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We Should All Go Dark….

If there were a big button that would shut down the internet and cell phone connectivity and cable television – I would push it. The psychological damage of the past month (and not to mention of 2016) to the American people and to the world has been fucking gargantuan. Nobody is reporting on this, there is no way to measure it, but you can be sure it is true and the damage is real. The news cycle, non-stop coverage, and the blowing up of every event into a massive chicken little story of the sky falling – these things are destroying our psyches, we are in a perpetual state of alarm…think about it for a second…

North Korea nukes, White supremacist rallies, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, DACA, and the list goes on and on…

If you are like me (and there is a 99.9% chance that you are) there is absolutely nothing you can do about any of those things. Nothing. And even if there is something you can do – like activism – you would have been fine waiting a week to hear about any of those stories…instead they were shoved down our throats and blown up to be huge events when in fact, they were just everyday examples of humans being assholes or nature being nature. All this constant panic news is doing is making us crazy. The largest storm, the most expenve disaster, a cataclysmic apocalypse, yeah…none of that….just ratings hype bullshit. If the big storm does hit – I will do what I can to help – but not until the results are in. As for the missiles…unless I am already home and hear about it instantly – the 22 minute flight time won’t even be enough to pick my child up from school – so I might as well wait until the mushroom cloud is rising to freak out about it. There is nothing I can do. We should all become 12 steppers with our insane addiction to panic news…

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (like hurricanes, nuclear war, or ignorant hate filled assholes doing awful things).
God grant me the courage to change the things I can (like not cussing at someone when they cut me off or helping my child with her homework even if I am tired)
God grant me the wisdom to know the difference. ( and to turn off the news and stop being manipulated into an artificial state of panic)

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Man, I was at starbucks today and some guy who i know was there.
Instead of engaging in conversation, he read the newspaper. Man, what a big “fuck you” that was. He chose to fill his head with stress, (which is what the “news” is) than make an actual human connection. Chris, you’re right on it here buddy. Peace! P.s. – i lived in kaneohe for 3 months back in 1992. I went to hawaii pacific u. Island life as a poor student wasnt exactly my bag, and i split back to boston after 1 semester.

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