Using Missiles to Deflect Corruption

Here we go – stories about the Russian influence on the US Presidential Election and over the US President and his administration have grown in credibility and have recently reached the point where it is hard for even the administration’s supporters to continue to deny. What’s a billionaire-populist under attack to do when attacks on former Presidents and former presidential candidates aren’t working any longer? When even the power of a crazy sounding tweet is not drowning out the real sounding stories of a government sold to the highest bidder? What can possibly save a president with the lowest approval ratings ever, a buffoon who is even being called an idiot by the terrorists? When the sexy picture of his former model wife gets less attention than the former first lady with her hair in a headband, what to do? Oh, yeah, start a war. Attack a sovereign nation. Attack a sovereign nation where US troops are currently advising a ground war and where two of our most formidable adversaries are allied and have troops deployed…yeah, that should do the trick. Launch 50 cruise missiles…start a war. Watch how quick the networks build colorful breaking news banners and stop reporting on corruption, collusion with Russia, and the overall ineffectiveness of this administration…