Amazon filled with scams? Another Craigslist?

A lot of users in the US have been complaining about scams on craigslist but it seems that Amazon may have some scams and that’s a huge concern for us.
This weekend, I was looking for a brand new tv (Samsung 55″ LED tv) and I found a tv that was available for a cheaper price from a new seller. Price was at $1,100 vs. $1,600. Seller mentioned that he just opened the box and the tv was brand new. He also asked me to send him an email. Then, he replied to my email asking me for my contact details (this is where I feel that this is a potential scam). I replied back with my contact details and he sent me an email with an invoice from Amazon Payments and ask for a payment in cash through Money Gram (ok now we are sure this is a scam).
Where it gets concerning is that I talked to customer care at Amazon they did not seem to care about it. I asked them specifically if it was a scam or not after I sent them all the details and they had no idea. They were not able to tell me whether Amazon Payments was legitimate or not.
I guess from now on I will have careful look on sellers on Amazon considering that Amazon does not seem to know about potential scams on their platform…