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Convert the US Marine Corps into the US Med Corps – Drastic and Useful Idea

I’ve been floating this idea for a while – but from where I sit it makes sense to use the United States Marine Corps into the United States Medical Corps. It’s not as difficult or crazy as it sounds. With COVID-19 we need an action ready branch that can deploy into dangerous situations when needed. Marines have what it takes.

1) Move all military medical personnel into the USMC

2) Move Marine aviators to the USAF or USN. Move Marine Recon and heavy combat troops to US Army or US Navy.

3) Offer crash medical training to all Marines willing to stay and become healers

4) Recruit (draft if necessary) doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, endocrinologists, and nurse practitioners into the USMC (U.S. Med Corps)

5) Create two divisions in the USMC – domestic med corps and international med corps

6) Use the new USMC as the basis for universal health coverage in the USA.

7) Make a 2 year commitment to either defense, healing, or infrastructure mandatory


Look, I’m not a fan of nation states. I’m not a fan of drafts or mandatory service, and as a Marine who served – I can see why this would cause a lot of devil dogs to protest  – but given the circumstances, this makes sense. The Marines are the best candidates to save us all.

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Free Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper

Enough already with the hand sanitizer and toilet paper freaking out! And if you are tired of all this shit – maybe it’s time to give this a read. 

First of all – buy a bidet (we call it a butt washer) and learn how to properly clean your ass without paper. Here’s a link to a variety of cheap bidets that attack to your toilet. No more need for toilet paper – just wash yourself and use a towel after drip dry.

Second – Hand sanitizer is pretty easy to make – you can also just use alcohol or tea tree oil! My favorite recipe is thus:

  • 5-10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 30 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 3 ounces rubbing alcohol
  • 1 ounce pure aloe vera gel
  • ¼ teaspoon Vitamin E Oil (helps soften hands!)


  1. Add essential oils and Vitamin E oil to a small glass bowl or container and swirl to mix.
  2. Add alcohol to the oils and swirl again.
  3. Combine this mixture with the aloe vera gel and mix well.
  4. Shake gently before each use. (Sanitizer should last several months with the addition of Vitamin E and alcohol to help preserve.)

Transfer hand sanitizer to small, clean squirt bottles. Also, use colored bottles so the essential oils in the recipe are not exposed to light. Finally, this recipe is perfect for throwing into a purse or a backpack!

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Something Positive

I notice that my posts have been a bit of a downer lately. I’ve decided to write something positive.

Earth. Earth is positive.

Earth is going to completely fuck up this mess we’ve made. Earth will end this.

I love Earth.

Happy Earth Day.

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Obesity and Master Cleansing

Here’s something interesting – since coming to the USA I’ve gained nearly 30 pounds. That’s in 1 year and 7 months – I went to the doctor the other day and she informed me that I was officially obese. It wasn’t really a surprise – I’d felt the change in the way my clothes felt, my body felt, and my face and belly looked in the mirror. I’d mentioned it to my wife several times “I think I’m getting fat” and like a good husband she would insist “Ridiculous, so and so is fat and you aren’t anywhere near that guy – you’re not fat” It felt nice, but I knew the truth deep down under my new layer of blubber – I was fat. I was obese.

Lots of things contributed to my new found obesity. American food for one – in Morocco and Turkey we were eating fresh vegetables, a fair amount of chicken, and sometimes some lamb or beef. The vegetables in the USA just don’t have the same satisfaction as those in Europe, Asia, Africa or even Hawaii- I’ve noticed that we eat more and don’t feel satisfied. I suspect that’s because of genetic modifications and chemical additives in processed foods – mind you, we don’t eat a lot of processed food. Our USA diet consists of vegetables, a lot of chicken, and sometimes beef or lamb – but also we will sometimes have Macaroni and Cheese or frozen pizza – we are far from fast food junkies but we do sometimes grab a burger and fries or hit taco bell if we are out of town (there’s not one here in Reedsport)…I really think that the additives in those portions of processed food have been affecting us on a cellular level. Then there are portion sizes – food in the USA is just bigger – all the way around it’s bigger. And then there is dessert – in Morocco – ice cream was a treat, cookies were for special occaisions and there just wasn’t all that much candy around – I’ve got a sweet tooth, I always have. In Morocco I would sometimes buy a bag of candy and gobble it all down in a sitting – I’ve done that here too, but there has really been something different about it.

Then there is movement – we didn’t have a car in the other places we lived…here, in the USA, you have to have a car unless you live in an urban area which we don’t. We no longer walk – not even the walks to the Souk – part of it is that there really isn’t very much interesting to see here – I have to admit, we moved to a boring little town and everytime I take a walk I run into the town scumbags. We have bikes but the same thing applies – last time I took a bike ride I made it about two blocks before having a confrontation with annoying little shitheads in the park – you may remember that story. And – we have opened a business which requires me to sit around most of the time – I earn our living either working on the computer or selling things from our shop. It was funny – in this past year when I would start an excercise routine or a change of diet – something would come along and siderail it – I suppose that’s normal when you have a wife and young child – but it wasn’t just that – I was on a nice running regimen and injured my ankle – that healed and I began a morning run on the beach (which I had to drive to) where the sand was mellower on my ankles and knees and then our car died (and we didn’t have the cashola to fix it). I started waking up early to do yoga but the earlier I woke up the earlier my daughter woke up and she wouldn’t let me do the downward dog (or anythng else). I know excuses – the currency of fat people, the lament of the obese.

So there it is – I became fat because I became undisciplined in my portions, diet, and excercise. Time for a reset. My reset is a 10-day master cleanse lemonade detox diet.

I’m on Day 6 right now. I’ve done the master cleanse several times before – the first time it was perhaps the hardest thing I’d ever done. For those who don’t know here is the skinny on this –

Over the course of 10 days you eat no food. You can drink as much water as you want and have approx 6 cups of lemonade made with 2 tbsp fresh organic lemon juice, 2 tbsp organic grade B maples syrup, 1/10th tsp of cayenne pepper, and pure water. So, I haven’t eaten in six days.

The second time I did the master cleanse I was in University working on a heavy course load and I have to admit – when I’m fasting I have a much higher level of clarity than when I am not. That fast was difficult but not as hard as the first time. I lived alone and was single and emptied my cupboards and fridge before I did the fast. That was back in 2008.

I’ve tried a couple of master cleanse fasts since then – but living abroad I had a hard time finding maple syrup of the right quality – shortly after moving to the USA I attempted a master cleanse and failed – it just wasn’t going to happen – my wife and I were both going through our own versions of culture shock and my head just couldn’t stick with it.

This time though – the house is full of food, my wife and daughter are eating their meals, and here’s the thing – I haven’t eaten in six days but for some reason this is easy. I wonder if my body is just feeding on my blubber and that’s why I don’t feel sharp hunger pains, psychologically it’s easy too – maybe because of that visit to the doctor, that moment of realizing I had just crossed the line into the land of my countrymen, the nation of the obese. I don’t know.

I do know that this is my reset button. At the end of this fast I will no longer be obese (actually, even as I write this I’ve gone back to not obese – I’ve lost over ten pounds in six days) but as with all crash diets – that weight will easily come back if I don’t change the way I do things. So, I’m going to change a few things…

After this master cleanse I am going to regulate my portions more closely, I will avoid sweets and processed foods (most of the time), and most importantly I am going to make excercise an essential on a daily basis. I want to feel good and to live an enjoyable life – that’s hard enough to do without being obese. Don’t you think?

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Ebola in the USA – Promotional Stunt for The Walking Dead or Proletariat Genocide?

It’s like the plot of some badly written hollywood horror flick – a man tries to get a pregnant woman with Ebola into a hospital only to have her sent back home – where she dies. Then he gets on a plane, flies to the capital of the European Union and then takes a plane to the USA – but wanting to make sure even more passengers going to diverse locations are infected – he takes a second plane to Dallas, Texas.

Once in the USA, he hugs and kisses his girlfriend’s five kids – who go to four different low income schools in the Dallas Area – and then proceeds to get really sick and vomit and bleed in the low income, overcrowded apartments he is staying in – a neighbor takes him to the hospital – and in a quirky twist of fate – he is turned away and sent back home by taxi cab – where he continues to expose people for two more days by visiting shopping malls, pharmacies, and fast food restaurants. When news gets out – the hospital says “Yeah, we’ve got it covered” and put him in an improvised safe unit – while telling the poor people back at the apartment complex to hang tough and stay indoors… – yeah, that’s been working in Liberia and Sierra Leone too.

It’s like the badly written plot of some horror flick – but, actually – it’s real. And who knows what plot twists have been left out – with an incubation period of 2-24 days – we can wait and see…meanwhile, it seems like maybe the Unabomber’s idea of the Bourgouisie playing a genocidal trick on the old proles might be in the works – let’s face it – the rich don’t need all of us, only enough to mow their lawns, fly their planes, and grow and cook their food and again – let’s face it – that doesn’t take 8 billion. Imagine a country of 5 million people all serving their uber-rich overlords – it’s not hard to see how it makes sense.

Me? I’m hanging tight for the next month and seeing where the next case of Ebola crops up – my money is on either Chicago, Detroit, or New Orleans but I won’t count out LA, San Francisco, Seattle, or New York either –

In the meantime – I’m going to be eating a lot of curry and garlic – you never know – it might help.

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WTF America? Health care and Hip Replacement

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and mentioned how I’ve signed up for Obamacare twice but am still not in the system.  I admit it, I was complaining a bit about the high cost of insurance premiums for a young family like mine – we are young, we don’t go to the doctor very often, and when we do – we usually make it the last resort.

The cost of health insurance premiums come out to about 2/3 of our monthly rent – and then it’s a $5000 deductible which means that all of our normal doctor visits – we’re paying for out of pocket anyway.

My friend lives in California. “Why don’t you get on MediCal?” she asked me. I explained that it was Medicaid in Oregon and that I earned too much to qualify but not enough to be able to afford Obamacare. “That’s weird” she said. “My coworker earns $90k per year and she’s on MediCal.” My jaw dropped. That’s part of the fucking problem. Right there.

I’m lucky if I earn $40k per year and it’s more likely to be $25k most years. That’s the life of a self-employed writer. So, maybe I would qualify – but really? Do I have to go show how poor I am to the state in order to get healthcare coverage for my family? I have to jump through hoops showing I’m unemployed or be able to show I don’t earn enough? I have to put myself in the system because otherwise the system doesn’t believe me? This Obamacare is among the worst legislation the US has ever produced.

My mom got her hip replaced yesterday. She’s a senior so she’s covered by Medicare – thankfully, because a hip replacement in the USA costs over $40k, which is more than the equity they have in their house.  A hip replacement in China or Spain would cost you about $7k out of pocket. In Thailand or the Philippines it would cost you about half that. I saw a graphic here that broke that down…you could buy a ticket to Spain, get your hip replaced, live in a nice apartment in Spain for two years, learn Spanish, run with the bulls, break your other hip, get it replaced and then fly home and still have money in your pocket for the same cost. What the hell is going on? Here is a pretty good video about why our healthcare here costs so much…

Yeah. There’s part of the problem. Here is another part of the problem:

And guess what? That’s not it. That’s not the end of it. But there is more later…there is always more.

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5 easy steps to feeling good

How do you feel? Are you mentally exhausted? Physically beat up? Emotionally traumatized? Try following these five easy steps to feeling better. They work. As the alcoholics like to say about their program, it works if you work it. But this program isn’t nearly as difficult as their twelve steps.

1) Take a break. Right now. If you are reading this, you have the ability to take a break. Get up and go someplace where no one will bother you. Go in the bathroom, lock yourself in your room, hide under the house, go to the mall, or go someplace where there are loads of people that don’t know you. Get yourself something to drink (like water or coffee) and just sit for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Don’t do anything else. No crosswords, shut off your phone, don’t read the paper. Just sit and enjoy your beverage. Watch the people, watch the ants, look around, look at the sky, don’t talk, don’t work, don’t do anything. Take a break. Five minutes is enough and 10 hours is not too much.

2) Do something nice for someone you don’t know. Anything. Buy some flowers and give them to an old lady you see on the street. Give some change to a musician on the street. Help someone that you come across that could use a hand. Don’t ask for anything, don’t expect anything, and when you are done, get out of there.

3) Stretch. No excuses. Just do it. Bend down, touch your toes. Reach your hands up over your head. Do any stretches you know. You don’t have to break a sweat. Just stretch.

4) Throw out some old piece of clothing. Find something you don’t like and throw it away. Just one thing. Maybe it’s too small, maybe it’s too big. Maybe your ex gave it to you. Maybe your mom gave it to you. Just find some piece of clothing you don’t like and throw it out. Trash it. Not the good will, not a thrift shop. The garbage. Get rid of it. You can throw out more if you want to or take the rest to the mission, but this one goes straight into the garbage.

5) Skip a meal. Just one. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just don’t eat anything for one period and pay attention to how it feels. Then when the next mealtime comes, eat something you really like. Make it a small portion of something delicious and special that you eat very slowly. Savor each bite. Make it special.

These are just a couple of very easy things you can do to feel good. They don’t take any special effort. All there is to it, is to do it.

If you would like to know more like this, why not pick up a copy of my feel good books.

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The Importance of Hot and Cold in Healing



In China, healers have used the concept of yin and yang to aid in diagnosis and healing for centuries. The Yin-Yang is symbol of harmonious balance between opposites. This balance of opposites is represented by the familiar Tai-Chi (grand-ultimate) which demonstrates the perfection of the whole. In healing, Yin is associated with internal “cold” and decreased function while Yang is associated with external “heat” and increased function. Symptoms of “cold” or external symptoms include: headaches, inability to perspire, and a coated tongue. Symptoms of inner coldness consist of : absence of thirst, vomiting, and diarrhea. For inner “heat” thirst and exhaustion are the indicators. Outer “heat” makes itself known through fevers and rashes .(Palos[1963 p93-95]). When an individual has too much “heat” or “cold” illness results.

Chinese culture is not alone in considering the roles of hot and cold in disease. The roles of hot and cold are considered in healing and in medicine throughout the world. Native American Shamans, biomedical doctors, and traditional Chinese healers all recognize and use the properties of hot and cold to promote wellness. They do not, however, use them or perceive them in the same way.

Healing does not conform to one model in native cultures. There are some practices, however, that occur in a majority of healing traditions. These practices have been generically categorized under Shamanism. It is generally believed in many Native American cultures that disease has its origins in and gains meaning from the spirit world, consequently much Shamanic healing is to preserve and nurture the soul. Shamanism conceives of illness as something that exists apart from the body. In most cases illness enters the body through a loss of personal power. Illness disrupts the balance of the body. Many Shamans use intensive temperature conditions to maintain and restore the body’s natural balance.(Achterberg 1987[pp103-123])

Healing based on the biomedical model is similar to Shamanism in many respects, among these: viewing illness as being primarily based on external causes – viruses, bacteria, etc.; using extreme temperatures to attempt to free the body of an external “enemy/disease”. In recent years biomedical science has discovered components to high and low body temperatures that liberate and protect the body so that it can function in a healthy state. Even the term “cold” has its roots in the body having an ideal balance of heat and cold.

In the biomedical worldview treatments which once would have been considered barbaric, backward, even dangerous are now being tested and used to cure some of the most complex diseases successfully. Some of these include the inhibition of cancerous tumors through raising core body temperature(Achterberg 1987[pp113], raising the temperature of the blood to 112 degrees has successfully pushed fully developed AIDS into remission (Rosen 1994[pp79-80], and operating rooms find that patients who are warmed during surgery recover nearly twice as fast as patients who are not heated (Discover v17 Nov 1996[pp26]).

The use of cold in biomedical healing is also becoming more common. Doctors have found that focusing intense bursts of cold on babies who are born premature, reverses the loss of vision caused by being kept in an oxygen tent (Science News Apr 1996[pp44]). Cryogenics (the deep freezing of bodies or parts of bodies) is giving doctors the time they need to save more lives than ever before.

Traditional Chinese medicine is enjoying a revival as practices once condemned by the biomedical establishment are validated and utilized with results. Often the concept is similar to a biomedical one, but the practice is culturally unacceptable. Moxibustion which provides direct heat to specific points through burning cones or satchels of herbs on the patient. Modern Chinese healers find that merely warming serves the purpose just as well as actual burning of herbal sachets. This is much more acceptable to the “western mind”. In concept moxibustion is very similar to using a heating pad on a sore muscle, only it acknowledges that certain points on the body affect different organs and areas.

In diagnosing the sick, the Chinese healer determines whether the symptoms fall into the hot/cold and internal/external categories. Certain organs are known to be Yin(cold) or Yang(hot). Based on the principle of balance the healer proscribes treatment accordingly. It is possible to have hot internal symptoms, cold external symptoms, or a mixture of any. The healer must be familiar with hundreds of combinations in order to diagnose many illnesses.(Palos 1963 [p94]).

Shamans often use sweat lodges in order to achieve an altered state of consciousness which allows the healer or, in some cases, the person being healed to confront the force which is causing the illness in the spirit world. It is interesting to note that increased temperature has been found to reflect the body’s natural reaction to toxins in biomedical research. Even the term Shaman comes from the Vedic word Sram which means “to heat oneself”.

It is natural that hot and cold should be used in healing traditions throughout the world because temperature is one of the bodies most powerful voices the body has to tell people when something is wrong. It makes sense that temperature can play a part in the healing of the body. These are only a few practices of a few cultures which use “hot” and “cold”. There are many more which I have not touched on today.

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