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Introduction to California – The Golden State – Sacramento and San Francisco

As a new immigrant to the USA and California, I want my wife to understand where we are and the history of this place. She’s never understood my love of bacon, sourdough bread, movies, aviation, and Mexican food – it’s all fairly understandable when you realize most of my childhood was in California gold country. Last night I forced her to watch this PBS documentary about the Gold Rush. Today, we went to the Sacramento History Museum and strolled through Old Town Sacramento. I think she might be starting to get it…

This is a spectacular documentary about the Gold Rush of 1848-1856, the largest mass migration in human history, and the birth of California as a part of the United States. Well worth the 2-hours to watch and if you’ve ever been to Sacramento or San Francisco, wondered how California stopped being Spanish and Mexican, or why there was a huge migration of Chinese to the USA during that time. This will answer the questions. Great history. Great documentary.

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HA! I told you how I was learning gold prospecting and you watched a documentary gold the gold rush last night! Awesome synchronicity. 😀

I used to do a little prospecting myself, John. I had a small sleuce box, several gold pans, and actually turned up some color now and then. Never any big hits for me, but I’m sure hoping you hit it. It’s out there, although it takes some patience now. The big lesson of that documentary is that the guy who sold shovels got rich but most of the prospectors went home broke!

on* not gold woops. Yeah I sure hope I find some gold too. Even if it’s not profitable it’s fun just getting out there in nature and enjoying the hunt. If you are interested in some first hand history prior to the gold rush I’d recommend reading two years before the mast. It’s written by Richard Henry Dana. He worked as a sailor on a merchant ship that went to california when it was mexico. The city and the harbor Dana Point is named after him. It’s a pretty good book, if you haven’t read it already 😛

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