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Antichrist2020 News Week Ending September 06, 2020

Week ending 09/06/20

Global Covid Cases: 27,158,685
Global Covid Deaths: 885,129
New Deaths: 36,664 avg of 5238 per day down from last week’s 5450 per day

US Covid Cases: 6,440,816
US Covid Deaths: 192,956
New Deaths: 6012 859 per day down from 937 last week – but as noted before, these numbers are political so they are suspect.

Hawaii Covid Cases: 9693
Hawaii Covid Deaths: 84
Oahu Covid Cases: 8765
New Deaths Last Week: 22 deaths last week up from 15 the week before and 7 two weeks ago
Average 222 cases per day up from 218 last week and 211 the week before. This fire appears to be growing out of control little by little here on Oahu despite the lockdown orders on Oahu.

Other Covid News: Researchers from the State University of Londrina in Brazil found that people who reported “antisocial traits,” such as low levels of empathy and high levels of callousness and risk-taking, were less-likely to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures, such as wearing a mask and social distancing. In other words, sociopaths are less likely to wear masks and more likely to be anti-maskers. Similar studies found the same thing in Poland and the USA. Covid-19 cases in kids have increased 17% over two weeks…not surprisingly, about shortly after the school year has begun in many places – this will just get worse. At least a few deaths and a large number of cases have been related to the Sturgis motorcycle gathering – but it’s still too early to say for certain what the effects were.

Political News: Rumors are flying that Trump suffered a stroke last year when he paid a visit to Walter Reed. Trump’s taxes (as I foretold) are not going to be released to the State of NY prosecutor. Trump controls the courts, that’s the value of his first three years. President Trump signed a memo Wednesday to restrict federal $ from going to “anarchist jurisdictions” – the memo cites Seattle, Portland, NYC & D.C. This inspired NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to say “He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York,” Cuomo said late Wednesday. “He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City. Trump also encouraged North Carolina voters to vote twice – something that North Carolina had to remind voters is illegal. In a bit of good news on the political front, Ed Markey a supporter of the Green New Deal defeated his primary challenger, young Joe Kennedy who was backed by Nancy Pelosi and other political elites – usually an incumbant winning over a young challenger wouldn’t be something to celebrate but in this case – Markey is a solid proponent of dealing with climate change so it’s a win for those of us who don’t want to see the planet become uninhabitable. A new report says that Russia is using their troll farms to amplify Trump’s message about elections being untrustworthy – yes, big surprise that Russia would be pushing the message that Putin’s puppet is already spewing. According to an article published by The Atlantic on Thursday, President Trump referred to fallen Marines who fought in World War I as “losers” and “suckers” while deciding not to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris during a visit to France in 2018. He made similar comments about veteran and former Arizona senator John McCain after he died in 2018. Trump denies it all, but of course it is true. He also claims to be responsible for the Veterans Choice bill that McCain sponsored and Obama signed into law in 2014. We all know he’s a liar but for some reason, his base keeps following him – oh yeah, I forgot, because he’s a racist and they are mostly closet or overt whitee supremacists or the most exploitive types of capitalists who value profits far above people. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi is catching heat for getting her hair done indoors in a salon in San Francisco, apparently violating covid-19 restrictions – yeah, fuck her for getting her hair cut – if I lived in San Francisco, I’d be voting for Shahid to replace her – but not because of her hair, nor because of his. In Texas a bunch of Trump boating enthuisiasts decided to have a boat parade and at least four of them sank. Seriously, can’t make this stuff up. Michael Cohen, once the president’s personal lawyer, detailed in his Trump tell all book that Trump hired an actor to be faux-bama so that Trump could pretend fire him. Still not making this up.

BLM – Protest News: The suspect in the Portland shooting is a 48-year-old white dad who described himself as 100% Antifa Michael Forest Reinoehl. Witnesses say the man who was killed was wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet and had been spraying people with mace/pepper spray and was carrying a nightstick and menacing people. He was a member of the same group that a man who atttacked people with a knife in Portland several years ago belonged too. It’s important to remember that these Trumpers loaded into trucks like ISIS thugs and drove into a peaceful protest to harrass, intimidate, and shoot protestors with paintballs and ball bearings. There’s plenty of video of this – but I don’t expect that to play any part in the narrative. Yes, folks, we officially have people killing each other in the streets now in Kenosha and Portland over whether Black Lives Matter or not. Thursday night, after an interview aired in which Michael Forest Reinoehl claimed he had no choice unless he wanted to see his friend beat to death but footage showed him stalking the guy he killed so he wasn’t some good guy, he was a person unhinged by the state of the world and then – Reinoehl was murdered by police. Coincidence that the man who killed a violent blue lives matter protestor was killed by police? I think not. This whole chain of events feels like a tipping point and I’d like to be wrong, but I think the death is just getting started – people should be a lot more freaked out about people murdering each other in the streets than they are… and about police murdering people…On the 100th night of protests in Portland, a riot was declared as mooltov cocktails were thrown. At least fifty were arrested.

Economic News: Apple and Tesla both split their stocks, in a way, locking in the amazing gains both companies have made over the course of the pandemic. Elon Musk is now the 3rd richest person in the world having passed Mark Zuckerberg and now chasing Bill Gates. Amazon’s drone delivery fleet was approved by the FAA. Amazon briefly advertised for agents to monitor union organizing this week before getting flagged for it and quickly removing the job listings. It was the best stock market August since 1984 – a huge generational shift in wealth from the bottom directly to the top. New weekly jobless claims came in at 881,000, well below the psychological million mark but a number that would have sent markets reeling downward in any other year. Of course, the numbers are a lie – if you get rid of the seasonally adjusted claptrap, the numbers are actually closer to 2.2 million and the second wave of layoffs has begun – this time hitting better paying jobs. 29.2 million people remain on unemployment – that’s 18.3% of the population. The bigger companies are now starting their layoffs, airlines, Salesforce, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, MGM resorts, AT&T, NBC Universal, Comcast, LinkedIn, Raytheon – not that restaurant and service jobs don’t matter – but the loss of these jobs are going to hit the economy a lot harder. There was a nice but far too minor market dip on Thursday. The top billionaires lost about $25 billion in wealth on Thursday and Friday, but that’s not enough. They need to lose it all. They need to be reduced to a number that a person can at least comprehend, they need to be reduced from billionaires to some maximum like 1/2 a billion – that’s enough for anyone. They should be required to create charities with the rest of their wealth – real charities run by trusted organizations that actually help people – not bullshit tax shelter charities or charities that push their political agenda. Tesla, much to the surprise of fans of the stock and the founder, was not included in the S&P 500 – the stock is down 25% as of writing this.

Disaster News/ Severe Weather/Climate Change News: A typhoon is bearing down on Japan. In California the creek fire prompted the helicopter evacuation of 224 campers from Mammoth Pools area.

Random Wierd Shit: A man in a jetpack was reported flying around next to landing aircraft at LAX one of the world’s busiest airports. David Blaine rode a bunch of helium balloons up to an unthinkable altitude and then parchuted down.

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Bravo! A Spectacular Performance by Hannah Roemhild – Operatic Virtuoso by Oscar Wallace

Hannah RoemhildWe would love to congratulate Hannah Roemhild on a spectacular operatic performance yesterday at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida (There is a marker on the Iwahai Map at Mar a Lago where you can hear a bit about this property). Ms. Roemhild showed great courage and a remarkable resilience as she was hailed with bullets from police and secret service agents. Her ‘Dance Atop the SUV’ was perhaps the most memorable moment of the night but the repeated and surprising power of ‘Smashing the Checkpoints’ left everyone stunned. Prior to the finale, she drove the utterly smashed and bullet scarred SUV to the airport where she showed that a daughter’s duty to her mother is more powerful than ugly nationalist acts – she picked up her mother at the airport before the drama finished. Her powerful performance ended with a show stopping rendition of ‘Surrender at the Inn’ that literally brought down the law.

For those who are unfamiliar – Ms. Roemhild is a the founding genius behind ‘Hannah Supranah’ and is rumored to have studied radical philosophy with Oscar Wallace at Western Connecticut University.

Personally, we find it funny that the media is talking about her big anti-Trump stance based on two social media posts from 2017 – one of which simply said “Not my President” and another that showed that remarkably, Donald Trump looks very similar to Donald Duck upside down. Personally, we also think that dancing on top of an SUV should not be a crime and that smashing a civilian’s car window should not be acceptable action from police unless there is a clear and present danger.

Frankly, this looks like the start of pogroms designed to dis-empower, imprison, and limit the liberty of critics of the antichrist.
You heard it here first.

America Machinations of Power Technology

Clearview A.I. and the End of Personal Liberty in America and England

Clearview A.I. is a new facial recognition company that scrapes the photo data from social media websites and complies it for law enforcement, government, and other clients. It is backed by Peter Thiel, a big Trump supporter – and is already in use by large numbers of police and regulatory agencies in the USA and England. One of the co-founder’s of the company was an aide to Rudolph Giuliani, the personal lawyer of the president.

The company uses “billions of publicly available photos, including news articles, social media accounts, and public mugshot databases,” to match your image with your identity. The images they use are open-source and the number of photos are in the 3-billion plus range at the bare minimum making it one of the world’s largest facial recognition databases.

There is a pay-walled New York Times (here is an unwalled version : article about Clearview A.I today, another free article can be found here:

Here is a Florida report that shows Clearview A.I. in action –

This is the beginning of the fair/not fair social credit system in the USA I offered in my predictions for 2020.

If you don’t see the problem with this sort of technology being used by law enforcement and government agencies, then you are not thinking about it in the right way. The boundaries of security have already eclipsed the rights of privacy – this escalates things considerably.

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Manifesto of a Cultural Terrorist by Oscar Wallace

We highly recommend that you read the Manifesto of Peopolism

Be sure to follow and join this conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

The Netflix show Messiah has drawn a lot of attention to this document and the pseudo-fictional identity of Oscar Wallace. It’s one of those ‘this is a work of fiction’ moments that really isn’t. I’ll keep digging for it – so far this is what I have found – I will add more as I find more – please add any interesting bits you find in the comments and on Twitter. You will likely find these reflections on Sept 11, 2001, a regulated society, societal responsibility of the individual, and authority in an anarchist society of interest as well.

Update: We think it’s highly probable that Professor Wallace left several voicemarkers on the Iwahai voice map – among them the ones on the White House in Washington D.C, and Mar a Lago in Florida.

The Manifesto of a Cultural Terrorist by Oscar Wallace

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or so it is said. Though, in some cases, the squeaky wheel inspires just enough annoyance and loss of sleep that it brings the victim to an epiphany – an idea that might not otherwise seem worthwhile, rational or possible. It may be that the role of violence and fear in terrorism has been vastly over rated by those who use it. Terrorism, after all, is simply a course of political action where no other means is available. Yes, violence is one means – but not a very good one because as the Buddha said – there is no cure for violence except an act of love – and in our world – acts of love are nearly never adjudicated, legislated, or ordered. So, violence, as we have seen countless times simply begets more violence – and those who have the most power usually have the ability to enact the greatest violence leading to spirals of genocide like we’ve seen burst out in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Make no mistake – these are acts of genocide. The bombing and starving of a million Iraqi children is not ‘peace keeping’. We see that which you worship and we despise it.

There is no such thing as an absence of worshiping. Everybody worships. The atheist worships their life. The deist worships their god. The capitalist worships their power. The masses worship their masters. The only choice we get is what to worship. The most compelling reason for choosing some sort of god or spiritual-type thing to worship is that anything else you worship will eat you alive. If you worship money and things, if they are where you tap real meaning in life, then you will never have enough, never feel you have enough. It’s the truth. Worship your own body and beauty and sexual allure and you will always feel ugly, and when time and age start showing, you will die a million deaths before they finally plant you. On one level, we all know this stuff already – it’s been codified as myths, proverbs, clichés, bromides, epigrams, parables: the skeleton of every great story. The trick is keeping the truth up front in daily consciousness. We believe that the sacred cows must be slaughtered.

However, our goal here is not to rationalize violent terrorism. Our goal is to present an alternative: Cultural Terrorism. I am a cultural terrorist and thus far – no one has died because of my acts – nor do I expect anyone to. I certainly hope that no life is lost in the pursuit of a better world.. Cultural Terrorism does not kill people, it simply confuses them and causes them to consider ideas that might not otherwise seem worthwhile, rational or possible.

A terrorist who hijacks an airplane or plants a bomb in a crowded shopping center apparently doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as they achieve their aim. That innocent people are turned into bloody corpses or maimed for life is not a concern. The cultural terrorist is no different. The cultural terrorist, an assassin of the future, an executioner of obscene morality. Cultural terrorism, an attitude, a state of mind – not a set of values to be dogmatically followed. Cultural terrorism is a celebration of the power of the individual to affect the future from the present.

Our aim is to pollute the minds of the public, to sow the seeds of sanity into an insane society. The victims are of all ages – everybody from the cradle to the grave – and we aim to liberate them. Man cannot bear too much reality and as a result of this the cultural terrorist is in the business of providing a reality attack. An over exposure of reality that brings down the curtain- the dirt behind the day dream. No subject is taboo, all must be exposed. No one is sacred. Everybody as well as everything should feel the wrath of the cultural terrorist. The object of cultural terrorism is to exploit situations and people in order to cause a change that no one sees coming. Our aim is to make war upon the concepts and foundations of civilization itself. We will tear into the heart of all that is considered normal but which is truly foul. We are the white blood cells that would painfully destroy bio-toxins even if it destroys our host culture. We are working to erase the conforming instinct. To prevent humanity from ever acting with a lemming’s will.

The cultural terrorist’s weapons are a digital media, film, video, audio cassettes, music, photocopiers, printed words, pictures – any media whatsoever is acceptable as long as it achieves the objective. We are little concerned how much our material appeals to the very lowest of emotions, or how much the material twists and pollutes controlled minds. We believe nothing is impossible, there is no god stopping us, there is no morality compelling us, so we manipulate our environment to its fullest extent. Plagiarism is not only acceptable it is preferred. We believe that you should not be afraid to steal from anyone and that property itself is an affront. Our way is that of the liar and trash receptor. We know that the bigger the lie the better the chance of people believing it but also know that small lies sometimes carry a heavy load. Undercover communication is the enemy of crime not politics.

Elaborate safeguards may be placed at airports to separate would-be terrorists from their weapons. But we, the cultural terrorists are free to distribute our soul confusing information to whom and where we choose. The cultural terrorist is neither benevolent nor evil. Pull the wool over your own eyes in a call to arms. We feel vehemently that an active role of participation should be taken in this struggle by people already interested in this form of warfare. The cultural terrorist is involved in every act of revolutionary suicide while protesting the conditions of an inhuman world. Cultural terrorism is the antidote to this society and our thought-bombs will tear open wounds that may never again heal. Tomorrow belongs to us. Confusion as a weapon. Confusion as the word.

Confusion sparks the need to question. Confusion calling the adrenaline to flow, the blood rush and the life force to sit up and take a break while the soul of present civilization floods. Confusion making us question everything in search of (un)sense. Everything deserves to be probed into. Indulging in whatever subjects we are attracted to. Making our lives more interesting while stripping false meaning from the lives of those surrounding us. No subject holds a taboo. Unrecognizable confusion superimposed on boring reality.

We stand everywhere and nowhere. We wade in cool rivers and do forced marches through waves of dogshit. We provide the tickets for a mindfuck to oblivion … A disjointed, chaotic and rapidly decaying globe is our target. Gladly we take our part in the ejaculation of war in a heedless way. Ours is a wide open mouth sucking the balls of a busty woman. Ours is a wide open gut-wound wrapped around a throbbing shaft of capitalism. Ours is the shitting of the junk food you line up to consume. This stink and defiance of dead unicorns wrapped in bloody blankets protesting too much free candy and not enough mescaline. We face backwards to fuck off from “peer group pressure”. No attempt is made to conform, no attempt to speak explanation or confront truth nor power in the manufactured words that decry consent. Their words and our actions. We fight against those who would control our minds and our bodies, we offer hope to those born into chattel information slavery, and we offer our bodies as the bullets that will destroy your mental infrastructure. In this our weapons are our very lives.

We smash and we run but only to smash and run. We leave the capitalist control systems unable to conduct business and yet uninjured but totally useless. We remain uninjured and leave the looting for those who don’t know any better, stuff is a burden we do not need for fulfillment.

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A Few Questions to Ask Yourself – but you probably won’t bother

Question 1: Why are there five times as many empty(unoccupied) houses/apartments in as there are homeless people in San Francisco?


Question 2: How does the US Presidential Democratic Primary system work? Why does it matter?



Question 3: Why have we ignored that our relationship with technology is destroying the planet, when we’ve known since shortly after World War II?

(Source: )




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Anticipation Builds for ‘Present’ from North Korea and War with Iran

You have to give this antichrist credit – he’s taking the whole wars and rumors of wars thing to entirely new heights. This guy is either the real deal or he’s working hard to make himself look like it. Watching troops load into planes with 12 hours notice to fly to a war that is almost certainly going to happen feels absolutely surreal – then watching the Wall Street analysts gushing over how this is going to make their oil and defense investments pump – hard to jibe with the fact that what we are talking about is assassination and war. Craziness.

Meanwhile, my conservative friend shows me an email from his Iranian bible friend saying how much he loves and appreciates this assassination – and suddenly Iraq is like “We don’t want US troops here anymore.” Sorry Iraq, it’s been nice pretending that you aren’t a military occupied country – but you are – and you can take it from Hawaii – the US never leaves when they have a big enough foothold and if memory serves – the US Embassy in Iraq is the biggest and most expensive in the world. Not going to happen.

My guess is that we are on the verge of Iraq War III and the antichrist candidate is going to make it a permanent occupation on a par with creation of a new US territory. He wants to keep that oil, remember?

Anyway – I don’t know what is going to happen – but chances are it won’t be good for lots of innocent people.

Machinations of Power

Israel denies Holocaust too

Israel and Iran seem to have more in common than many of us thought….

Israel’s education ministry has ordered the removal of the word nakba – Arabic for the “catastrophe” of the 1948 war – from a school textbook for young Arab children, it has been announced.
The decision – which will alter books aimed at eight- and nine-year-old Arab pupils – will be seen as a blunt assertion by Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud-led government of Israel’s historical narrative over the Palestinian one.
The term nakba has a similar resonance for Palestinians as the Hebrew word shoah – normally used to describe the Nazi Holocaust – does for Israelis and Jews. Its inclusion in a book for the children of Arabs, who make up about a fifth of the Israeli population, drives at the heart of a polarised debate over what Israelis call their “war of independence”: the 1948 conflict which secured the Jewish state after the British left Palestine, and led to the flight of 700,000 Palestinians, most of whom became refugees.
Netanyahu spoke for many Jewish Israelis two years ago when he argued that using the word nakba in Arab schools was tantamount to spreading propaganda against Israel.
Palestinians have always maintained that the 1948 refugees were the victims of Israeli “ethnic cleansing”. But in recent years a new generation of revisionist Israeli historians has rejected the old official narrative that the Palestinians, supported by the neighbouring Arab states, were responsible for their own misfortune.

Machinations of Power

Obama wants Morocco to be keystone in Middle East Peace

This sounds fine as long as he doesn’t expect Morocco to support the continued expansion of Israeli settlement or to ask the Palestinian people to accept a role as dependants upon an Israel that treats them like second or third class citizens. If that were the case, Morocco would be opening itself up to terrorism, violence, and chaos. King Mohammad V is far too savvy to make such a move. However, I have to admit, I like the energy that Obama is putting into making a Palestinian State a reality…

RABAT, Morocco, July 4 (UPI) — U.S. President Barack Obama has urged Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to help bring peace between Arabs and Israelis, officials said Saturday.
“I hope Morocco will be a leader in bridging gaps between Israel and the Arab world,” Obama said in a message sent to the sovereign in which he also urged him to use his position as chairman of the Al-Quds Committee to achieve “a comprehensive peace that includes a two-state solution and an early resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Maghreb Arab Press in Rabat, Morocco, reported.
In the message, Obama also reiterated his assertion that Israel has to “stop settlements, dismantle outposts, and remove roadblocks,” while saying Palestinians needed to continue “to build up their security forces to confront terrorism, ending incitement, and reforming their institutions to build a Palestinian state.”
Maghreb Arab Press also reported Obama called on Arab states to give financial and political support to the Palestinian Authority and to help it build on the Arab Peace Initiative.

Machinations of Power

The Kims – Jong Il and Jong Un.

(an odd note: I’ve noticed that when I try to post new stories to the Kim Jong Il category, they don’t show up on the blog, so I’ve decided to put this in machinations of power instead…very odd…it’s the only category that does that…perhaps the Kim’s have noticed and bugged my site?)

This is not Kim Jong Il or his son and successor Kim Jong Un. Instead he is a South Korean construction worker who runs an online fortune telling business. (from Gawker)

Kim Jong Un – The Brilliant Comrade
Strange things are happening in Korea…did anyone else not hear about the nuclear test conducted last week in North Korea?

More about Kim Jong Un and his brothers.
Kim Jong Un sounds like a nice guy. His brothers sound like the brothers from Lion in Winter. One sneaking out of the country to go to Disneyland and the other (according to a Sushi chef) too effeminate to lead. You better be careful of those guys Kim Jong Un!

Kim Jong Un studied at the International School in Bern, Switzerland, in the 1990s. The Swiss weekly newsmagazine L’Hebdo reported that he used the pseudonym Pak Chol and learned to speak English, German and French.
A classmate recalled him as timid and introverted but an avid skier and basketball player who was a big fan of the NBA star Michael Jordan and action film star Jean-Claude Van Damme. He was humble and friendly with the children of American diplomats and often helped break up fights between classmates, a former school director said.
A car arrived every day after school to pick him up, the report said; classmates and school officials thought he was the driver’s son.
The eldest son, Jong Nam, 38, was considered the favourite to succeed his father until he was caught trying to enter Japan on a fake passport in 2001. He reportedly told Japanese officials he wanted to visit Tokyo’s Disney resort.
Mr. Kim considers the middle son, Jong Chol, too effeminate for the job, according to his former sushi chef.