5 easy steps to feeling good

How do you feel? Are you mentally exhausted? Physically beat up? Emotionally traumatized? Try following these five easy steps to feeling better. They work. As the alcoholics like to say about their program, it works if you work it. But this program isn’t nearly as difficult as their twelve steps.

1) Take a break. Right now. If you are reading this, you have the ability to take a break. Get up and go someplace where no one will bother you. Go in the bathroom, lock yourself in your room, hide under the house, go to the mall, or go someplace where there are loads of people that don’t know you. Get yourself something to drink (like water or coffee) and just sit for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Don’t do anything else. No crosswords, shut off your phone, don’t read the paper. Just sit and enjoy your beverage. Watch the people, watch the ants, look around, look at the sky, don’t talk, don’t work, don’t do anything. Take a break. Five minutes is enough and 10 hours is not too much.

2) Do something nice for someone you don’t know. Anything. Buy some flowers and give them to an old lady you see on the street. Give some change to a musician on the street. Help someone that you come across that could use a hand. Don’t ask for anything, don’t expect anything, and when you are done, get out of there.

3) Stretch. No excuses. Just do it. Bend down, touch your toes. Reach your hands up over your head. Do any stretches you know. You don’t have to break a sweat. Just stretch.

4) Throw out some old piece of clothing. Find something you don’t like and throw it away. Just one thing. Maybe it’s too small, maybe it’s too big. Maybe your ex gave it to you. Maybe your mom gave it to you. Just find some piece of clothing you don’t like and throw it out. Trash it. Not the good will, not a thrift shop. The garbage. Get rid of it. You can throw out more if you want to or take the rest to the mission, but this one goes straight into the garbage.

5) Skip a meal. Just one. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just don’t eat anything for one period and pay attention to how it feels. Then when the next mealtime comes, eat something you really like. Make it a small portion of something delicious and special that you eat very slowly. Savor each bite. Make it special.

These are just a couple of very easy things you can do to feel good. They don’t take any special effort. All there is to it, is to do it.

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Vago Damitio