ABC- Facebook Debates

I watched the entire shebang last night. Republicans and democrats. Here’s my simple analysis.
Republican debates- Giuliani has been campaigning less and seems to be aligning himself with John McCain. Look for a McCain Giuliani ticket on the Republican side. Best moment of the debate that seems to have gone largely unnoticed was when Romney was talking about Mandates and Fred Thompson with a very southern smirk said ” Oh, you like Man Dates?” To anyone who has ever lived in the South, it was an unmistakable potshot calling Romney a homosexual. I laughed my ass off just becaushe Thompson’s delivery was so perfect. Huckabee looked good as he usually does, his policies are scary but his manner is great. Ron Paul came off looking like a reactionary kook, which he really probably is. However, he did get to make a great point about how the price of oil has not changed in relation to the price of gold thus demonstrating that inflation is real and largely not talked about. In my opinion, the debate goes to McCain.
Republican and Democrat meetup midway. – No one wanted to associate with Ron Paul or Bill Richardson and the two eneded up talking to each other off to the left. McCain and Edwards shared a genuinely warm embrace and Clinton and McCain a slightly less so one. Huckabee tried to be friendly but it looked like none of the Dems wanted to actually be touched by him or Romney, I can’t blame them.
Democratic Debate- I hate to look at or hear Bill Richardson. He may be a brilliant man or not, but either way, I’m tired of the 25 words he seems to speak. Time to quit Bill, maybe if you are lucky you will get the energy secretary job again. Obama looked tired. All three of them did. Clinton was solid in demonstrating that she has a plan, she knows how things work, she is an agent of change, and that a woman in the white house is a bigger change than any other. She held a bit of an olive branch out to Edwards and was met by a tag team attack from Edwards and Obama. Frankly, I thought Obama came off looking rather small in his answers and his reactions. The debate, in my opinion, goes to Edwards. He is a stand up guy. His passion for the middle class, his lifelong fight against corporate interests, and his integrity shone through everything else. By siding with Obama, I think he has painted himself as a youth oriented agent of change. I think it is highly likely that Edwards will take New Hampshire. I hope so. I would love to see an Edwards/Obama ticket.
So, what am I hoping for based on the debates and events? A three party race between:
McCain and Giuliani
Edwards and Obama
Nader and Kucinich.
If that happens…I’m going to have to think really hard before I vote.
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