Predictions for 2020

Here are my predictions for 2020 – part fear, part hope, part visionary insight, part ridiculous

1) The economy will soar as Trump pulls out all the stops to give himself a huge re-election claim. 401ks will roar, records will be broken, regulations will be rolled back, hello Roaring 20s!
2) The biggest sector of the economy will be business services from banking to tech analytics. Start ups serving other start ups will be the vunderkind of the investor sector.
3) Andrew Yang will be one of the last Democrats standing but Bernie will get the nomination. His VP will be either Yang, Booker, or Warren.
4) In a surprise move Trump will fire Pence as his VP and take Tulsi Gabbard – the lone Democrat who did not vote to impeach him.
5) I’m predicting a US Presidential Race no one else sees coming Trump/Gabbard vs. Sanders/Yang – though ‘Sander’s Yang’ sounds like something only Bernie’s wife would want to see. Lol.
6) Sorry to say that Trump will win. He will cheat but he may not have to.
7) Trump will be impeached – again.
8) Climate disasters will rock the world.
9) A new form of ‘internet’ will appear – decentralized, non-commercial, free. My guess is that it will be based on radio and mesh-networks.
10) An animal will become a huge pop star
11) The race for Mars will kick off in a big way between China the USA
12) Antitrust against Amazon, Facebook, and Google – Amazon will break itself up by spinning AWS and possibly Prime Video as new companies.
13) Angry white guys will again kill people
14) The US surveillance state will kick into high gear with a sort of social capital system that claims to be free-er than the Chinese version
15) Bitcoin will soar to new highs and become a standard investment holding
16) A new sort of underground economy will start shaking things up.
I’m not going to predict any wars. Reality is stark enough without predicting new wars.

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Traditional Holidays are Dead

I’ve noticed this year that I have no holiday spirit left. Not just Christmas, but all the holidays.

Presidential birthdays – Shame on them all. No more presidents, please.

Valentines – I’ve been married 10 years and didn’t even like this holiday before I was married. Now, it’s just a game of gauging expectation and managing disappointment.

Labor Day and Memorial Day. The bookends of summer but labor has been gutted, we’ve all been turned into wage slaves, and the lives people gave in all the wars of the past led us to our current dystopia – and thus were wasted. Yes, I’m grateful that young men blindly give up their lives in the service of a greater good – but the old men calling the shots have completely fucked everyone but themselves.

4th of July. America is a holocaust of genocide, slavery, exploitation, and control systems. What is this independence they speak of and who is it for? I’m not so sure that independence from Britain should be celebrated.

Halloween – great, a holiday that allows pervs and creeps to wear masks and give candy to our kids. No thank you. Aside from selling candy, making the annual profit for the Tootsie Roll company, and selling expensive costumes – what is the purpose of this holiday again? Knocking on strangers doors and begging for candy. No thank you.

Thanksgiving.  My extended family is nothing to be thankful for.  Turkey dinner isn’t really all it is cracked up to be. I hate American football.  Stupid fucking parade.

Christmas. This holiday is all about selling shit. It starts early and it never ends. Expectation, disappointment, and memes that used to mean something when you couldn’t watch Christmas specials on demand and the networks set the holiday agenda.  This holiday has been ruined by Amazon, prime day, black Friday, and all the ‘holiday’ sweet coffees.

I used to like April fools but the pranks lost their charm. Am I missing any?

Columbus Day – fuck you.

New Years? Why the fuck is that even a holiday? Hooray, we followed the arbitrary numbering system our backwards ancestors created – now get back to work.  Drink and destroy your liver. Grope someone while you are drunk then get a divorce, a lawsuit, and a MeToo charge. Ditto for St. Patrick’s Day. I hate American football.

Maybe there are a couple of holidays that are still worthwhile.

Chinese New Year. Lion dances, fireworks on the ground, and great food.

MLK’s birthday? It’s good to remember the man and his mission. I’ve got nothing to say negative here.

Ramadan. I love it. 30 days of restricting your diet, being mindful, and eating with those you love.




2020 and 2021 – Low Hopes, Lower Expectations

I have no idea what’s going to happen to the USA in the next couple of years.  My gut instinct tells me that there will be a massive financial meltdown similar to 2007-2008 and a political shit storm when Trump either wins or refuses to step down from the presidency.

I’m no fan of the liberal establishment but I’d much prefer to have them in power than the progressively worse fascist, false christian, racist, homophobe, woman haters on the other side of American politics. I’m not a fan of government being involved in every aspect of our lives as the Obama/Clinton left would build it but I’m less of a fan of everything being decided by billionaires and oligarchs and class structure being turned into a modern day Mitch McConnel/Donald Trump caste system with rich old white dudes having all the power and everyone else being told to serve or starve.

The one thing I’m pretty sure the future holds for Americans  is disappointment. All that credit is going to run out, the retirement system and social welfare systems will be gutted and collapse, and jobs are going to disappear – all while the oligarchs crow that the economy is better than ever and the stock markets are making new highs.

My liberal friends will be faced with four years of hoping to get rid of Donald Trump being dashed against the rocks. My conservative friends will suddenly realize they aren’t a part of the club they’ve been empowering. I don’t have any Trumper friends, but if I did, they would probably be disappointed to not be getting the reward they are expecting – whatever foul thing that might be – whether it is political opponents in jail, lynchings, unchecked tyranny, or civil war.

The bottom line is – unless you are a part of the .5% then you are probably going to get fucked and be disappointed over the next couple of years – but, on the brightside – the odds are in most of our favor to not be victims of a terrorist attack – whether from foreigners or disgruntled white dudes with 2nd amendment issues.


Good luck and good night America.