Fool encounters Magician

For those of you following, I am now embarked upon the fools journey. I’ve no set destination in mind. A job was offered and in my excitement to accept it, I spent nearly all my money on a couple of tickets to get me closer to it. The job is in Alaska and I am in Morocco. My money managed to get me from Casablanca to Madrid. Then I have to figure out how to get to Frankfurt in Germany so I can take my next ticket to Dublin and then I will fly from Dublin to Quebec. Since the job ended at the end of September I can fly back to Dublin on September 30th. Since I am a fool, there isn’t any job.
I have about $50 on my debit card, paypal has suspended my account indefinitely, I left Sefrou this morning with about 300 Moroccan Dirham (about $30) and an overdrawn bank account that I used to buy the flight to Quebec.
The Magician
As you may know, I am a fan of the Tarot cards and since the tarot is the story of the fool and this story has started, I should tell you about the journey. Once he begins the fools quest, the first person the fool encounters is the Magician. The magician not only shows him tricks but also explains the nature of the universe and thus the fool learns the power of manifestation.
Strange as it may seem, I did encounter a magician shortly after all of this began. A few days ago while hanging out with Moroccan friends and some American visitors, I was happy to run into Medhi, a young Moroccan magician who wowed us all with his slight of hand. (Or was it really magic?)
In addition, I have been forced to do some deep thinking of late about how to create the elusive win-win situation and also how to utilize the psychology of everyone involved to create positive social environments. On top of that, this fool has to figure out how to find accomodation and food not to mention a way from Madrid to Germany with $50.

Today was hard in some ways and easy in others. Hard was saying goodbye to Hanane and her family for the next four months. Easy was the full day journey from Sefrou to Casablanca. A petit taxi to the grand taxi station for 6 MAD, 10 MAD to get to Fes (btw 8 MAD = $1 U.S.) then 103 MAD for a second class seat on the train to Casablanca, Voyageurs Train Station. 8.5 MAD for another petit taxi to the Casa Port Train Station, and a walk to the youth hostel where a bed is 60MAD per night and included breakfast. 10 MAD for a sandwich and a couple of cigarettes and 10 MAD for internet and that leaves me about 90 MAD to get to the airport tomorrow. I have a couch lined up in Madrid through and still have a 20 Euro note to use for metro fare and food.

So, the first thing I need to learn from the Magician is that manifestation is possible.
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Basic Tarot Story
Traveling on his way, the Fool first encounters a Magician. Skillful, self-confident, a powerful magus with the infinite as a halo floating above his head, the Magician mesmerizes the Fool. When asked, the Fool gives over his bundled pack and stick to the Magician. Raising his wand to heaven, pointing his finger to Earth, the Magician calls on all powers; magically, the cloth of the pack unfolds upon the table, revealing its contents. And to the Fool’s eyes it is as if the Magician has created the future with a word. All the possibilities are laid out, all the directions he can take. The cool, airy Sword of intellect and communication, the fiery Wand of spirituality and ambition, the overflowing Chalice of Love and emotions, the solid Pentacle of work, possessions and body. With these tools, the Fool can create anything, make anything of his life. But here’s the question, did the Magician create the tools, or were they already in the pack? Only the Magician knows – and on this mystery, our eloquent mage refuses to say a word.
Basic Tarot Meaning
At #1, the Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things just-so by speaking them aloud (“And God said ‘Let there be Light!’ and there was Light”). Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand (Mercury *was* the god of thieves!) and a medicine man – either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil. The 4 suits laid out before him remind us of the 4 aces, which in the Tarot symbolize the raw, undeveloped, undirected power of each suit. When the Magician appears, he reveals these to you. The reader might well interpret this card as telling the querent that they will be given a vision, an idea, a magical, mental image of whatever it is they most want: the solution to a problem, an ambitious career, a love life, a job.