boat that was mine for a while any time I want. 40+ rubies. 10 rubies to be set in jewelry soon. A two hour session with a Georgia Psychic. Good Karma for making a little girl happy. And something else that I will reveal soon. So what is the problem with trading?
The problem is that I don’t really know what I want out of all this. Frankly, I guess I would rather just have the rubies than a piece of polluted land in the middle of hell or a tenement filed with rats in Detroit. The truth is, when I realized what an expensive proposition it was to have a sailboat, I was just as willing to trade back as the sailboat guy, the difference was that having made a deal, I would never ask to trade back. I admit it though, I was happy to take the rubies back even with a few of them missing.
The problem is that I need to figure out what I want at the end of all this. I will try to make a wishlist here:
1) A house or land in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Madagascar, Europe, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, or Mexico
2) An airplane and flying lessons
3) A round the world trip
4) A beautiful 1934 Convertible Packard Coupe
5) A lifetime supply of wine, coffee, or something else essential to my life
6) A funky little business
The problem is that I don’t really want to be saddled with a bunch of ‘stuff’. That’s why I am so attached to the rubies, they are small, pretty, fun, and valuable. So, if you have something that you think might help me to achieve the above dreams, make me an offer. Currently available are:
1) rubies (around 40)
2) psychic session
3) sword
and soon…..
4) something else
email me with any offer

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Current Items Up for Trade- sword, rubies, psychic help

These are the items I have up for trade, they are available individually or as a lot.All of these have resulted from trading my skateboard.
I still have a number of rubies. The one’s I have available are below. Currently I have the 37 rubies shown below. They are ungrades and unsorted, about 2.3 cts each, small inclusions, of varying brightness etc. I have not had them appraised, but the jeweler at Kay said that they were worth between $100 and $1000 each. They are natural rubies from Madagascar. I call the three shapes pillow, arrow, and star (octagon).

I have this ninja sword. It has two knives in the handle and a third inside an insert in the bottom of the hilt.

Also I have a two hour session with a professional psychic agency. Phenomenal Detections.

I am interested in any interesting offers. Keep in mind that I am in Hawaii. This means exchanges will be by mail. Trades work like this…1) we agree on a trade 2) you send your item to me (you pay postage) 3) I recieve your item and then send you my item (I pay postage). Looking forward to getting some trade offers. By the way, these are the best pictures I can get, please don’t ask for more.

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Bartering Professional Psychic Services!!!

I was contacted by Erin McRaven a few days ago with a trade offer for some rubies. Erin has been trading a little black phone for a while now…you can read her trading adventures here. In any event, Erin wanted to trade me a session with a professional psychic for a couple of rubies. I’ve been wanting to move forward since the sailboat fiasco so I agreed after speaking with the psychic and checking out her webpage. Her name is MamaLisa and her psychic agency is as prefessional and real as psychic services get. The agency is called Phenomenol Detections. MamaLisa has done psychic work for the police and numerous clients. Her services are diverse. What is being offered is a 1-2 hour session by phone or if you are in her area, in person. She has done a lot of work by phone, so this is a very viable way to work. Here is her webpage.

Just as a quick refresher…my trades so far have been my old skateboard for folk art by R.A. Miller, the folk art for Rubies, three rubies for a sword(in the sailboat boondoggle), and now two rubies for a 1-2 hour session with MamaLisa. I still have the ninja sword, more rubies, and now the psychic session up for trade. I am trying to trade my way up to a house and land anywhere in the world.
email your offers to or comment here.

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Trading Update…Bye Bye Sailboat

You guys probably remember that I traded a skateboard for art, art for rubies, and then, I traded the rubies for a Cal 20 sailboat. Before making the trade, Tracy, the guy with the boat wanted to go to the jewelers to find out about the gems. We didn’t get a certified appraisal but the gemologist at Kay Jewelers said that the rubies were worth between $100 to $1000 each!!! I felt a little bit sick because I was trading him 60 of them for a boat worth about $1500 but I figured I had already agreed to the trade and a deal was a deal. We signed the paperwork and I figured that was that, I got a big brass boathook, started cleaning up the boat (she was a bit of a mess), and figured I would make the best of a not so great trade. I was still pretty happy to have a sailboat and looking forward to sailing on sunny days here in Hawaii. Just about two weeks later, I get a call from Tracy telling me that he wants to trade back. He tried to sell the rubies but everyone wanted an appraisal and he didn’t want to fork out the dough for one (neither do I actually) and he asked me if he could trade back for the boat. At this point, I felt like I had invested a bit of energy into the boat and I didn’t really want to, but I’m a bit of a compassionate guy at times and so I said okay after he started rhapsodizing about how much he loved that boat, how much he missed her, how he felt like a part of him had died when we traded. The emails I had started to get from friends about the problems in owning a boat, some issues about mooring ($$$ issues), and the termites that were well on their way to eating the cabin helped to make me compassionate. Also I was glad to get the rubies back. The only problem was that he had ‘lost’ three of them!!! After wasting almost a month while he tried to find them, I finally opted to accept his offer of trading me his ‘ninja sword’ for them. Live and learn. I feel like I got screwed for giving the guy the title back to his boat. At least I got the sword and 57 of the rubies…At the moment, many of the rubies are with a jeweler…I am trading him some of the rubies for putting them in jewelry…but I still have some rubies up for trade and a ninja sword…the question is…what do you have? I will consider trading the rubies piecemeal and I will consider all offers…btw…all trades are final…I’ve learned my lesson.

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Trade #3 . How to turn a skateboard into a sailboat.

Trade #3. Rubies for a Cal-20 Sailboat.
You know. It’s funny how things happen. I just finished trade #3. During the whole land fiasco, I thought about what I wanted out of all this. I realized that I’ve always wanted a sailboat. Something I could sleep on if necessary, something I could go out in to escape from the world from time to time. If the trading stops here, I will be pretty satisfied. It took me a little less than six months to trade my old veraflex skateboard for a Cal-20 sailboat. This is the same style boat that Mink Hippie and I learned to sail on last summer. I’m pretty stoked. I just left the moorage where we signed the paperwork and concluded the deal. To recap…here are the trades I have made so far…
1) My old veraflex for a Red Devil by outsider artist R.A. Miller
2) The Red Devil for rubies from Madagascar
3) The Rubies for my Cal 20 sailboat, which I plan to call Ruby even though she is blue
I am now accepting offers for my Kaneohe moored sailboat…and if it is good enough, I might even take you up on it.