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Get Yourself a Gun Son – Protest as Spectacle

I give this to you with no copyright and ask no one’s permission. Pure masturbatory spectacle. Think about it.

Get Yourself a Gun Son. Protest as Spectacle: a film and original song by Vago Damitio featuring the tip of his penis as itself.

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I wish I COULD go out on the boat! #1 I’d have to pay all fees to have title transfered and get it insured. #2 I don’t have a vehicle that can tow it! It’s very tempting to want to keep it, but I’ve been trying to keep ‘eyes on the prize’ and advertise it with an open title…. ready to go. I haven’t gotten any good offers yet. Just one guy with some power tools, and another with a trailer (like you transport a car with).
I seriously wish some of your Positive energy would rub off on me. I remember what an awesome human being I thought you were when we first were communicating, and I am, unfortunitly, surrounded by VERY negative, resentful people.

By the way…. even if I don’t leave a response on one of your articles, I’m still reading them. I just don’t always respond, because I’m so intimidated by your amazingly well-researched, brilliant writing that anything I add would amount to a cheerleader yelling “Way to go, team!!!” Do you mind if I “share” any on Facebook? More people should see what you are capable of.

As for me, I’m just the slowly plugging along Pirate trader artist from Georgia! haha!

Erin. I’m honored that you enjoy my writing and if you want to share it on facebook or anywhere else, you have my complete permission. Of course if you can link back to it here, that would be great. I’m very happy to be a positive influence in anyone’s life and I hope your perfect trade comes along matey!

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