ABC News: TomKat Expecting TomKitten

( I was reading Esquire earlier and there was an article that argued that no one believes that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are actually in love. Guess what? I do. I don’t think it was a publicity stunt, I don’t think the church of Scientology engineered the romance to get media attention, I think Tom Cruise was sincere when he was jumping around like a gibbon on Oprah. Apparently, a lot of Hollywood thinks Tom Cruise is gay. He might be, but I think if he is, he is a gay man that is in love with a young and beautiful woman. I know, this isn’t the kind of thing you expect from the chairman of the fukn board, you perhaps, didn’t know that I am a sappy romantic. Well, I am. And I believe in Tom and Katies romance. I believe in true love. I’m just a sucker that way…cd)
Oct. 6, 2005 — The love affair between megastars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been fast and furious, and now Tom’s sister, Lee Anne DeVette, has told ABC News that the 26-year-old Holmes is expecting the couple’s first child.
Holmes is feeling great, according to People magazine, which broke the story. and Holmes expecting…