Birth of a Djinn

Once upon a time a magical being was born into a human body. Like all humans his soul was magical while his human body was not but unlike most humans, his ability to use his magic was not forgotten. Sometimes this caused problems, as he was unaware of his own magical nature and was subject to the same passions, desires, selfishness, and dilemmas as all other humans. The thing with crossing the boundaries between worlds of magic and this world is that one thing can never cross between the two and that is the memory of anything connected to the magical world.

In this reality, magical beings, or as they like to be called djinn come again and again in order to learn the lessons of suffering, the lessons of the flesh, and the true meaning of existence.

It is important to note, that some djinn choose to be born into this world of pain over and over while others choose to ignore that aspect of their nature. The world of the djinn is a world of wondrous beauty unlike anything but the merest moments in this world. So you can see, a djinn has to have a very good reason for being born into this world. Most of them choose never to leave their magical land of milk and honey.

Our djinn’s reason for coming is unknown to us, just as it is unknown why any being would willingly choose to suffer the hardships of our world. It is only known that this djinn had made many trips to our world. He was searching for something very specific, but as we’ve said before, it was impossible for him to bring the knowledge of the djinn world across the boundary between worlds.

What we know of specific beings that cross into this world is scant. We only learn when that djinn manages to accomplish what it comes here for. Even then, it is subject to interpretation. An djinnnamed Siddhartha was born into many lives to discover boundless compassion. Another djinn named Christ was born to discover forgiveness. Another djinn named Mohammad was born to discover devotion. There have been many more djinn that are not known so well as these three. Our story revolves around one of these. 

Most people in this world are unaware of the signs that signal an experienced djinn being born. There are many physical characteristics that to a djinn would be as clear as the words on this page.  Our djinn was born with some of these signs. He was born with characteristics that were not usual among the newborn. His hair was thick and full. His teeth were already formed. He had the strength to move his head. Most importantly, his skull had already healed what is known as the soft spot. This is the spot on the head that allows a newborns cranium to fit through the vagina of its mother. It is also where the djinn typically flow in at the moment of birth

Our djinn didn’t have one of these. As a result, the birth was traumatic. Furthermore, the lack of a soft spot required surgery to make sure that the newborn’s head would develop normally. This required quite a bit of time in the hospital and as a result, his weary mother was relieved to find out that this child with fully formed teeth wouldn’t gnaw on her tender breasts.

Those who know such things say that each time an djinn visits this world, this world becomes more difficult for it. That is why many djinn choose to stay where things are much less complicated.