The World Without Facebook

I am really surprised at how often in the 24 hours since I asked Facebook to delete my account that I’ve found myself looking at the computer screen and asking ‘What should I look at?”

Facebook was my go to place for killing time in front of the computer. Now, about 1/2 the time I shut the computer or just walk away from it, half of the remaining time I have been coming here and writing about things that I am thinking, and the remainder of the time I’m looking for someplace to go on the internet…

Twitter – I still can’t get into it.
Instagram – good for the phone
Ebay – that is work, not what I’m looking for – still good, but only takes up a couple of minutes to get through it
But this morning, I hit the motherload, an anonymous and collective shout out of those who are not posting anywhere else…the Rants and Raves section of Craigslist – and of course, like most of the commentosphere – it is dominated by half-literate Il Douche supporters who seem to spew out their vile hatred so that it can be heard by the world – my favorite part is the adopted convention of using the city/location field to make an aside to their headlines – like this one DENIAL (crazytown) or this one ‘Climate change predictions’ (Smart People Everywhere) or this one Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (So Unfair) or my favorite thus far the guy who writes (seriously folks) after his anti-science rant titles…

So, now I have a place to see ignorant opinions spewed to the common – the big question I have is what kind of audience do those posts get. I would love to see some demographics and statistics about the audience…