American War Casualty Numbers vs. American COVID-19 Casualites (Coronavirus)

(This post first posted on April 6th 2020)

Update 12/11/20 –  As of Friday morning, the U.S. has recorded 292,747 deaths from COVID-19. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the number of U.S. combat deaths in the Second World War was 291,557. Thankfully we haven’t reached the total number of dead Americans in WWII yet, but we certainly will. It’s hard to believe, but back when I started this grisly list, the idea of exceeding 9-11 casualties was insane…now we exceed that daily and still growing.Projections are that we will reach Civil War level of casualties by March at which point, I guess I’ll start comparing numbers added together – for instance….at the moment with 291,557 casualties…we’ve exceeded the 272,906 casualties that resulted from (Vietnam + WWI + the American Revolution + War of 1812 + Korean War + 9-11 and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…) in other words all American wars excluding the Civil War and WWII.

Update 6/14/2020 – American deaths from Covid-19 now exceed the number of American dead from World War I. I’m grateful that took longer than expected – a month and two weeks for the number of American dead from this disease to double. Four months of Covid-19 has killed as many Americans as four years of global war. Thankfully we are nowhere near the total number of dead globally from WWI – which is right around 40 million – Covid has killed slightly less than a half million people world-wide. A huge and heartbreaking number, but nothing like 40 million. Thank God.

Update 4/28/20 – American deaths from Covid-19 surpassed American casualties in the Vietnam War today. Over 1 million cases in the USA – Trump continues to treat it like it’s no big deal and the stock market follows suit. Trump and his followers want people back to work, no matter the cost in lives and heartache. It took longer to reach this milestone than I would have expected – 22,000 in 11 days. That 2000 per day average is a troublesome number – it really should be going up or down – not hovering. Hopefully it will start to drop dramatically soon – but that seems as unlikely as the Stockmarket continuing to go up.

Update 4/17/20 – American deaths from Covid-19 now outnumber American deaths in the Korean War. Covid-19 is now the second leading cause of death in the USA and will probably pass cancer before the weekend is over.

Update 4/15/20 – We have now passed the death tolls for the War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War.  These are not happy numbers. My estimate is that we will achieve parity with casualities from WWI by May 5th.

April 6, 2020: We’ve exceeded September 11th and all the wars since Vietnam including Iraq, Afghanistan, Gulf War, Bosnia, Somalia and everything else. 

Next stop is the War of 1812 followed by the American Revolution. Let’s hope we don’t start reaching the Korean War and Vietnam because WWI levels are right around the corner. God help us all if we get to the levels of WWII and the American Civil War. 

For those saying that the number of deaths in America from COVID-19 aren’t staggering – a bit of history on American casualties:

* 2977 deaths in the September 11th attacks

* 7702 casualties for every war or military action since Vietnam combined.

* War of 1812 ~15,000 Casualties

* American Revolution ~25,000 Casualties

* 36,516 Korean War casualties

* 58,209 Vietnam War Casualties

* 116,516 WWI Casualties

* 405,399 WWII Casualties

* ~650,000 American Civil War (both sides)

Don’t believe anyone who says this isn’t serious. It’s deadly serious.