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Pair of Tribal Totem/Tiki Statues (probably from Solomon Islands)

I bought this pair of tiki totems which stand approx 25″ and 28″ from the Estate of Jean Fish (iconic Hollywood model and fashion designer) and actress Edna Skinner who was most famous for her role as the neighbor on the TV show Mr. Ed. Both women lived in North Bend, Oregon and traveled the world extensively during their lifetimes. These statues were bought at the first of several estate sales at their ship shaped house on the water in North Bend back in November of 2015. The agents at the sale were unable to confirm where they were from, but my hunch is they came from the Solomon Islands. My first hunch was that they were Native American, but I was told by the head of Ethnography at Bonham’s that they were not Native American. All I’m certain of is that I like them and their cowrie shell eyes. Actually, they remind me most of a piece of outsider folk art I gave to my brother a few years ago…see a picture of it at the bottom of this post when I can find it.


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Cairns for Couples : 3 Ultra Romantic Ideas to Keep the Love Alive

Editors Note: This guest post was suppossed to be published on Valentines but somehow it slipped through the cracks – but that’s okay, every day is a day for romance, right?

Cairns, Australia can easily be considered one of the most romantic places to share with your significant other. If you’re lucky enough to be situated here or to be able to make Cairns your backdrop for a day of romance, be sure to make the most of it. Check out these ultra romantic adventure options offered in Cairns, and keep the love alive while having fun at the same time.

Show Your Love Is Not Just Hot Air

Love in a hot air balloon

Cairns hot air ballooning could be just the right amount of hot air to prove that your love is just the opposite! Consider surprising your special someone with this romantic getaway into the sky. Hot Air Ballooning with Raging Thunder takes place in the sky at the crack of dawn, allowing you a romantic morning sunrise from a vantage point neither of you have experienced yet. Waking up in time to catch the 4:15 AM departure could be a giveaway that there’s something special in store for your companion, but the intimate sunrise views of the Cairns Highlands from overhead will certainly be breathtaking nonetheless. For a full day of adventure with your hot air ballooning, the trip up into the sky can be paired with another activity to make it a truly memorable day. Among the many options available, you can choose from horseback riding, a trip to Fitzroy Island, or white water rafting, to name a few activities.

An Overnight Tour to Cape Tribulation

If your love is ready for a rainforest adventure, consider taking your companion on an overnight tour north to Cape Tribulation. Journey into the Daintree Rainforest and capture peace and solitude with your loved one in the world’s oldest surviving rainforest, an ideal setting for couples who love nature as much as they love each other. You can get accommodations for the night in an ensuite cabin at P.K’s Jungle Village or at the Cape Trib Beach House. Enjoy a guided tour from Port Douglas to the Daintree Forest, and get acquainted with the local inhabitants on the crocodile cruise!

A Local Vacation: Romantic Relaxation in Palm Cove


If you and your partner are in need of some simple relaxation, consider taking your loved one to the popular couples destination nearby: Palm Cove. This beach town is situated between Cairns and Port Douglas, and is just a 30-minute drive away. With palm trees that line the beach, a beachfront resort, and a relaxing night of wining and dining, what could be more perfect to re-spark the romance on Valentine’s Day? With plenty of day spas within walking distance, you can extend the relaxation and romance with a couple’s body massage.

Whether your relationship is in need of excitement, adventure, or relaxation, Cairns is the perfect setting to find all of the above. So take advantage of the many opportunities in this romantic Australian getaway, and make this Valentine’s Day extra special; keep the love alive while you explore the Cairns region together!

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Historical Prowess of Greece in Art and Beauty

Editors Note: This article from Global Jet captures much of the reason I chose to travel in the first place. The magnificent art and architecture of ancient Greece was one of the top reasons I hit the road.

Greece is a country with history that spans for millennium and became the cradle of life for western civilization. The locations around the country of Greece still have the remnants from the archaeological past. These places hold much important knowledge that is still widely used today.

Greek Art
Ancient Greek Art

Greece archaeological digs and sites prove to connect the present to the past. Many authentic classical Greece buildings are still visible from the ground through up that will definitely fascinate anyone. Greece welcomes everyone to come visit and be mystified, then take one step back to the past. Travel to Greece via its Athens International Airport in the capital of Athens for a starting point to a great adventure.


Athens being the capital of Greece is also one of its largest cities. The city holds the key for the birth of western civilization that is still being adhered today. Athens began its creation during the classical Greece which was one of the popular periods in the ancient world and history.

The crowning achievement of the city is on its citadel acropolis which sits on the throne of the goddess Athena. Places of interest inside the acropolis include the famed Parthenon, the Erectheion, and many other temples that symbolize many things. The buildings stood the test of time to give the young the history of civilization.


Mycenae is once mighty and proud Greek civilization that sprung during the Bronze Age period of Greece. Mycenae is also a home for its majestic acropolis that is one of the best during its time. Mycenae is famed today by its arts and literature, one being found in the book of Homer the “Iliad”. The Iliad talks about the kings of Mycenae battling one fine nation of Troy.

Greek ChurchMycenae of today still gives one the fantasy of the distant past. The interesting sites to visit and see in Mycenae include the treasury of Atreus, the massive Cyclopean walls, and the entrance of Lion Gate where two stone lions are guarding it. The archaeological finds give excitement and fascination to witness the remains of fabled town.


Crete is one populous island in the regions of Greece that is part of the cultural heritage and economy of the country. Crete is once the home of the early civilization in Europe, the Minoan civilization. The Minoan civilization is a prosperous community that is the model of many cities and towns for the next civilization.

The community in Knossos is one great archaeological site worthy of visiting. Knossos is home to the elegantly made palace full of wonderful ornaments and beautifully placed columns. The fabled history of the complex is that it houses the beast Minotaur in the labyrinth, also part is the story of Daidalos and Icarus.


Thessaly is a region and district in the mainland Greece area. The region consists of four prefectures such as Larisa, Magnisia, Trikala, and Karditsa which offer many wonderful sites of both culture and history with beautiful backdrop surroundings.

The region offers wonderful vacation hotspots for anyone wanting a getaway. The beauty of the community in the region gives a relaxing aura. Trekking along Mount Olympus will be both entertaining as well as magical as it is believed to be the home of the twelve Olympian gods of Greek literature.

Travelling to Thessaly and all of Greece gives one insight and knowledge of the distant past that is an amazing event to be in. The wonders of Greece are truly majestic so come and visit now.