2020 and 2021 – Low Hopes, Lower Expectations

I have no idea what’s going to happen to the USA in the next couple of years.  My gut instinct tells me that there will be a massive financial meltdown similar to 2007-2008 and a political shit storm when Trump either wins or refuses to step down from the presidency.

I’m no fan of the liberal establishment but I’d much prefer to have them in power than the progressively worse fascist, false christian, racist, homophobe, woman haters on the other side of American politics. I’m not a fan of government being involved in every aspect of our lives as the Obama/Clinton left would build it but I’m less of a fan of everything being decided by billionaires and oligarchs and class structure being turned into a modern day Mitch McConnel/Donald Trump caste system with rich old white dudes having all the power and everyone else being told to serve or starve.

The one thing I’m pretty sure the future holds for Americans  is disappointment. All that credit is going to run out, the retirement system and social welfare systems will be gutted and collapse, and jobs are going to disappear – all while the oligarchs crow that the economy is better than ever and the stock markets are making new highs.

My liberal friends will be faced with four years of hoping to get rid of Donald Trump being dashed against the rocks. My conservative friends will suddenly realize they aren’t a part of the club they’ve been empowering. I don’t have any Trumper friends, but if I did, they would probably be disappointed to not be getting the reward they are expecting – whatever foul thing that might be – whether it is political opponents in jail, lynchings, unchecked tyranny, or civil war.

The bottom line is – unless you are a part of the .5% then you are probably going to get fucked and be disappointed over the next couple of years – but, on the brightside – the odds are in most of our favor to not be victims of a terrorist attack – whether from foreigners or disgruntled white dudes with 2nd amendment issues.


Good luck and good night America.