This Brave New World

I’m happy that the world is getting safer for people who are not in power positions. I’m glad that the people who have been abused – whether sexually, intellectually, or physically can now come forward and not fear reprisal.

I do wonder, however, whether we have entered a new era where guilt is presumed and a court of law is no longer needed. The instant media makes it possible for a lone quiet voice to be picked up and amplified – and more voices can be added until the accused no longer has any sort of presumption of innocence. It seems that those in a power position are given the least liklihood of actually being innocent of their charges…which is probably as it should be – the exception being the President of the United States – who despite multiple accusers appears to still be gathering more power.

The President aside – the accusers of others are given full throat and no proof really needs to be presented in order to destroy a career, a body of work, or previous accomplishments. I am happy that the accusers, many of whom or even most of whom are undoubtedly actual victims, are able to come forward and to voice their injuries. I do wonder, however, whether we are crossing a threshhold which is perhaps more dangerous to society as a whole.

I’m no fan of our human society nor the capitalistic machinations of our leaders. I’m no fan of the powerful exploiting the weak. If this is the needle which will cause the collapse of the haystack then bring on the accusations and throw them where you may, however, it might be a good time to take a deep breath and consider the implications of what we are doing. It is only a matter of time before a false accusation ruins an innocent person – thus far, that doesn’t seem to be the case, but certainly it is coming and my hunch is that in our enthusiasm to destroy the powerbrokers who have exploited the weak we will perhaps have a tendency to ignore the mistakes or lies in our mad rush towards this brave new world.