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Shepherding Accident: Should You File A Claim?

Believe it or not, farms can be one of the most dangerous places to work. It is often the place where faulty machineries are used, lack of training among workers is very common, and negligence is rampant. Even the so-called benign animals can cause accidents that may range anything from broken ribs to fractured joints and something much graver than that. It might need months and even years of dedicated treatment and may even have the potential to jeopardise your income.

Statistics say, although only 1.5 percent of the total UK working population work in farms, the place accounts for up to 20 percent of the total workplace fatalities. That is a number that needs serious attention. A shepherding accident, which is also very common, is just a very small part of farming accidents. Here is a classic example.

Suppose you work on a farm and you have to shepherd a flock of sheep to the pen. You might be a pro at doing his. Besides, they are just a bunch of benign animals, what can possibly go wrong? However, any such assumption is as far away from the truth as it can be. Animal behaviour is highly unpredictable. The seemingly harmless sheep can be the source of a major stampede. If things turn ugly, you may not even have enough time to save yourself and may even be dragged along with the animals.

The results of these kinds of accidents may be multi-layered. You may get severe bruises, fractures, and swollen joints. The treatment, apart from medications and therapies, might even need operation. However, not everyone who needs an operation is medically qualified to get one. For instance, if you have such conditions as osteomyelitis and the accident displaces your knee cap, an operation might prove to be too risky and might even have to be avoided.

A potential loss of income is one of the many side-effects of such shepherding accidents. Depending upon the severity of the accident you might not be able to go back to work for years. Under such circumstances, filing a claim becomes a necessary thing to do. It may help you in reclaiming the loss of earnings and you may even be able to make a claim for the future loss of earnings. Cost of treatment is also often covered by such claims.

A common misconception among many is that you are entitled to make such claims only if you are a full-time employee. That is not true. The health and safety laws also protect the rights of the casual and agency workers. In fact, a member from the general public is also entitled to file a farming accident claim if the person is injured by the livestock or by a farming process while visiting a farm.

Sadly, most of the farming accidents go unreported. However, if you have been a victim of a shepherding accident, there is no reason why you should avoid making a claim. To verify if your case qualifies for a claim contact an experienced law firm such as the Priority Legal.

Read more about UK farm accidents from HSE.


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Three Beaches You Must Visit in Morocco

Morocco is well known for its outstanding culture and coastal delights which is why you should always look to find the perfect beach resort.

Morocco Beaches

Whether you’re after a dreamy lagoon, a bustling coastal town or something that offers peace and seclusion, there are all sorts of sandy beaches available for you to set foot on in Morocco.

Here are three seaside resorts you must visit on your trip to Morocco. If you find the time to visit all three then you’ll struggle to pick a favourite!


Marrakech is one of the busiest places on Earth with the usual hustle and bustle capable of draining the energy of any tourist group. If it’s a peaceful break from the usual activities associated with

Morocco that you’re after, Saidia beach could be the ideal destination for you. It’s here that you will be exposed to the true aspects of Moroccan culture with the quiet seaside town creating a charming atmosphere that is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed.

You can take in the exotic flavour of this seaside resort by strolling along the shore and embracing the history of the medina. The sea is beautifully coloured and you’ll be desperate to go for a swim at this luxurious seaside resort.


There is a delightful lagoon situated right in the middle of Oualidia beach that is as appealing to the locals as it is tourists. However, this is quite an unknown seaside resort that gives tourists the opportunity to escape the crowded beaches and enjoy the untouched sands for themselves.

Located on the Atlantic, this is the ideal destination for someone who isn’t a fan of crowded beaches. The beautifully shaped rock faces on the shore are an ideal place to sit back and admire the costal views.

To top it all off, Oualidia has proven to be the perfect location for avid birdwatchers to get a glimpse of some particularly rare species, with hundreds of birds flocking to the shores throughout the year.


Essaouira has to be one of the most elegant beaches on the planet. From the shore you can witness some truly magical scenes, from delicately glazed waters alongside stunning weather conditions through to the comforting sands and delightfully decorated sailboats.

You will be identifying all sorts of worldwide influences at Essaouira that go far back throughout history. There are plenty of clear indications that this particular setting ahs managed to inspire some of the most creative minds in history.

A combination of grace and style is what makes this seaside resort a must visit for any tourist group. It could be the perfect ending to your already fun-filled Moroccan adventure.

About the author:
Tara Ennis is a beach lover with a particular passion for northern Africa. She has contributed this post on behalf of El Zohar Riad, stunning Marrakech holiday accommodation in the heart of the historic old Medina

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Cairns for Couples : 3 Ultra Romantic Ideas to Keep the Love Alive

Editors Note: This guest post was suppossed to be published on Valentines but somehow it slipped through the cracks – but that’s okay, every day is a day for romance, right?

Cairns, Australia can easily be considered one of the most romantic places to share with your significant other. If you’re lucky enough to be situated here or to be able to make Cairns your backdrop for a day of romance, be sure to make the most of it. Check out these ultra romantic adventure options offered in Cairns, and keep the love alive while having fun at the same time.

Show Your Love Is Not Just Hot Air

Love in a hot air balloon

Cairns hot air ballooning could be just the right amount of hot air to prove that your love is just the opposite! Consider surprising your special someone with this romantic getaway into the sky. Hot Air Ballooning with Raging Thunder takes place in the sky at the crack of dawn, allowing you a romantic morning sunrise from a vantage point neither of you have experienced yet. Waking up in time to catch the 4:15 AM departure could be a giveaway that there’s something special in store for your companion, but the intimate sunrise views of the Cairns Highlands from overhead will certainly be breathtaking nonetheless. For a full day of adventure with your hot air ballooning, the trip up into the sky can be paired with another activity to make it a truly memorable day. Among the many options available, you can choose from horseback riding, a trip to Fitzroy Island, or white water rafting, to name a few activities.

An Overnight Tour to Cape Tribulation

If your love is ready for a rainforest adventure, consider taking your companion on an overnight tour north to Cape Tribulation. Journey into the Daintree Rainforest and capture peace and solitude with your loved one in the world’s oldest surviving rainforest, an ideal setting for couples who love nature as much as they love each other. You can get accommodations for the night in an ensuite cabin at P.K’s Jungle Village or at the Cape Trib Beach House. Enjoy a guided tour from Port Douglas to the Daintree Forest, and get acquainted with the local inhabitants on the crocodile cruise!

A Local Vacation: Romantic Relaxation in Palm Cove


If you and your partner are in need of some simple relaxation, consider taking your loved one to the popular couples destination nearby: Palm Cove. This beach town is situated between Cairns and Port Douglas, and is just a 30-minute drive away. With palm trees that line the beach, a beachfront resort, and a relaxing night of wining and dining, what could be more perfect to re-spark the romance on Valentine’s Day? With plenty of day spas within walking distance, you can extend the relaxation and romance with a couple’s body massage.

Whether your relationship is in need of excitement, adventure, or relaxation, Cairns is the perfect setting to find all of the above. So take advantage of the many opportunities in this romantic Australian getaway, and make this Valentine’s Day extra special; keep the love alive while you explore the Cairns region together!