It Might Be Time to Retire My Past

I know it’s not entirely possible in this day and age – the past follows you to the grave, but in my case, I can perhaps unpublish my blogs and books and clean the slate a little. It’s been a good run, but none of this stuff is making money and as time goes on, it is probably like wearing an albatross around my neck. I’m on the hunt for a platform to express myself – I’m pretty sure that the platforms I’ve been using these past two decades are no longer the ones I want to use. I’ve already said goodbye to Geocities and Yahoo Groups Lulu and Friendster and a hundred otgher forgotten and forgettable platforms. Now it is probably a good idea to say goodbye to WordPress, Facebook, Createspace, Twitter, and Google Plus – it’s a shame about Google Plus – it was and still is a better platform than the rest but its days are numbered. Yes, it’s going to be hard to give up the $48 dollars this site earns each year – but I think I will manage to get by. Will the world though?

Cheers. Merry Christmas. Probably not the last post, but we’re getting closer.

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Bitcoin – Get Rich or At Least Have Fun Watching the Ride

A few years ago – I set up a bitcoin wallet, but I didn’t really have $100 to spend on something that was probably going to be replaced by something else – I saw the value proposition of Bitcoin, but the interface and use was too clunky. I set up my antique shop to accept bitcoin but in 2013 – in a small coastal Oregon town – nobody was using Bitcoin, not even me. Ouch…

This morning I watched a screaming rally of Bitcoin from $16000 per coin to $19000 per coin. Yesterday, I watched it go from $12000 to $16000. In the past month, it’s gone from $5000 to $12000. This year it has gone from $1000 to the $19000+ I saw this morning. Yeah.

I was actually looking at bitcoin back when it was $13 per coin – I thought it was cool. At that point, $20 was a lot to me. That $20 would have been close to $60k this morning. You know, assuming that I sold it at the high before it dropped to $15k and now it is back to $17k.

Right now, looking at it – I can see that if I buy it at this price, I can possibly double or triple my money. Some people are saying that the bitcoin will ultimately be worth as much as $1 million dollars – and they aren’t crazy fringe people. So, can I really not afford the cost of a bitcoin? Actually, I can’t but a little itty bitty bit of a bitcoin? Like $100 worth? I can do that.

And, a more advanced coin, called Litecoin is no available – it’s faster, more agile for payments, and more secure.

In a few days, the news reports that mainstream futures exchanges are taking Bitcoin mainstream. Some people say that will make it boom further, others that it will cause it to bust. I don’t know.

I’ve bought my hundred dollars worth. It probably won’t make me rich – but stranger things have happened.
I bought at Coinbase Click the link and both you and I will get an extra $10 in bitcoin if you buy $100 worth. At coinbase you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium. Bitcoin is the rollercoaster right now.

Have fun. I hope you get super rich.


The Poor Door

Here in Honolulu, a developer is asking to be allowed to break the rules and build a bigger high rise. In return, the developer needs to create a number of affordable units. The developer, agreed to that on condition that the affordable units don’t get access to the higher income amenities like the pool, the garden, the clubhouse – and they have to go into the building in separate doors and use separate elevators. The local media here has called it “the poor door’.

I’m sorry, but it’s gone too far. Not the developer, but the whole fucking system. Babies don’t get to choose their parents and frankly – 99% of poor babies will be poor and 99% of rich babies will be rich and if I’m to say it with brevity, all I can say is this: it is wrong. All of it is wrong.

Land ownership, inheritance of power, massive fortunes, extreme wealth, extreme poverty, homelessness, and more. There are answers. There are ways to solve these problems. There are ways to deal with them all. We simply need to be willing to do so and willing to ignore those who tell us that they are not problems.