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Weekly News Update – July 5, 2020

Here’s my weekly Sunday Update for the week preceding July 5th, 2020.
The pace of important news has become so rapid that it’s difficult to keep track of events from day to day. The surreal changes of the world seem to have warped time itself – so if I missed anything essential – please let me know.
Pandemic – Global
Total cases: 11,464,471
Total deaths 535,013
32,476 newly dead, avg 4639 per day – this is down by about 300 per day.
Pandemic – USA
Total Cases: 2,954,999
Total Deaths: 132,387
4176 newly dead, avg 597 per day – this is also down by quite a bit from last week
Once again, these numbers are surprising to me. The number of deaths going down could be due to better treatment, bad reporting, or the virus actually killing less people who contract it. Reports came out last week that the virus has mutated and is 6-9 times more virulent than before. Multiple states are back in panic mode as hospitals are filling up and cases are rising far faster than expected. The USA is the big failure story in pandemic control. Re-opening the country too early was a huge mistake. Another month of lockdown wouldn’t have killed us – in fact, it might have been enough to quash this thing. No doubt we are testing far more people than before. In news, there was chaos again this week.
Economics: The stock markets continued to be held up by a combination of fairy tales and market manipulation. Tesla somehow became more valuable than Toyota and the tens of millions of unemployed continue to be ignored as the fed pumps out free money that must run out but first become increasingly worthless. A thought – if the value of companies haven’t changed but the value of dollars has – prices will inevitably change. More money means less valuable dollars which translates to companies being priced higher. Grocery prices have gone up quite a bit.
US Presidential Election, Protests, and Politics
Trump gave multiple dystopian 4th of July speeches at Mt. Rushmore and in DC. Kanye West has announced he will run for President – giving his MAGA hat, this is probably a Trump ploy to draw African American votes away from Biden. The Seattle Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was forcibly dispersed this week and the power of the protests has largely died down though Black Lives Matter has gained huge political power from it – so it does feel like change and representation have made giant steps forward. One sign of this was Trump’s 4th of July speeches which attacked the left as terrorists and nazis.
International News:
Hong Kong had it’s independence stripped away by a new Chinese security law this week. Putin made himself leader for life in Russia with a 16- year extension of his presidential term. Jeffrey Epstein’s British sex crime accomplice Ghislain Maxwell was arrested this week and has threatened to name names – one particular picture of her and predator Kevin Spacey sitting on the actual English thrones paints the picture of how this will roll out.
The Real Monarchs
Deep thought of the week from a British cop after pubs re-opened: “It’s crystal clear that drunk people can’t social distance” – anyone who has ever been a designated driver fending off “I love you man’s” can confirm this.
Most surreal moment of the week (aside from the throne picture mentioned above) was white protestors chanting go back to where you came from to Native Americans in front of Mt. Rushmore.

Happy? Independence? Well – at least it’s a day. July 4th, 2020

My suspicion is that this will be the last Independence Day we will see with the current United States of America.

There’s simply too much. Too much wealth disparity. Too much corruption. Too much greed. Too much misplaced value.

Not to mention everything else. I don’t need to spell it out for you. It’s already spelled out.

 Never Before Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment & Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Labor Department Nails It  

Trump is hosting another big social event during pandemic

Jeff Bezos is so rich he just set a new record

Turkey convicts human rights activists on terror charges

 How We Got Here: the Global Economy’s 75-Year Stumble to the Precipice

And it goes on and on…

Trump intends to stay in office regardless – here’s how.

Every year typically has a few defining moments, but the past six months have contained many world-changing, paradigm-shifting developments.

Good luck everyone. Happy 4th of July.


A Powerful Sense of Foreboding….

One can hope that it is only a by-product of our times – but this evening, I’ve been hit by an especially powerful sense of foreboding.

God preserve and protect you, innocents.

America Economics outbreaks

The Biggest Transfer of Wealth in World History Part 1

capitalism wage cutsThe stock market crash caused by the pandemic was the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. That wealth went exactly the oppossite of how most people (99.99%) should want it. It went directly from the bottom to the top.

As I write, Trump and the talking heads on economic television are crowing about the amazing economic recovery.  The stock market has pumped back up to levels where it was prior to the crash, the May jobs report just came out and blew everyone away by adding 2.5 million jobs instead of losing another 8 million.

I don’t know how to break it to you, so I’m just going to tell it like it is. This is all fuckery – or more accurately – trumpery. Websters Dictionary defined trumpery as 1) deceipt, fraud or 2) worthless stuff. That’s exactly what this is.

The 2.5 million jobs that came back were mostly leisure and hospitality – jobs in restaurants and hotels and bars – and they come back while a real unemployment rate of close to 20% still exists (the trumpery rate is 13% which is still an alarming rate). The jobs that ‘came back’ were almost completely temporary layoffs that were brought back from a near total lockdown mode to a gradual opening of the economy.

Those stock market gains? Who can afford to invest during a pandemic and economic collapse? The point-one-percenters, that’s who.  Who gains from the pandemic going away and the stock market rising? Trump. His campaign has been in tatters as people see the economy erode. This is trumpery in more than one way.

Covid-19 cases have been steadily rising since Memorial Day and the increase from the George Floyd protests aren’t even showing themselves yet. The moratoriums on mortgage and rent haven’t yet expired – that will be the end of July. And, do we even need to talk about the largest mass protests in U.S. history?

This ‘economic recovery’ is one of the biggest lies that has ever been told and here is what is going to happen – people are going to flood into the stock market trying to recover their losses (because most people suffered huge losses and couldn’t afford to speculate when society might be collapsing) and then – it’s going to happen again.

The political protests are going to hit critical masss.

Covid-19 cases are going to explode upwards and death tolls will begin rising again..

Evictions, foreclosures, and defaults are going to light up the night sky.

The markets are going to crash again as the smart money takes their insane profits and exits amidst the chaos.

This whole thing is an economic mass shooting. Not to mention, a deadly pandemic is about to hit us harder than ever – again. Get ready for the biggest transfer of wealth in history – part 2.

Best of luck out there.

America r(evolution)

The Military Insurrection Act of 1807 Has Been Activated

A major American city is on fire – pandemic is raging still – and the fiddler on the roof is fanning the flames instead of soothing frayed nerves.

We’ve always said that Trump doesn’t plan on stepping aside regardless of outcome in November’s election. First, we saw Jared Kushner’s trial balloon of putting off the election and now, we are seeing something else:

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255)[1] (until 2016, found at 10 US Code, Chapter 15, §§ 331–335, renumbered to 10 USC, Chapter 13, §§ 251–255) that governs the ability of the President of the United States to deploy military troops within the United States to put down lawlessness, insurrection, and rebellion.

Under this act, the President may deploy troops as a police force during a natural disaster, epidemic, serious public health emergency, terrorist attack, or other condition, when the President determines that the authorities of the state are incapable of maintaining public order.  Interestingly, action taken under the Insurrection Act, allows the President to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act – which limit’s the President’s ability to use Federal troops on U.S. soil.

The Posse Comitatus Act allows governors to deploy National Guard and keeps them under State control. The Insurrection Act is a very different story.

Be prepared to be occupied by the armed forces of the United States – in the United States.

Here are a couple of other articles that might be of interest to you:

Manifesto of a Cultural Terrorist by Oscar Wallace

Manifesto of Peopolism

America Books and Writers chris damitio

A Very Good Novel (Coronavirus) – New novel by Christopher Damitio

Christopher Damitio has completed his 50,000 word pandemic novel. It’s free and worth a read even though it was written in just 25 days. It’s a strange mixture of reality that we are all living and dark fantasy. If you want to escape from Coronavirus (and Trump) this is both the answer and not the answer.


America Economics outbreaks

People Seem Pretty Sure We’re Past the Worst of the Pandemic

I’m going to tell you now – what you are seeing is confirmation bias. People are seeing what they want to see, just like I saw that the economy would drop twice as hard as it did (so far).

I’m not sure what people are smoking, but it’s definitely some kind of hopium. Unemployment is as bad as during the Great Depression. There is no cure or vaccine for the virus yet. Life as we know it has changed forever.

Still, I have to give people credit for being so adaptable. I hope that I’m wrong and new waves of the virus don’t start murdering new masses of people. But even if we avoid that nightmare – we still have to deal with the fact that tourism and hospitality is on it’s knees and being kicked.

I’m not sure what would happen if the President or VP had the virus, but judging by Britain, as long as they survived it would be no big deal at this point.

As soon as governments allow it, there are going to be mass waves of evictions and foreclosures – not to mention bankruptcies by the basketful.

Maybe the USA will pull out of this tailspin, maybe the insanely resurgent economy will save us all – but I doubt it. I’ve been wrong before – and maybe I’ll be wrong on this. Still – it doesn’t feel like I’m wrong (but it wouldn’t would it? All the ‘plandemic’ nuts feel sure they are right and you probably feel like you are right too, regardless of your position on things).

Here’s what I see coming –

  • economy re-opens in May and June and people can’t help but start behaving as if the pandemic has been beaten – people can’t resist the summer travel season – everything feels like a comeback
  • waves of evictions and foreclosures in July begin – also people start wondering why their jobs haven’t come back and the prices of groceries are 4x what they were in January
  • August schools re-open – pandemic resurges bigger than before
  • stock markets and equities finally catch up with the real economic data and crash hard
  • bitcoin, gold, and silver all spike to levels that seem stupid to consider at the moment
  • Trump will try to postpone the election (if he survives getting virus which he either already has or will get soon)
  • Biden will hum-deedle-dee and haa-doodle-doo through the most muddled election in U.S. history
  • And a lot more bizarre shit too.
America Economics r(evolution)

Happy May Day. Workers of the World Unite!

Happy International Workers Day.
Today more than ever, the workers of the world need to unite. As billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk try to force their workers to return to factories despite the COVID-19 risks (and without additional pay or benefits) and as Donald Trump and Republican governors try to re-open their states and ‘send people back to work’ without understanding the risks, and as Wall Street bails itself out using money for small business and the US Congress chooses to bail out billionaires over working moms – all of these things should be revitalizing the labor movement. Today, we should be looking at the gross inequities that have made ‘essential workers’ some of the lowest paid with the least benefits while ‘non-essential workers’ have the cushion to sit out this crisis with no risk.
The capitalist USA political machine has always been scared of organized labor, they’ve always been scared of workers organizing, and they’ve always been scared of the workers controlling the means of production. They’ve labored such things as red, communist, socialist, or anti-American. The reason is capitalist class have always depended on the slave labor of the workers to make themselves rich. There has been a war against organized labor in this country for a long while and the capitalists are winning it even as 30 million US workers suddenly find themselves unemployed due to COVID-19..
Gone are the days when unions were controlled by the workers, gone are the days when there were calls for shorter work days, shorter work weeks, higher pay, better benefits, or lifetime security for loyal workers – instead we live in a country where companies are immortal and workers are hired as ‘contractors’ which is a fancy way of saying they have no job security and no benefits they don’t provide for themselves. Those contract workers, by the way, have been sidelined and for the most part have not received any sort of bailout or unemployment yet – although the government (to it’s credit) has set about creating a bailout for them – but most regular unemployed workers are either still waiting for unemployment or haven’t been able to log in to overwhelmed state systems.
In 1886, on May 4th, following organized labor activities and protests (on May 1st – the real labor day) which followed demands for an 8 hour workday – police killed several protestors and riots ensued – culminating in protestors bombing the police with dynamite and the police killing four more and then seven being sentenced to death for conspiracy. This, many say, is the origin of the world’s labor day on May 1st ( though actually, MayDay goes further back than that) – in a sense – one could argue that communism has it’s militant roots in this American event – thus is an American institution which has been villified and made to appear foreign and anti-American.
President Grover Cleveland feared that MayDay celebrations would be used to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre and celebrations were banned. After the Pullman Strike where Federal Marshalls and U.S. military killed workers demanding safer conditions, the government rushed to create a National ‘Labor’ Day – but designated it be in September to avoid remembrance of government brutality towards workers demanding better conditions and safer work environments. The choice of September 1st was blatantly political and championed by President Grover Cleveland to disempower nascent Communist, Anarchist, and Syndicalist movements which used MayDay as a rallying point to bring workers to a more empowered system.
The United States has defeated organized labor. They have villainized labor as mobsters, communists, and criminals. They have created a holiday that disempowers workers from solidarity with workers in other countries, and they have impovershed workers to the point where we are working longer hours, getting less benefits, and earning less money or we are not working at all. There is no need to outlaw labor organizations because they are already frequently working against labor.
Congratulations America. Happy May Day.
America Economics r(evolution)

The most brutal visual of wealth shown to scale

You (and everyone) need to look at this and scroll through the whole thing – it will take you 10-15 minutes, but it may be the best chance to ever understand just how obscene the inequality of wealth really is.


American War Casualty Numbers vs. American COVID-19 Casualites (Coronavirus)

Update 6/14/2020 – American deaths from Covid-19 now exceed the number of American dead from World War I. I’m grateful that took longer than expected – a month and two weeks for the number of American dead from this disease to double. Four months of Covid-19 has killed as many Americans as four years of global war. Thankfully we are nowhere near the total number of dead globally from WWI – which is right around 40 million – Covid has killed slightly less than a half million people world-wide. A huge and heartbreaking number, but nothing like 40 million. Thank God.
Update 4/28/20 – American deaths from Covid-19 surpassed American casualties in the Vietnam War today. Over 1 million cases in the USA – Trump continues to treat it like it’s no big deal and the stock market follows suit. Trump and his followers want people back to work, no matter the cost in lives and heartache. It took longer to reach this milestone than I would have expected – 22,000 in 11 days. That 2000 per day average is a troublesome number – it really should be going up or down – not hovering. Hopefully it will start to drop dramatically soon – but that seems as unlikely as the Stockmarket continuing to go up.
Update 4/17/20 – American deaths from Covid-19 now outnumber American deaths in the Korean War. Covid-19 is now the second leading cause of death in the USA and will probably pass cancer before the weekend is over.
Update 4/15/20 – We have now passed the death tolls for the War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War.  These are not happy numbers. My estimate is that we will achieve parity with casualities from WWI by May 5th.
April 6, 2020: We’ve exceeded September 11th and all the wars since Vietnam including Iraq, Afghanistan, Gulf War, Bosnia, Somalia and everything else. Next stop is the War of 1812 followed by the American Revolution. Let’s hope we don’t start reaching the Korean War and Vietnam because WWI levels are right around the corner. God help us all if we get to the levels of WWII and the American Civil War. 
For those saying that the number of deaths in America from COVID-19 aren’t staggering – a bit of history on American casualties:
* 2977 deaths in the September 11th attacks
* 7702 casualties for every war or military action since Vietnam combined.
* 10,986 is the death toll in the US for COVID-19 deaths (4/6 at 6pm HST)
* War of 1812 ~15,000 Casualties
* American Revolution ~25,000 Casualties
* 36,516 Korean War casualties
* 58,209 Vietnam War Casualties
* 116,516 WWI Casualties
* 405,399 WWII Casualties
* ~650,000 American Civil War (both sides)
Don’t believe anyone who says this isn’t serious. It’s deadly serious.