A Modest Gun Proposal – Curing Gun-Disease

One can’t live surrounded by guns without becoming affected (infected) by them. My views on guns and gun control have changed since moving back to the USA and to Oregon in particular. I still believe a full gun ban would be the best course of action – I simply realize now, it’s not possible. We have a full fledged gun-disease.

Instead, I’ve come to believe that baby steps are a more realistic approach.

1) Ban the sale of all new firearms in the USA. No new guns, no exceptions. We already have more than we have people.
2) Massive perpetual buyback programs offering above market rates for existing guns.
3) Create a controlled system of ammunition sales.

Yes, gun manufacturers would suffer but 1) I don’t care about Colt, Winchester, et al and 2) We banned DDT when we realized it was deadly, we should do the same with guns. Let the gun manufacturers focus on new products – it’s what other industries do when markets shift or disappear.

Mental health is an issue, though I feel like the gun proponents use it as a deflector issue to preserve existing gun laws. Here is a common sense solution – marijuana prohibition is ending – let’s make it official nationwide. Slap a federal tax on marijuana sales and use the revenue for 1) administration of sales 2) a massive increase in community mental health outreach and free resources.

We’ve banned ivory because it’s sale directly threatens elephants – we should take these modest steps towards healing our gun-disease because it directly threatens us and our children.