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Antichrist2020 News Week Ending September 06, 2020

Week ending 09/06/20

Global Covid Cases: 27,158,685
Global Covid Deaths: 885,129
New Deaths: 36,664 avg of 5238 per day down from last week’s 5450 per day

US Covid Cases: 6,440,816
US Covid Deaths: 192,956
New Deaths: 6012 859 per day down from 937 last week – but as noted before, these numbers are political so they are suspect.

Hawaii Covid Cases: 9693
Hawaii Covid Deaths: 84
Oahu Covid Cases: 8765
New Deaths Last Week: 22 deaths last week up from 15 the week before and 7 two weeks ago
Average 222 cases per day up from 218 last week and 211 the week before. This fire appears to be growing out of control little by little here on Oahu despite the lockdown orders on Oahu.

Other Covid News: Researchers from the State University of Londrina in Brazil found that people who reported “antisocial traits,” such as low levels of empathy and high levels of callousness and risk-taking, were less-likely to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures, such as wearing a mask and social distancing. In other words, sociopaths are less likely to wear masks and more likely to be anti-maskers. Similar studies found the same thing in Poland and the USA. Covid-19 cases in kids have increased 17% over two weeks…not surprisingly, about shortly after the school year has begun in many places – this will just get worse. At least a few deaths and a large number of cases have been related to the Sturgis motorcycle gathering – but it’s still too early to say for certain what the effects were.

Political News: Rumors are flying that Trump suffered a stroke last year when he paid a visit to Walter Reed. Trump’s taxes (as I foretold) are not going to be released to the State of NY prosecutor. Trump controls the courts, that’s the value of his first three years. President Trump signed a memo Wednesday to restrict federal $ from going to “anarchist jurisdictions” – the memo cites Seattle, Portland, NYC & D.C. This inspired NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to say “He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York,” Cuomo said late Wednesday. “He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City. Trump also encouraged North Carolina voters to vote twice – something that North Carolina had to remind voters is illegal. In a bit of good news on the political front, Ed Markey a supporter of the Green New Deal defeated his primary challenger, young Joe Kennedy who was backed by Nancy Pelosi and other political elites – usually an incumbant winning over a young challenger wouldn’t be something to celebrate but in this case – Markey is a solid proponent of dealing with climate change so it’s a win for those of us who don’t want to see the planet become uninhabitable. A new report says that Russia is using their troll farms to amplify Trump’s message about elections being untrustworthy – yes, big surprise that Russia would be pushing the message that Putin’s puppet is already spewing. According to an article published by The Atlantic on Thursday, President Trump referred to fallen Marines who fought in World War I as “losers” and “suckers” while deciding not to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris during a visit to France in 2018. He made similar comments about veteran and former Arizona senator John McCain after he died in 2018. Trump denies it all, but of course it is true. He also claims to be responsible for the Veterans Choice bill that McCain sponsored and Obama signed into law in 2014. We all know he’s a liar but for some reason, his base keeps following him – oh yeah, I forgot, because he’s a racist and they are mostly closet or overt whitee supremacists or the most exploitive types of capitalists who value profits far above people. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi is catching heat for getting her hair done indoors in a salon in San Francisco, apparently violating covid-19 restrictions – yeah, fuck her for getting her hair cut – if I lived in San Francisco, I’d be voting for Shahid to replace her – but not because of her hair, nor because of his. In Texas a bunch of Trump boating enthuisiasts decided to have a boat parade and at least four of them sank. Seriously, can’t make this stuff up. Michael Cohen, once the president’s personal lawyer, detailed in his Trump tell all book that Trump hired an actor to be faux-bama so that Trump could pretend fire him. Still not making this up.

BLM – Protest News: The suspect in the Portland shooting is a 48-year-old white dad who described himself as 100% Antifa Michael Forest Reinoehl. Witnesses say the man who was killed was wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet and had been spraying people with mace/pepper spray and was carrying a nightstick and menacing people. He was a member of the same group that a man who atttacked people with a knife in Portland several years ago belonged too. It’s important to remember that these Trumpers loaded into trucks like ISIS thugs and drove into a peaceful protest to harrass, intimidate, and shoot protestors with paintballs and ball bearings. There’s plenty of video of this – but I don’t expect that to play any part in the narrative. Yes, folks, we officially have people killing each other in the streets now in Kenosha and Portland over whether Black Lives Matter or not. Thursday night, after an interview aired in which Michael Forest Reinoehl claimed he had no choice unless he wanted to see his friend beat to death but footage showed him stalking the guy he killed so he wasn’t some good guy, he was a person unhinged by the state of the world and then – Reinoehl was murdered by police. Coincidence that the man who killed a violent blue lives matter protestor was killed by police? I think not. This whole chain of events feels like a tipping point and I’d like to be wrong, but I think the death is just getting started – people should be a lot more freaked out about people murdering each other in the streets than they are… and about police murdering people…On the 100th night of protests in Portland, a riot was declared as mooltov cocktails were thrown. At least fifty were arrested.

Economic News: Apple and Tesla both split their stocks, in a way, locking in the amazing gains both companies have made over the course of the pandemic. Elon Musk is now the 3rd richest person in the world having passed Mark Zuckerberg and now chasing Bill Gates. Amazon’s drone delivery fleet was approved by the FAA. Amazon briefly advertised for agents to monitor union organizing this week before getting flagged for it and quickly removing the job listings. It was the best stock market August since 1984 – a huge generational shift in wealth from the bottom directly to the top. New weekly jobless claims came in at 881,000, well below the psychological million mark but a number that would have sent markets reeling downward in any other year. Of course, the numbers are a lie – if you get rid of the seasonally adjusted claptrap, the numbers are actually closer to 2.2 million and the second wave of layoffs has begun – this time hitting better paying jobs. 29.2 million people remain on unemployment – that’s 18.3% of the population. The bigger companies are now starting their layoffs, airlines, Salesforce, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, MGM resorts, AT&T, NBC Universal, Comcast, LinkedIn, Raytheon – not that restaurant and service jobs don’t matter – but the loss of these jobs are going to hit the economy a lot harder. There was a nice but far too minor market dip on Thursday. The top billionaires lost about $25 billion in wealth on Thursday and Friday, but that’s not enough. They need to lose it all. They need to be reduced to a number that a person can at least comprehend, they need to be reduced from billionaires to some maximum like 1/2 a billion – that’s enough for anyone. They should be required to create charities with the rest of their wealth – real charities run by trusted organizations that actually help people – not bullshit tax shelter charities or charities that push their political agenda. Tesla, much to the surprise of fans of the stock and the founder, was not included in the S&P 500 – the stock is down 25% as of writing this.

Disaster News/ Severe Weather/Climate Change News: A typhoon is bearing down on Japan. In California the creek fire prompted the helicopter evacuation of 224 campers from Mammoth Pools area.

Random Wierd Shit: A man in a jetpack was reported flying around next to landing aircraft at LAX one of the world’s busiest airports. David Blaine rode a bunch of helium balloons up to an unthinkable altitude and then parchuted down.

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Antichrist 2020 News – Week Ending August 30, 2020

Week ending 8/31/20

Global Covid Cases: 25,282,859
Global Covid Deaths: 848,465 810317
New Deaths: 38,148 an average of 5450 per day, down from last week’s 5640 per day average

US Covid Cases: 6,147,967
US Covid Deaths: 180,384 – 186,944
New Deaths: 6560 – average of 937- down from 1078 per day dying average last week – but as noted before, these numbers are now political so they are suspect.

Hawaii Covid Cases: 8139
Hawaii Covid Deaths: 62
Oahu Covid Cases: 5806 (1604 new since last week avg 229 per day up from 202 per day last week)
New Deaths Last Week: 15 – more than double the 7 deaths the week before
Average 218 new cases per day up from 211 per day last week. This fire appears to be growing out of control little by little here on Oahu. Numbers have continued going up on Hawaii and we have re-entered the same kind of stay at home, work at home lockdown orders on Oahu.

Other Covid News: The Trump administration is pushing another unproved Covid-19 cure – this time blood plasma – which might be hopeful, but hasn’t been trialed or proven to be effective yet. A Hong Kong man has been confirmed to have been reinfected with Covid-19 – which would seem to indicate that immunity – herd or otherwise – is not something that will occur naturally. A man in Nevada became the first American confirmed to have caught Covid-19 twice. This is not good news for those who thought they were done with the disease after catching it once. Mario Cuomo, Governor of NY has called out the CDC as being a tool of the Trump administration’s anti-science agenda.

BLM and Civil Liberties Protests: Wisconsin police shot Jacob Blake, a black man, in the back while his three kids watched from the car. Blake is reportedly sturggling but alive. He was shot three times in the back. Shootings have followed with multiple people dead and injured in Kenosha where it took place. Later, armed militia groups were encouraged and given water by police and then a 17-year old with an assault rifle who brought it across state lines – murdered two protestors and shot several more. The 17-year-old has become a folk hero among racists and Trumpers which when it comes down to it – are really the same thing so I’ll just say racists…or Trumpers – sama-sama. This led to what seems to be a first of its kind wildcat strike as NBA players and players from several other sports – refused to play scheduled games. A report in The Guardian detailed how white nationalists and militia members have infiltrated police across the USA. Big surprise there. Chadwick Boseman, the actor who brilliantly played Black Panther (and Jackie Robinson) died Friday – I feel like 2020 is giving us obvious messages – a monument to the CSA was damaged after a city refused to remove it – and I think the loss of Boseman (he had been fighting colon cancer for years) is a clear call to revive the Black Panthers from on high. More protests have erupted in Portland and other places. A huge caravan of Trump supporters decided to drive through Portland’s BLM protests and of course it led to people fighting and getting hurt and at least one being killed by gunfire. The “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland”was organized on the world’s most toxic social network and included shooting flying ‘All Lives Matter Flags’ Trump flags, and thin blue line flags in support of police as well as firing paintballs at peaceful protestors in downtown Portland. (Facebook) which is also where the ‘militia’ that murdered people in Kenosha was organized. Trump is already reveling in the chaos and will soon have his goons back involved in Portland ‘peacekeeping’ again – even though it was people supporting him who instigated this chaos.

Economic News: TikTok is sueing the US government. Elon Musk unveiled his nuerallink tech – taking us one step closer to becoming the Borg – but he did it in pigs which I’ve dubbed CyPigs. Jeff Bezos is now worth more than $200 million dollars. You can’t even concieve of how much that is so don’t bother trying. Another new million people filed first time unemployment claims this week while the real estate and stock markets continued to soar higher and higher. 1.43 million people were added to the unemployment rolls this week. 27 million US adults are still on unemployment, that’s about 17% of the workforce – in two months we had unemployment numbers that took two years to reach during the great depression. They say the US economy is at about 78% of what it was back in January – which sounds pretty good considering March and April – but keep in mind that’s still a 22% drop in GDP – which translates to essentially, the bottom 1/5th of the population being completely fucked. The top 4/5ths are fine – just look at the markets and prices of things. Are you okay with one out of every five people being pushed into a beggar class? I’m not. Activists looking for better treatment for Amazon employees protested outside Jeff Bezos NYC house this week – and they brought a guillotine with them – no heads, however rolled. Jerome Powelll, said Thursday that the Federal Reserve will take a ‘more relaxed’ approach to curbing inflation – in other words – cash money in US dollars isn’t going to buy as much as it did – get ready for expensive everything. This has re-energized the bullish case for both Bitcoin and gold. Walmart has jumped into the Tik-Tok game, partnering with Microsoft in the bid to take the US operations of the Trump-hated platform. Walmart, which many seem to have forgotten single handedly destroyed locally owned mom-and-pop retailers throughout the U.S. and Microsoft which destroyed diversity among internet browsing – yes, there is a dangerous combination. Meanwhile, Amazon continues to destroy what is left of independently owned retailers – Powells Books in Portland, Oregon, the largest independent bookstore in the country finally put its foot down and has refused to sell over the Amazon platform – the CEO of Powells said “Selling on Amazon is like smoking, you know it’s bad for you and others, but it’s hard to quit.” While my book selling has been a small operation over the years, I took inspiration from this and also deleted all my inventory from Amazon – not surprisingly, Amazon didn’t care or notice. Amazon is worth twenty times what it was worth a decade ago and is getting ready to open a new chain of grocery stores called Amazon Fresh to compete with lower end stores like Ralph’s, Kroger, and Safeway (Whole Foods was acquired in 2017 by Amazon) …and presumably drive all the rest of the mom and pop shops out of business in the US. U.S. Tech Stocks (by themselves) on Friday exceeded the value of the entire European Stock Markets including the UK and Switzerland valued at $8.9 trillion dollars – something that seems far-fetched to me – U.S tech sector is now valued at $9.1 trillion with Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Tesla accounting for the majority of that. Many of us who lived through the dot-com crash are waiting for the other shoe to drop, but as long as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money – the market keeps rising. The markets have officially erased all the losses from early 2020 and the Dow had the best summer since 1986.

Note: American and European Capitalism thrive on crisis which is why for many traders and capitalists, 2020 is being seen as the best year ever. Think about that for a minute as we drive towards 300,000 dead in the U.S. by November.

Political News: Kelly Anne Conway has quit the Trump administration. The RNC lineup was made up of mostly Trump and his kids. More than 2 dozen former GOP lawmakers endorsed Biden on the first day of the RNC. The State of NY has filed legal action against the Trump organization. After Donald Trump Jr and his girlfriend spoke at the RNC – Twitter rebranded the event the #cocaineconvention with the tagline “Before we go low, we get high” and “Don Jr. misunderstood what they meant when they said ‘convention bump”. The message seemed to be after the first night “Vote for Trump … or else” which fits the brand. In particular, I enjoyed the warning that Democrats want to turn the country into a socialist utopia – which, if true would make me a proud Democrat – which I’m not. Somehow, the threat of a socialist utopia doesn’t sound like a threat at all, but more of a dream! The author of a forthcoming book on Melania Trump claims to have recordings of the first lady saying disparaging things about Trump and his daughter Ivanka – but this might be just a way to pump up book sales because it seems like writing a negative book about Trump is the latest way his friends and family are making money from citizens who loathe him. Trump actually issued a pardon as part of the RNC. An anti-semite speaker was removed from the RNC schedule after making a blatant anti-semite tweet just before it. The RNC was a dark and dystopic freak fest filled with liars, cheats, and psychopaths – after seeing just a bit of it, it seems pretty clear that Trump will take a second term. Senator Rand Paul claimed to have been attacked by an angry mob of around 100 people after leaving Trump’s nomination acceptance speech at the White House. House Democrats have initiated contempt proceedings against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for refusing to cooperate after multiple notices. Chairman Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., said that Pompeo “has demonstrated alarming disregard for the laws and rules governing his own conduct and for the tools the constitution provides to prevent government corruption.” I remember learning about Boss Tweed and Tamany Hall way back in high school – those guys have nothing on the Trump mob currently pillaging the United States. The RNC was a four-day display of propaganda-style programming, said Peter Pomerantsev, a former Russian-television producer and author of “Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible,” a memoir that describes the Kremlin’s efforts to manipulate the news. It featured unwitting immigrants who the president gave citizenship like they were winners on the The Price is Right, a Presidential Pardon handed out like a Publisher’s Clearinghouse check, and a packed ‘no social distance’ event using the White House as a prop which is something that has never been done before – along the same lines, his owned Secretary of State went ahead and used Israel and Jerusalem as another prop and his wife butchered the White House Rose Garden so she could use it as another power set. It’s always entertainment with the Trumps. I have to admit, I didn’t watch any of the RNC spectacle – but then, it wasn’t produced for me, it was produced for scared white Americans who want an authoritarian ruler to take care of them – and by most accounts – it did the job of making a Biden presidency look like a hellish nightmare to them – a hellish nightmare of equality & transparency ; equal access to voting, healthcare, education, and opportunity ; fair representation & global respect. This is the nightmare to these people – think about that. Now think about what it is they actually want…and be very afraid. Thank God the conventions are over – they mark the beginning of the end – take that how you want to. California is set to enact a wealth tax on millionaires and billionaires – including a clause that would financially punish those who fled the state to avoid it – I love California. I’m afraid that I have to be the bearer of bad news for a lot of my liberal friends – Trump is going to win again – he has barely even started spewing the fear and greed that will carry him to the win and if that doesn’t work, he’s just going to cheat. He will be President until he either dies or passes it on to his daughter. He is firmly back on the campaign trail he never would have left if Covid-19 hadn’t of interrupted and in Lake Charles Louisiana, he handed out autographs to officials telling them “Sell it on Ebay for $10,000 tonight but if I put YOUR name on it, it will be worth less.” I made a faux version and put it on Ebay – so far, no offers.

International News: Russia’s main opposition leader Alexei Nevlani was confirmed, by German doctors, to have been poisoned – the leading suspect is Putin. U.S. Service members were injured after a run-in with a Russian convoy in Syria. China fired a ‘carrier killer’ missile into the South China Sea – it was a definite warning. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is stepping down amid health concerns – which is something that seems pretty surprising to me. I thought he was one of the strong men that would be with us forever – bringing Japan back into the militant power structure – who will follow him? I’m guessing a nationalist hawk. Japan is the world’s third largest economy – so the decision matters. Vladmir Putin is preparing to send troops into Belarus…chaos in the USA works for Putin.

Severe Weather and Other News: Earth has lost 28 trillion tons of ice in thirty years. Hurricane Laura hit Texas/Louisiana as a Category 4 and did amazing amounts of damage but so far the death count seems to be very low considering the crazy news coverage – but these days, apparently anything under 200,000 dead counts for winning.

Here’s a radical idea! What if we all decided to stop having fun until the entire world has the basics. We all decide to stop taking trips, going to restaurants, going out drinking, or spending money on fashion or frivolous and violent television and film production until every human has access to clean water, food, healthcare, and shelter. It doesn’t really seem like that big of an ask. Every person deserves these four things, just by virtue of being born. If you disagree with that idea, I’d love to hear your reasoning.

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The History of the World and the Three Religions Which Rule It

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News Summary for Week of July 02, 2020

8/02/2020 0700 HST

Global Covid Cases: 18,134,406

Global Covid Deaths: 690,787

New Deaths: 40,065 average of 5724 per day – this is down slightly from last week’s 6235

US Covid Cases: 4,783,757

US Covid Deaths: 158,094

New Deaths: 8537 average of 1,220 per day, up significantly from last week’s 947

Hawaii Covid Cases: 2197

Hawaii Covid Deaths: 26

Oahu Covid Cases: 1842

577 new cases last week. Average of 82 per day. Currently 902 active cases up from 427 last week.

Other Covid News: Several members of congress were diagnosed with Covid-19. Herman Cain, a prominent former presidential candidate who attended Trump’s rally in Tulsa died of Covid-19. The virus continues to spread in the US at a faster pace. Hundreds of children at a camp in Georgia were diagnosed with Covid but schools continue to rush headlong into opening. Hawaii pushed back the start date. In Indiana on the first day of school, at least one student tested positive – which is a nice catch but how many are missed? Major League Baseball began again and quickly had to shut down games due to many players testing positive. A cruise ship returned to sea and immediately had 36 crew members test positive. Trump administration says to expect about 30,000 deaths in the next month in the USA. Internationally, Brazil, India, Mexico, and South Africa appear to be turning into virus hotspots. Just about everything is Covid news right now, but let’s move on.

BLM and Civil Liberties Protests: The Federal Government agreed to remove Trumps CBP/ICE stormtroopers from Portland and big surprise, the demonstrations once again turned peaceful. The protests are reaching a point where people are losing interest from what I can see. The Federal crackdown re-enlivened them but with that stopping, I suspect that they will dwindle.

Economic News: The $600 supplement was not replaced and nothing has been agreed on to replace the now expired CARES act which boosted unemployment, put moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures, and gave other assitance. The titans of tech were called before congress for a video conference (which lacks all the impact of an actual sitting at those tables) and were grilled for monopoly and exploitation. Then they announced earnings and all earned billions of more dollars. Markets continue to be blown up larger than seems possible. Gold reached an all time new high. Silver is climbing but still sits far below its all time high. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency were on a massive tear with Bitcoin passing $12k but then bringing down the entire crypto market in a minutes long flash crash that dropped the price to $10.5k before recovering to about $11.3k. The craziest market on the planet but in the long term, the one that I think will be the most important. Kodak made a deal with Trump to make chemicals for Covid testing and jumped from $3 per share to $36 per share. U.S. GDP lost 31% in the first quarter- far more than during the Great Depression. Unemployment numbers remain in the tens of millions and no relief is in sight. Bankruptcies and permanent closures appear to have accelerated.

Political News: China called out the USA for owing more than a billion dollars to the UN. Trump (after his humiliating Tampa rally where he was trolled by Tik-Tok users and K-pop fans) has said he is going to ban Tik-Tok because it is a national security risk. The RNC has barred the media from the Republican Convention. Trump floated the idea of delaying the election – which it seems certain he would do if he had the power, but we can expcet disruptions even if it does happen.

Severe Weather:

Hurricane Douglas missed the entire Hawaiian Island Chain last week, but it’s early in Hurricane Season. Hurricane I-whatever hit Puerto Rico and the Caribbean but didn’t do enough damage to merit Trump going on a paper-towel throwing mission. It’s lost power and become a tropical storm and will mostly miss Florida. Mother Nature is showing some mercy.

I’m going to take a one week break from Facebook starting now. Why not join me for a Facebook detox?

As always, please comment with any stories I may have missed.

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News Update for Week of 7/26/2020


Global Covid Cases: 16,306,788

Global Covid Deaths: 650,122

New Deaths: 43,648 avg of 6235 per day up from 5340 last week

US Covid Cases: 4,336,782

US Covid Deaths: 149,557

New Deaths: 6631 avg of 947 per day up from 764 last week

Hawaii Covid Cases: 1620

Hawaii Covid Deaths: 26

Oahu Covid Cases: 1291

Avg of 38 new cases per day in the islands with each of that last three days breaking new records. 427 active cases up from 311 last week.

Other Covid News: RNC convention cancelled in Florida. Brazi, India, and Mexico have cases and death counts growing rapidly. Large numbers of US states are breaking daily records in new cases, hospitalizations. Florida, Arizona, the Carolinas, and Oklamhoma appear to be growing hot spots. California, Texas, and Florida remain the largest active and new cases. U.S. experts are urging further shutdowns but since this has become a political issue rather than a health issue, it seems unlikely. In Florida a nine year old girl with no pre-existing conditions died – yet politicians continue to push for schools to open in days or weeks. Insanity.

BLM and Civil Liberties Protests: Federal DHS troops continue to be used in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago. Last night 45 were arrested in Seattle as those DHS troops were attacked with rocks and other objects including fireworks. Protests seem to have transitioned from BLM to civil liberties protests while still pushing the BLM agenda. The use of DHS troops as a nationalist military was long foretold but those who denied such a thing could happen are now waking up to it – but again, since this has been made into a right/left issue – there is confusion. The natural allies of the protestors who don’t want federal troops in US cities are gun rights advocates, libertarians, and people like the folks who took of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge – but since the protests have been painted as ‘left wing’ ‘communists’ and ‘anarchists’ as well as ‘not white’ leaning – those who would usually be up in arms against the federal government overstepping it’s boundaries are cheering the DHS storm troopers on. More than one right wing constitutionalist has said ‘Enemy of my enemy is my friend’ which usually in history has ended up with a slow slaughter of opposition groups and eventually, an all powerful dictatorship flagging who goes to the camps next. In Seattle they burned down the Youth Detention Center. Protestors were shot in Austin and Aurora, Colorado were shot.

Eocnomic News:

Unemployment $600 pandemic supplement ended. Federal moratorium on evictions ended. No replacements approved yet as the two parties argue about how to help people without discouraging them from going back to work. Stock markets began to start focusing on reality a bit last week with a few mild declines instead of breaking new records. Keep in mind that in a capitalist system, mass unemployment means that wages can be lowered which is considered a positive for profit making – so this explains a tiny bit of why nearly 40 million unemployed caused the markets to burst to new highs. The U.S. is at a realistic 20% unemployment rate and when all other factors are added in that means that we are probably closer to 40% unemployment – with most of those not getting UI payments. Home sales are down 11% from a year ago with condos down 23% – there are however a large number of people abandoning cities and crowded areas – so rents in markets like SF, NYC, and Honolulu should be dropping, right? Major bankruptcies are happening daily and personal bankruptcies are approaching record numbers. The numbers of evictions and foreclosures are rising rapidly. The fantasy of a V-shaped recovery appears to be wearing off. Gold topped $1900 per ounce and Bitcoin is edging upwards.

International News:

U.S. forced closure of Chinese consulate in Houston (the first Chinese consulate in the US) and China responded with closure of American consulate in Chengdu. Europe’s economy is set to outpace the U.S. economy – which is a complete role reversal. Turkey continues its proxy war against the Kurds within Turkey and now in Syria as well.

Severe Weather:

Hurricane Douglas bypassed the Big Island of Hawaii but is heading towards the much more heavily populated islands of Maui and Oahu. Honolulu on Oahu has never been hit by a full strength hurricane but it looks like Douglas may make history as a Category I later today. Hurricane Hanna lashed the Gulf Coast of Texas and caused flooding.

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The Military Insurrection Act of 1807 Has Been Activated

A major American city is on fire – pandemic is raging still – and the fiddler on the roof is fanning the flames instead of soothing frayed nerves.

We’ve always said that Trump doesn’t plan on stepping aside regardless of outcome in November’s election. First, we saw Jared Kushner’s trial balloon of putting off the election and now, we are seeing something else:

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255)[1] (until 2016, found at 10 US Code, Chapter 15, §§ 331–335, renumbered to 10 USC, Chapter 13, §§ 251–255) that governs the ability of the President of the United States to deploy military troops within the United States to put down lawlessness, insurrection, and rebellion.

Under this act, the President may deploy troops as a police force during a natural disaster, epidemic, serious public health emergency, terrorist attack, or other condition, when the President determines that the authorities of the state are incapable of maintaining public order.  Interestingly, action taken under the Insurrection Act, allows the President to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act – which limit’s the President’s ability to use Federal troops on U.S. soil.

The Posse Comitatus Act allows governors to deploy National Guard and keeps them under State control. The Insurrection Act is a very different story.

Be prepared to be occupied by the armed forces of the United States – in the United States.

Here are a couple of other articles that might be of interest to you:

Manifesto of a Cultural Terrorist by Oscar Wallace

Manifesto of Peopolism

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Happy May Day. Workers of the World Unite!

Happy International Workers Day.
Today more than ever, the workers of the world need to unite. As billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk try to force their workers to return to factories despite the COVID-19 risks (and without additional pay or benefits) and as Donald Trump and Republican governors try to re-open their states and ‘send people back to work’ without understanding the risks, and as Wall Street bails itself out using money for small business and the US Congress chooses to bail out billionaires over working moms – all of these things should be revitalizing the labor movement. Today, we should be looking at the gross inequities that have made ‘essential workers’ some of the lowest paid with the least benefits while ‘non-essential workers’ have the cushion to sit out this crisis with no risk.
The capitalist USA political machine has always been scared of organized labor, they’ve always been scared of workers organizing, and they’ve always been scared of the workers controlling the means of production. They’ve labored such things as red, communist, socialist, or anti-American. The reason is capitalist class have always depended on the slave labor of the workers to make themselves rich. There has been a war against organized labor in this country for a long while and the capitalists are winning it even as 30 million US workers suddenly find themselves unemployed due to COVID-19..
Gone are the days when unions were controlled by the workers, gone are the days when there were calls for shorter work days, shorter work weeks, higher pay, better benefits, or lifetime security for loyal workers – instead we live in a country where companies are immortal and workers are hired as ‘contractors’ which is a fancy way of saying they have no job security and no benefits they don’t provide for themselves. Those contract workers, by the way, have been sidelined and for the most part have not received any sort of bailout or unemployment yet – although the government (to it’s credit) has set about creating a bailout for them – but most regular unemployed workers are either still waiting for unemployment or haven’t been able to log in to overwhelmed state systems.
In 1886, on May 4th, following organized labor activities and protests (on May 1st – the real labor day) which followed demands for an 8 hour workday – police killed several protestors and riots ensued – culminating in protestors bombing the police with dynamite and the police killing four more and then seven being sentenced to death for conspiracy. This, many say, is the origin of the world’s labor day on May 1st ( though actually, MayDay goes further back than that) – in a sense – one could argue that communism has it’s militant roots in this American event – thus is an American institution which has been villified and made to appear foreign and anti-American.
President Grover Cleveland feared that MayDay celebrations would be used to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre and celebrations were banned. After the Pullman Strike where Federal Marshalls and U.S. military killed workers demanding safer conditions, the government rushed to create a National ‘Labor’ Day – but designated it be in September to avoid remembrance of government brutality towards workers demanding better conditions and safer work environments. The choice of September 1st was blatantly political and championed by President Grover Cleveland to disempower nascent Communist, Anarchist, and Syndicalist movements which used MayDay as a rallying point to bring workers to a more empowered system.
The United States has defeated organized labor. They have villainized labor as mobsters, communists, and criminals. They have created a holiday that disempowers workers from solidarity with workers in other countries, and they have impovershed workers to the point where we are working longer hours, getting less benefits, and earning less money or we are not working at all. There is no need to outlaw labor organizations because they are already frequently working against labor.
Congratulations America. Happy May Day.
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The most brutal visual of wealth shown to scale

You (and everyone) need to look at this and scroll through the whole thing – it will take you 10-15 minutes, but it may be the best chance to ever understand just how obscene the inequality of wealth really is.

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: A Few Observations Amidst COVID-19/CoronaVirus Response and Reactions

I dive into the four horsemen metaphor at the end of this post but I think it is worthwhile to read everything in order to get there.

This is all unfolding at a pace that would have seemed impossible or ridiculous just a few days ago. Tens of thousands of people (maybe hundreds of thousands or millions) have already lost their jobs, though most of them probably don’t know it yet.

Airlines and cruise lines are shutting down. Casinos are shutting down. Movie theaters, restaurants, and bars are shutting down. Hotels are shutting down. At the moment, these are all temporary – but let’s face it – most businesses can’t survive a month or more without income. From where I sit, I can’t imagine this all being solved in a month.

The governments are printing money and will be handing out money to keep people from freaking out – they have to.  That process is going to make all of the money worth less than it was before. Prices will rise – not just from gouging, but because the cost of production will go up.

It seems to me that pretty much everyone is going to be exposed to this virus in one way or another. Those who become symptomatic (which I have no idea about a number, no one does) will seek treatment and most likely, there will not be enough beds/doctors etc.

We can’t all hide in our homes forever – so we are going to have to come out and interact with each other on some level – work, school, foraging, or just mental health.

I have no idea where this all goes, but it leaves things radically different than they were before. At the moment, it seems like we are trying to race the virus- come up with a way to defeat it before it defeats us – that might work if we can overcome the bureaucratic red tape around vaccine development and deployment – but it won’t really change anything about how people are forced to weather this thing.

But, let’s say that we don’t come up with a cure or the virus adapts after we do. What does the new society that comes out of this look like?

It seems to me that nature is forcing us to group together in smaller numbers and limiting the way that we are able to interact with one another. Maybe on some level, nature decided that letting humans easily move about from place to place covering large distances is a bad idea. Maybe the bottom line of all of this is that essentially, we are learning that ‘travel isn’t a good thing’.

Maybe this plays out by a large number of people dying and then small communities with immunity or with the disease wiped out within local borders, closing their doors to newcomers that might bring this (0r any) virus.

Is it worth it to conquer or control territory that might bring you the disease?

Maybe we are entering the age where the superpower and mega state loses control of our destiny. Maybe we are entering an era of local autonomy.

I don’t know…I’m simply watching like everyone else – and trying to put the potential pieces together in a way that makes sense.

I don’t think we are all going to die.

I think our countries and economies might already be dead.

I think capitalism might have just been dealt a death blow.

I think we are going to see a lot of elderly, homeless, and ill people heading into the great beyond.

I think that travel, tourism, and mass entertainment (sport, cinema, etc) might have just been given a choice to evolve or die.

I think monetary policy is on the verge of complete failure.

I think human beings are being given a choice about which direction they want to go now – and the choices are 1) End as a species or 2) Change everything

If we are to look at the classical progression of the end of the world, we can look at the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Death, Famine, War, and Conquest.

Horseman #1: Death:

We have started with death. This virus will run it’s course.

Horseman #2 Famine:

The result will be famine – a general lack of everything – and it wouldn’t surprise me if mother nature throws severe climate, storms, earthquakes and disasters on top of that.

Horseman #3 War:

Unfortunately – war will almost certainly follow. Politicians use war to preserve their power, to save economies, and to control resources for ‘their’ people. War is coming. On what level – we can’t know.

Horseman #4 Conquest:

Superpowers and nation states will do what they do. Strongmen will rise up and do what they do. They will try to use us to fulfill their ambitions. Ultimately they will fail.

Is there a way out? I don’ think so. If there is, it is to take away power from the large and to empower the small. Maybe that is what the lamb is all about. Decentralizing, focusing on municipality, commune, neighborhood, town – not on state, country or nation.

Metaphorically, I think the four horsemen of the apocalypse work – but I also think there is a metaphor built into the prophecy that gives us a way out. The lamb.

I’m not a religious person, I’m not saying everyone needs to find Jesus – I don’t believe that. I’m saying that there is a way to short circuit the four horsemen.

We need to embody the qualities of the lamb and the flock. Care for one another, be gentle, not over-graze, and stick together. The society of the lamb is a small group of people, they range in their pasture, they are not aggressive, and generally, they cannot be used for aggression.