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Flashback: Naked Pictures of McCains vice presidential pick. Sarah Palin.

I’m glad there aren’t any of Biden. Actually, I haven’t looked, there might be. These are not confirmed, but it looks like the real deal. From OSI There’s a conservative for you.

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The Sex Score in a Bizarre World Lab

Sex Score and Universal LabHe took his coat off and hung it on the peg,, where it always was, waiting for him to take it wherever he went. He walked into the kitchen, melancholy, and full of wonder as his mind thought back to the days of his youth. Working on yachts and falling in love at every port until the list of loves became like a list of books he’d  read. And forgotten.

It was no longer  simple  to answer  how many women he’d slept with or how many times he’d been in love. He had to second guess himself. In recent years he’d answered with

“ You really don’t really want to know that” and if pressed he would say “Four”. It was the magic number. Not too many, but not too few. Only it was such an outrageous lie.

Bizarre world in which you were expected to keep your own score as you went and nearly every other person was keeping their own “score”. It turned it into a giant competition for the good and the bad.

Life was confusing enough without developing this incredibly complex game called Love. It was a constant battle to remain afloat in the overcrowded sea of humanity.

He set his briefcase down and walked into the living room, grabbing a banana as he passed through the kitchen. He sat in his lazy-boy recliner and reached for the remote control after rocking the lever back as far as it would recline.

Kicking off his shoes he wondered to himself, “ Why are my socks so nice. Why do they have designs woven into them.Certainly not because I like them, but as a part of the game. At some point I decided that nice socks would make it simpler to seduce women.”

He kicked off his shoes one at a time. Right foot first, then left foot. They dropped to the floor  beneath the footrest of the recliner. He knew they would get in the way when he went to un-recline, but at this point he didn’t care. Later he would be annoyed with his earlier self for creating more work for his later self.

Life is like that. The now you is usually making decisions for the later you, and usually,  they are lousy decisions. Maybe you get it right more often as you get older, but you still screw up every time you do anything important.

Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is often blind.

If we knew the future would we let it happen, or would we change the future, making it unknowable. Knowing too much is worse than knowing nothing most of the time.

What if you knew you’re destiny and hated it? Would you create it by trying to evade it? In which case would you have created it without the knowledge?

Does the universe have clockwork motion which gives us 70 or 80 years before we have to return to our places? What do we want?

Now is the time to communicate with our future selves so that we don’t regret any decisions later, make the best decisions possible.

What should I do? Do what you think is right.  Don’t hold back in your beliefs, explore them, trust them, make the most of your hunches and talents. It isn’t really what you think that counts.

Do you get what I’m saying? It makes sense to live your life as if every decision is your last.

When does it end? We don’t know. I t goes on as long as it goes on so make yourself at peace today. Find what it is you need to do.

What you would regret in your last moments. So what if you thought it would go on, you’d have more time.

You don’t that is the nature oft eternity. The world isn’t the friendliest place in the universe. It is made to solve problems.

Think of the world as a laboratory. The picture you had as a child was not entirely wrong. The Universal  God is a consciousness, which works in a clockwork fashion to an ultimate goal.

Humanity and life are a way to solve certain theoretical problems. Life is placed within the universe in various situations to which the best solution is found through adaptation.

It is not the word of anything. Each planet not a lab, but a test tube contained within the vast workshop-lab that is the universe.


Native Americans were cannibals

cannibal native americans
Of course, just about all people in the world were cannibals at some point. The Hawaiians did it, the Tahitians did it, the Scottish and Germans did it. I’m guessing that the Native Americans did too…
Here is an interesting tidbit though that the people who lived in the Mississippi region (Mound builders) were actually not the peaceful agrarians that everyone once thought they were…
cannibal native americans

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. _ Human sacrifice! Victims buried alive! Read all about it in “Cahokia _ Ancient America’s Great City on the Mississippi.”
According to this new book by University of Illinois archaeologist and professor of anthropology Tim Pauketat, the mound builders weren’t always the idyllic, corn-growing, pottery-making, fishing-hunting gentle villagers depicted in various dioramas at the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Collinsville.
Pauketat said these long-vanished people practiced human sacrifice of women and men on a mass scale and weren’t always careful to bury only the dead.
Based on years of study of artifacts including many from the extensive excavation of the site’s Mound 72 during 1967-71, Pauketat’s book is getting national attention. The Washington Post described it as “undeniably hot.” A national online review service used the headline, “Sacrificial virgins of the Mississippi.”
The “virgins” angle may be a bit of an overstatement, said Pauketat, but not by much.


Oddities of Human Nature

oddities of human nature
As I look at the world, sometimes the things we humans do absolutely stun me. A lifetime of study and a degree in anthropology haven’t made things any less shocking. Here are four examples of bizarre human behavior pulled from the news today.
1)A Connecticut woman who authorities say spent more than $2,000 to stage a dinner honoring her as “Nurse of the Year” has been charged with pretending to be a nurse at a doctor’s office. Betty Lichtenstein, 56, of Norwalk was charged Thursday.Prosecutors say Dr. Gerald Weiss believed Lichtenstein was a registered nurse, especially after she was named the Connecticut Nursing Association’s “Nurse of the Year” in 2008.According to the arrest warrant, that association does not exist.
2)Like most restaurants, the Burger King in this St. Louis suburb has a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy. And baby, do they enforce it. Too much so, the company admitted, after apologizing for restaurant workers who asked a mother to leave because her 6-month-old wasn’t wearing shoes.
3)Some of the world’s most serious chocolate shopping takes place in Brussels, Belgium. There are elegant showrooms with specially trained salespeople handling little squares of chocolate with white gloves. Despite the economic downturn, tourists are still bringing home treats for their friends and family.
4)Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs has been formally released from prison after being granted freedom on compassionate grounds. Biggs is severely ill with pneumonia and Justice Secretary Jack Straw approved his release on Thursday after being told he is unlikely to recover. The odd thing with this story is that Biggs managed to escape, went to Brazil, was living the good life, and then he returned and spent the rest of his life in jail.


Cave Man caught in Portugal

This story for some reason really has an effect on me. Have a look at it, read it, and then at the bottom, I will makes a few comments…

LISBON, Portugal — A fugitive murderer spent 16 years hiding in caves around his home village in northern Portugal before he was recaptured looking “like Robinson Crusoe,” police said Thursday.
Manuel Cruz, 54, had a deep tan and a long beard when he was arrested in the forested hills where he once had been a shepherd, Inspector Carlos Gomes told The Associated Press.
“He wasn’t very strong but he wasn’t in very bad shape,” said Gomes, who, along with 11 other officers, arrested Cruz in what police dubbed “Operation Cro-Magnon” Wednesday.
He “looked like Robinson Crusoe,” Gomes said. “He was dirty and smelly.”
Cruz had a guard dog and a gun with him but he didn’t fire on police who approached on foot, according to Gomes.
“His initial reaction was very aggressive but he came peacefully once we had him,” Gomes said.
Cruz was serving a 10-year sentence for murder when he fled during a weekend furlough in the village in 1993.
He was convicted after an argument over goats with a local woman during which Cruz pushed her and she hit her head on the ground, later dying, Ramalho Cruz said.
Cruz had been hiding in caves and hollowed-out banks of earth in “very hilly, very hostile terrain” surrounding Anisso, about 240 miles (400 kilometers) north of Lisbon, Gomes said by telephone. The village has a population of 312, according to the local council’s Web site.
Manuel Ramalho Cruz, the president of the Anisso parish council and no relation to the arrested man, said locals had tipped off police several years ago that the fugitive was hiding in the area.
On at least one occasion he escaped a police operation to catch him, Ramalho Cruz said. Police did not immediately comment on that claim.
Family members and local people provided the fugitive with food and he had a dog that alerted him when people approached, Ramalho Cruz said in a telephone interview.
“He was a quiet person, he wouldn’t hurt anyone. People liked him,” he said. “He told people he was afraid of prison and wouldn’t go back there.”
Daily paper Publico reported that, apart from his dog, Cruz had only a battery-powered radio for company. Jornal de Noticias said he cut long grass to make his bed.
Police said Cruz was taken back to a prison in the nearby city of Braga to serve the remaining 7 1/2 years of his sentence.

Okay, there are a couple of things here that get me. First of all, the fact that life is so incredibly temporary. When he was arguing with that woman, I’m sure both of them thought it was the most important thing in the world and neither had an idea that death was lingering so close. Imagine for a moment, Cruz and this woman probably knew each other, maybe they were lovers, maybe they were neighbors. In any event, they knew each other well enough to have an argument. Maybe she slapped him, then he shoved her. She fell, hit her head, and whammo, both lives were changed. In an instant. Her life was over and to a certain extent, so was his. She died. He became a fugitive.
The people in the town helped him. Maybe they knew. Maybe they saw the life these two people have just disappear in an instant as they argued over a lost goat or a broken vase or a drunken kiss. Would they have argued if they knew that a few seconds or minutes later, their lives would be so completely altered?
And yet, Cruz may have found something through it all. In essence, he was able to escape from our society. Sleeping in caves, having a dog, making beds of grass, and when he was really missing our world, visiting a neighbor or turning on the radio in his cave.
I can’t help but wonder if he found something. Was he a wise man, or a crazy man?
And, I can’t help but smile at the name the police came up with for the capture “Operation Cro Magnon.” They’ve definitely caught a cave man. But what does the cave man know?


How Cooking Makes You a Man

Fun article on the anthropology of cooking from

Animals of the genus Homo are defined by their little mouths, large guts, big brains — and appetite for bratwurst. This, at least, is the provocative theory of evolution put forth by Dr. Richard Wrangham in his fascinating new book, “Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human.”
Wrangham, the Ruth B. Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, began his career studying chimpanzees alongside Jane Goodall, and rose to academic acclaim as a primatologist specializing in the roots of male aggression. Naturally, he tends to think of most scientific questions in relation to chimps. And so it was that a few years ago, while sitting in front of his fireplace preparing a lecture on human evolution, he wondered, “What would it take to turn a chimpanzee-like animal into a human?” The answer, he decided, was in front of him: fire to cook food.
For years, accepted wisdom has held that it was a transition to meat eating that prompted human evolution — which makes Wrangham’s hypothesis a radical departure. Yet, the more he tested his theory, the more he found the science to back it up: Cooked food is universally easier to process and more nutritionally dense than raw food, which means adopting a cooked diet would have given man a biological advantage. The energy he once spent consuming and digesting raw food could be diverted to other physiological functions, leading to the development of bigger bodies and brains. And Wrangham’s “cooking hypothesis” not only explains the physical changes that humans underwent but also the social ones: Cooking created a sexual division of labor that informs our ideas of gender, love, family and marriage even to this day. “Humans are adapted to eating cooked food in the same essential way as cows adapted to eating grass, or fleas to sucking blood,” Wrangham concludes. “And the results pervade our lives, from our bodies to our minds. We humans are the cooking apes, the creatures of the flame.”

Full interview at


Is this where I'm headed?

Thanks to the Rev for sending me this article and the advice that it is what I can do with my Anthropology degree…actually, it’s not far from what I am doing already.



Facebook Username Landrush On

Not very long ago the facebook username landrush began. What this means is that for the first time, Facebook is making it simpler to point people to your facebook account. Once you pick, that’s all you get. Facebook is restricting new users from picking usernames to prevent new accounts from grabbing up names.
I was early in it and figured I did pretty good to grab, but after I confirmed, I thought to myself…fuck. I was early enough that I might have grabbed something like christ, jesus, buddha, movie, books, turbo, money, or just about anything else.
I’m happy to have gotten damitio since there are a lot of damitio’s out there, but in terms of selling books or getting web traffic or selling something like Madonna for a million bucks…I freaking blew it. I wonder if Obama got his?
So the moral is think carefully…I’m not too disappointed since this is a name you are stuck with for life…thank god I didn’t take turbo!


Lost in Transmediality: A Look at LOST and it's Fans

I’ve published my Honors Thesis for those of you who are interested you can find it at

Anthropology Travel

The Changing Face of Hostels

Last night was a very different hosteling experience for me than I’ve had. Read this description of this hostel and you might get the idea:

Living Lounge, Lisbon’s newest hostel, takes hostel art and traveling life to a whole new level.
Each double, single and dorm room at the hostel is aunique work of art, having been individually designed by local artists to reflect different elements of Lisbon’s rich culture.

Although every room is different, they have all been crafted with the same goal in mind:
providing our guests with supreme comfort, security and style during their stay.

Our hostel features a luxurious and spacious downstairs lounge area, providing the perfect place to sip a drink, listen to music and meet people from around the world. Upstairs we have a peaceful indoor garden room, a lovely place to bring a book and relax. Our guests are welcome to use our free WiFi internet, and our friendly staff can provide you with free maps and any tourist info you might need.
Living Lounge, opened in July 2008, is the newest project from the same group who own and operate the Lisbon Lounge Hostel, recently named the world’s best boutique hostel in The Times. With Living Lounge, we bring you the same high standards of quality and design but with an exciting new artistic concept.

While the luxury and comfort of the hostel are certainly nice, I’m not entirely sure that it works for me. Tonight I will be staying in this hostel:

Combining the charm of a historical building with the confort of modernity, we are located in the heart of the city, between the castle and Bairro Alto – the nightlife quarter – and a next to all the major transport networks.
This means you don´t have to waste your time and money to move around – the major historical and fun areas of Lisbon are all walking distance from the Home Hostel.
As our main concern is that you spend a perfect time with us, we have refurbished everything – new bathrooms with many showers so you don´t have to wait for your turn, a big kitchen were you can cook your own meals, a big living room to party and meet your fellow guests and most importantly, great beds in spacious rooms, all with balconies or big windows to the city.
OH and we can’t forget the Playstation 2, the Huge DVD collection and the FREE laundry service.
If all this wasn’t enough, we actually bake the bread for breakfast ourselves!

And then hopefully I can get back to some couchsurfing…I know this sounds odd, but if you create a fancy pants sort of atmosphere then you end up sitting in a hostel with french opera singers that drink too much and spoiled rich kids that are here because it is chic rather than because it is cheap. Last night this place turned into a sort of chic club where I didn’t really have the desire to get to know most of the people sitting around me…
It was hip and it was cool and as clubs and bars go, it was a very cool place, only problem is that all the coolness sort of got in the way of what I like about hostels in the first place….

Forget all about five star luxury hotels. Given the current economic situation they are bad taste right now. Instead you should rather find a charming hostel full of personality.
Hostels are no longer reserved the youth and backpackers as lots of them have smartened up with funky design and individual bathrooms. They have become a serious alternative to the more expensive hotels, and while the rest of the hotel business is complaining about missing guests, the worlds’ hostels have just had their best year ever, according to the membership organisation Hostelling International.
But where are those charming spots with clean rooms, a friendly owner and a central location? Lissabon seems to be the place to go. According to hostelworld, who just have rated the hottest hostels in the world by asking its 800,000 users, three out of the seven best hostels are located in the Portuguese capital.