Buffalo Robe Purported to Have Been Killed by Yellowstone Victor Grant Smith

This beautiful large buffalo robe was purported to have been one of those killed by Victor Grant Smith, the famous champion Buffalo Hunter. Smith was one of those characters who seems to have been written for the old west.


First a trapper and then a pony express rider, a great buffalo hunter, and even has been rumored to have traveled and performed with Buffalo Bill in his Wild West Show. One thing is certain, he was a great storyteller and was a frequent speaker at the Bizarrities shows in San Francisco in the late 1800s. This magnificent large buffalo hide is said to have come from him. It wouldn’t be surprising if it did since in 1881-1882 he killed more than 107 bison in a single hour! Smith killed over 5000 bison in a winter in Montana and when they were nearly extinct, he expressed his remorse saying “I wish my aim hadn’t a been so good.”

Pictures of the Buffalo Robe Coming Soon.