Anonymity on Google+

On Google+ Anonymity

Personally, I’d like to see Google continue enforcing it’s policy on non anonymity. If people want to use nicknames or pseudonyms, they should have to be verified as belonging to a real person who is accountable for what they say.

I know, the arguments that political radicals, whistleblowers, and LGBT who want to post important things anonymously are then wiped out of google+. That doesn’t mean they are wiped off of Twitter, or blogs, or anything else which can then be shared via Google+ by a real person.

Frankly, I think real people are less likely to spam, send virus links, or engage in being trolls, goblins, or other ghoulish behavior. It will also keep 50 year old men from pretending they are 16 year old girls or boys, 14 year old girls from pretending they are 50 year old men, and actors from pretending to be something dramatic when they are really just actors.

I know, freedom of expression and all of that, but frankly, this isn’t the only place you have to go and since for me, this is becoming a place where I talk to people and get to know people – it would be nice to know that the people I think I’m talking to really are those people.

In general, I don’t like talking to people in masks, but if google wants to create one ‘Halloween’ day a year where we all get to pretend we aren’t who we are, I won’t have any complaints about that.

It’s my opinion…and you can be sure of that…since I’m really me.