About Antichrist 2020

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This is not a campaign website. Antichrist 2020 is a site built with the hope of helping people see the truth in front of them. We, personally, do not believe in the devil, the antichrist, the second coming of Jesus, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other religion. We do believe that there is some seriously ugly manipulation going on in the world and we don’t mind pointing our raised middle finger at the culprits.

Ultimately, this is one man’s blog covering more than 25 years that has gone through many different names and domains – but there is a very strong thread of anti-authoritarianism, a desire for a true human utopia, and ultimately a love of the things that we humans are best at and an undeniable but unfortunate amusement at the worst of what we do.

Humans are awful…but they are also amazing and wonderful. I’m human and presumably, so are you – but there is a small chance that you are machine, alien, or other – and if that is the case – I’m amazed and honored to be read by you.

If you want to make donations or support this site and what it is and does – I encourage that.

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