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Lost Tribe of Isreal in Solomon Islands

Cargo cults, the Lost Tribe of Israel, and the Solomon Islands

This is the kind of story that totally fascinates me…the intersection of cargo cults, Jews for Jesus, Muslims that drink alcohol and eat pork, and legends of a huge hoard of gold…awesome…and real…not television…plus the Lost Tribe of Israel in the Solomon Islands

Mysterious Israelis are buying copra in the Solomon Islands and as Michael Field reports, the Islanders believe they are the Lost Tribe of Israel.

A couple of men, one wearing a flag of Israel, have shown up in the Solomon Islands, claiming they are ready to buy copra at high prices. They?ve headed off to remote and poor Malaita Island where indigenous Melanesian people believe they are survivors of the lost tribe of Israel.

Despite science and DNA testing, the Lost Tribe myth lives on strongly in the South Pacific. It?s more than a quaint story in the Solomons; north Malaita people have rejected recent Australian aid projects, saying they are too busy growing copra for Israel.

The Lost Tribe story has a long track record here with the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand noting missionary Samuel Marsden suggesting Maori had ?sprung from some dispersed Jews?. Thomas Kendall said Maori originated in Egypt.

Te Ua Haumene who founded the Paimarire Church or Hauhauism claimed that in September 1862 the Angel Gabriel had visited him and revealed that Maori were one of the Lost Tribes.

The Israeli connection is a problem in the Solomon Islands which was the scene of a civil war on its main island of Guadalcanal where locals objected to people from Malaita moving in. The war only ended with the arrival of a regional intervention force, including New Zealand police and soldiers.

One of the combatant units, the Malaita Eagle Force (MEF) featured the Israeli flag in their iconography. A governor-general of the Solomons even made an official visit to Israel.

The Solomon Islands has been populated for around 5000 years. The first European ashore was Spaniard Alvaro de Mendana in 1568 who believed it was the site of the Biblical King Solomon Mines.

Dr Jaap Timmer of the Dutch Leiden University describes on an anthropological web discussion list serve how he had experience with the Lost Tribe movement in the Solomons.

He says archaeological and other evidence does not sustain descent from Israel: ?However, I would not deny the parallels of Old Testament and Melanesian tribal cultures, which strike Melanesians very forcefully when they read the Bible.?

Growing numbers of evangelical Christians in North Malaita believe that the Lost Temple of Israel lies hidden at a shrine that was previously used for ancestral worship in the mountainous interior of their island.

Others want to build a full-scale replica of the temple believing it is pre-ordained for a country named the Solomon Islands.

The claim frustrates mainstream churches. “Missionary Christianity is often associated with the British colonial government, European superiority, and Western ways that are believed to have polluted social life and governance in Solomon Islands.”

The Temple claim also evokes traditional land disputes, with fears that the temple would attract Israeli tourists, prompting inter-tribal jealousy.

Two disputed temple sites exist on Malaita and Anglican Bishop Terry Brown on the island says one of them is tied up with a self-proclaimed prophet and failed politician, Michael Maeliau, who leads the “Deep Sea Canoe Movement”.

He has been to Israel a number of times and has links to American neo-Israel fundamentalist groups there. Deep Sea Canoe Movement talks of taking Christianity back to Israel.

Bishop Brown says that they are serious groups.

“They, indeed, often have legitimate grievances against both governments and the more established churches,” he says.

But people could not be totally uncritical, as the groups can be dangerous. Bishop Brown recalled that the Lord’s Resistance Army of Northern Uganda started out as one such neo-Israelite movement.

“The groups and beliefs are in constant mutation and fluctuation, interacting with traditional beliefs and practices,” he says.

Mixed in are various forms of Christianity, cargo cultism and land disputes. Movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Rastafarianism even have a play and Bishop Brown noted that a kind of Islam was even involved.

A group from the capital Honiara claiming to be Muslim recently arrived at Malaita?s Auki, saying they had come to burn down churches. They were arrested for making a public disturbance.

“The first generation of Malaita Muslims were conventional; the second generation (many ex-MEF militants) is syncretistic, giving up, for example, neither pork nor alcohol.

“Indeed, there is some question whether they are Muslims at all. One only hopes that the Middle East situation of Jew vs. Muslim does not resurface here as Malaita Israelite vs. Malaita Muslim.”

The Solomons is not alone with Lost Tribe members. Recently Papua New Guinea Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane launched a book, Bine Mene: Connecting the Hebrews, by geoscientist Samuel Were.

Local accounts say that the Bine tribe discovered they were Hebrew when translators arrived in the area in 1972 to produce a Bible in Bine language. As unsophisticated as it sounds, local people used footnotes for Hebrew words and meanings given in English matched with Bine. The story evolved into Bine being Lost Tribe.

PNG has had long experience with Jewish connections, mixed up with millenarian beliefs, along with ideas about the end of the world coming when all Jews return to Jerusalem. When a group of Israeli agricultural scientists visited PNG some years back, rumours swept the country that they had airline tickets to take all adherents back to Israel.

Geographer Dr Bryant Allen of the Australian National University described on the list serve how PNG?s Gogodala tribe were convinced they were Jewish. Dr Allen eventually did visit them and found it might all have been a colonial invention. Europeans had long commented on Papuans saying the looked ?Jewish? and in recent years Australian missionaries who successfully converted them to Christianity were given to remarking on their ?Jewishness?.

?The ideas of colonists were soon embraced and subordinated to local needs, narratives and objectives,? Dr Allen says.

The link can seem confusing. A Jews-for-Jesus missionary website magazine recounts the visit of Lawrence Hirsch of Chosen People Ministries? arriving at a wedding in PNG.

?When he landed at Wewak Airport, he was overwhelmed by the greeting he received from hundreds of people waving Israeli flags,? the magazine said.

A clan in Enga used to claim they were Israeli, although it seemed only to be a device with which they kept from paying regional tribal taxes. Oddly the first assault rifle that arrived in their Lai Valley was named “Israel”; when they obliterated their traditional feud partner’s market, everyone crowed “We are Israel! We destroyed them because we are without sin!”

Fiji has elements of Fijians-as-Israelites in its culture too with a popular myth ? often told to gullible tourists on the road between Nadi and Lautoka ? about a boat called Kaunitoni being the first to bring people ashore. It is said to have contained ancient Israelites who journeyed down to Lake Tanganyika and ? in an unexplained way ? ended up in Fiji.

The Latter Day Saints or Mormons taught for 175 years that Native Americans and Polynesians were descended from ancient seafaring Israelites. DNA research confirmed what anthropologists have been saying for nearly as many years, that Native Americans are originally from Siberia and Polynesians from Southeast Asia.

– Fairfax Media

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After going through the above article, I wish to make few comment. The above article mention a lot about this man Brown who was once regarded as the head of the church of melanesian in Malaita province. It seems like he was so frustrated and can’t hold back his bias critisim at the front of the educated sprouts of Malaita who knows their culture and their origin and they will not twisted away. His describtion of some of the respected leaders was uncalled for and deformating. anyway He was of another view. but if we give this issue(Malaitan Jew) to be reached by anothropologists and achaelogist we’ll get a balance view of it. I have gone through a lot of written books by spinish and Americans who still of the view that, somehow, somewhere back in history that the Jewish people must have been to Malaita.whether they populate the land and their offspring was the current inhabitants was still a question. But you can find even now that the material remain of the culture(malaita) has a lot to do with this myths..up on mountain heights of Malaita you see engraves hebrew writing on rocks.their acts of worship was just the same, they migration links, GNA test was already conducted on few malaita, I read a book written by a lingustic from America who fought in the Solomons during the ww11 describing and explaining the lingustic link with hebrew writing and most of the current language spoken by malaitans.
That is why I said, it is not right to make conclusive statement about such myths…give them to those who can done a proper research on it.

The one who comment on the issue seemed to be one of the latest or oldest fool on malaita,how come you claimed that such is the truth,this cult…mentally-ill,self-claimed,and useless,most people who believe on such are from the SSEC church which their pastors preached wrong teachings all the time.

noting like that on this earth,should …..ANINGAE noma every one in North malaita.
Israel didnot even knew them.


Yes, according to oral Gogodala history, their ancestors originated from the Middle East, got on a vessel called Suliki Gawa and travelled to a place only known as DOGONO. It is said that, the vessel did not have sails or oars to roy, however was propelled by a force coming out of a box at the stern of the vessel. The truth of the claims by the Gogodala tribe of Papua New Guinea to of jewish origin lies in the vessel that is at the bottom of a lake like lagoon at Balimo in the Middle Fly District of Western Province of Papua New Guinea

hey you simon ngae mind your words brother. no wonder why name blo you hemi ngae because you are full of shit and it is your daily food at your home.or by the way before i forget you should just go and fuck yourself.

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Simon Ngae is a real ngae. One day you will be sorry when all things will be revealed right in front of your eyes. I would urge you and mother and father and all your relatives to aningae nomoa. A very huge one too.


Let me tell the entire world the lunatic whom have posted his comment on the 21/08/2010 revealed above concerning this issue (Lost Tribe of Israel- Malaitans) is not a human being, a Beast not born of a human being but reptilte or dog.

I would like to remind you those whom negatively reacted to this very important issue and other interested readers only your ears open and eyes not close thus then things will soon happen accordingly to fulfil the end time fulfilment withrespect to the people of Malaita. Then it will shut your mouth from talking, what you only need is submit.

It will not take too long now counting only days thus then all your negatives inwardly built in you negatively against the said Island, Malaita or Malaitans, Big Brother would then come to his aid for rescuing . I can only say, thank Jehovah Elohim for their hatred towards Born Blooded Israelites/Jews living in Malaita) not self pronounced but the chosen people of God in this land.

The destiny of the nation of Solomon Islands rely most entirely on the people of Isles – De – Ramos (Mala).

God Bless Malaita.

Just to answer Simon N (Aug 21 2010), U the one that fucken mentally ill, please if u want to aningae then gohet,dont try to generallised your terms,not all the North Malaita people behind this move or believe or what u mean… Only a specific group, why not if u disagree, then try go to them as u one of smart fela and educate them. And if u not fit, then u go to toilet quiet, aningaeand shut your toilet mouth. thank u

In regards to what simon Ngae had just said in his article: I would say that If he comes form any religious background or a family then where were his manners. It is clear that he has insulted the whole of north Malaita. Then who do you think are the great leaders of Solomon Islands now, Where is the Governor general from?? Ask your self. You have no respect and no proof to talk about such issue on the web. This is a great insult on the people of North Malaita,and such would contribute to another terrible ethnic crisis. Brother, Please read your bible and understand, that we are all gods children, don’t be jealous u can still go to heaven if u repent from your sins.


Dear god please forgive Simon for what he have done and make him realize that we all are your children.
Siu la thatana wela oe the Jesusu Christ.

Shalom All.

my Facebook is Wahaahla – invite me to you sites if you have any – im looking to communicate with some Solomon brothers & sisters – we need to start bring the 12 Tribes together –

12 Tribes of Israel
Judah – Sephardi, Ibo, Mandingo
Reuben – Melanesians, Aborigines
Simeon – Yoruba, Hispaniola
Levi – Ashanti, Maroons.
Dan – Moors, Gypsies, Celts
Naphtali – Paciic Islanders, Araucanos
Gad – American Indians, Tibet
Asher – Incans, South America
Issachar – Aztec, Mexicans
Zebulon – Mayans, Central Amercica
Joseph – Cubans, Puerto Ricans
Benjamin – Pashtuns of Asia – Fulani.

Mr. Simon Ngae, whoever he is, ows the people of SSEC and SSEC pastors in Solomon Islands an apology for degrading their teachings and calling them useless. He also needs to apologize to the people of North Malaita for slandering them by maliciously swearing at them in their own language. Not all North Malaitans make this claim. There is no need for it in such a public forum. Our culture forbids and God forbids such slander. It is definitely offensive and uncalled for. As a North Malaitan and an SSEC person I wish to pray Jesus’ prayer on the cross and ask that Father God would forgive Simon and save his soul from hell, for he definitely does not know what he is doing.I hope he understands and realizes the grave enormity of his stupidity and foolishness. Thank you Lord!

Simon Ngae whoever he is, is a foolish and ignorant idiot on many counts. First he swears at himself by calling himself Ngae – meaning faeces (shit)in a slanderous manner. Secondly, he accuses a denomination and its pastors of wrong teachings without substatiating what he means. Third he swears at a whole group of people “everyone in North Malaita.” This is uncalled for in a public forum like this. What a shame! If you are ignorant of history, theology, anthropology and proper mannerism in this kind of discussion then you should shut up and search for knowledge and wisdom. May the God of Heaven deal with you appropriately, because you definitely need some straightening up. As an SSEC man and a north Malaitan person I pray with Jesus on the cross – “to forgive you for you do not know what you are doing.” Its time you read your Bible and allow the Spirit of God to give you wisdom and understanding, because you are definitely a very foolish man. Than you.

Malaita described as a “Poor & remote island”, by the author of the above article, really needs too learn diplomatic skills.
The only reason why the Malaitan’s regard themselves as the “Lost Tribe of Israel”, is due to the “Bible Bashing” on their skulls by the British. The English also thought that they were the Lost Tribe of Israel.
However,during the British occupation, geological testing was made by the Australians in the 60’s on Malaita, positive results were sent to Britain.
During this time, Rabi’s came to Malaita,in search for one of their missing tribes or to gain a financial benefit from the mineral deposits, including diamonds & gold. It appears when there is a large mineral deposit & the presence of a mining company in Africa, a missing tribe of Israel is found.
As for DNA testing, well that research took approx.20 years, using doctors & nurses in military forces to collect blood samples from tribes that have been isolated from other cultural races.
The explanation to these people was that they were collecting their blood to see if they have “Diabetes”, well that is what they told the highland Malaitans.
The DNA study was released in 1996,which included a documentary. This information gave the genealogist/scientist to track the world DNA back to Africa where human life began. The other reason for the study, was to manipulate and duplicate DNA from different races who have immunity to certain diseases and eventually create vaccines.

As the author of the website was polite to point out that DNA testing proved that Malaitans’ are not Jewish not withstanding their similarity in customary beliefs.
The author sounds very defensive about who is Jewish and who is not. This must indicate you are Jewish.
You should visit Malaita some time,perhaps it will bring you down to earth. Its an island of it’s own mysteries, just like EGYPT, navigating with the stars.

All these people claiming they are from Israel cannot be this easily dismissed, the Malaitan people are truly descendants from somewhere else than Malaita,they are truly descendants from the middle east, the old custom stories handed down from times before contact with missionaries hold this to be true and Malaitans do not need an outsider to pass judgement as to the origins of their custom stories. I have heard that from old custom stories passed down from before colonialism entered the Solomons, before contact was made with the white man… that Malaitans indeed came from somewhere in the middle east (israel?), they came with loads of gold and treasures, the whole tribe was on a path that would lead to Malaita for some reason, they were instructed and lead by God, and their tribal leader used a Staff/Rod with magical or divine power that was blessed by God, he led the Malaitans untill they settled ontop of the mountains of Guadalcanal, the leader tried to ask God if this was indeed the land promised to them, but he did not get a reply and so settled on Guadalcanal for a while, during this time his tribe spread on the island of Guadalcanal and that is how the Guadalcanal people came into being…after a while on Guadalcanal God indeed spoke again to their leader and had his staff/Rod point to the Island of Malaita, but told him that he could not go to settle in Malaita himself, only his sons and the poeple were allowed to settle in Malaita, and so they (sons and the new generation) moved there to the promised land of Malaita and settled on Mount Alsa, it is from the top of Mount Alsa that all the tribes of malaita originated while populations increased and from the top of Mount Alsa they dispersed downwards throughout Malaita, the fact that arabic writings are engraved onto the walls of rocks, heiroglyphs on real ancient tablets kept in sacred places are true.
The first language to come out of this mountain from the people while spreading downwards into malaita was that of Kwara’ae, which to this day can still be compared to arabic languages as a varied form of the same.

seriously people!!

I don’t believe that Solomon malaitans are from Israel neither do i believe the people of Papua new guinea are.

They have so much contrasts.
I am a fijian and I still reside here in fiji and I also go to the university of the south pacific and from what i can tell you Solomon Islanders and papua new guinea people are far from being jews.

Firstly,they do not have the physical features; they just look similar to difference..
and secondly, i have never seen such dirty, unhygienic people before in my life. Jews are very hygienic and clean because it is a very strong law in the old testament that they always be cleansed because they serve a Holy and living God.

I am just very surprised they’d make a claim such as that because they just do not even come close to being characterised as Jews. Believe me i know!!.

And i am not saying here that Fijians are if Solomons Papua new guinea people are not but I don’t care if some fijians think that we are jewish or not but i am happy to be Fijian and a Goy because God created me to be one.

Something for you guys to think about!!

I think my friend Frank should read more books from the original researchers. I really do not agree with him either. Because the then retired bishop of Malaita from the Anglican community has been in the islands for quite some times, before elected to become the bishop of Malaita. He has been well versed with history (Church) and to describe some one like Michael Maeliau the self proclaimed prophet is true in sense. I for one have agreed with Simon that most of the people who believe on such are from the SSEC who got wrong infos from preachers like Michael Maeliau.

let’s just wait and let time tell…..but MEREONI(post:JULY 21, 2011 AT 10:43 PM) your understanding and seeing on things if u ever realized it is, to be frank is so much limited on what your university lectures and tutors taught you and how much information u have gathered in your still learning frame of time. You are arguing about physical attributes and such which at our era seems strongly evident to support your idea…..places and environments do affect how people at that specific space in time have u ever think of how do Isrealies look thousand years ago and do u even know that there have been three Isreali diaspora’s which the last diaspora was so recent and jewish at that time went to europe where they inter-marry bearing white colored skin kids…..The now isreali skin color comes from europe (bunch of articles and research papers talks about the web)….but what about before that …..the first two diaspora’s?…..well for me I don;t know….King Solomon was black, Abraham was black maybe Adam was also black or even Jesus…..look at the big picture than rather observing just the tip of the nose…..

I know with so much envy and support by individuals all over Countries of the globe on this particular subject and this fuels so many views and ideas so far. If God wills who can able to withstand his supremacy and plans even from the beginning and so much so the end time as well. Don’t be so ignorant nothing is hidden nothing is more special than to value God’s plan and his doings. We are just mere speck of dust created in his image to speak and live as examples of his glorious splendor and yet we are so ignorant with all the paper and quals you name it.

Only God’s timing will tell the truth and who are you to make final conclusions even when you yourself feels more insecure than to compare to his infinity and existence.

Brothers and Sisters take time to inwardly search ourselves where do we stand in harnessing various and these many global topics that is pouring upon us and mind you avoid the hot water initially before the worst comes to worst.

It is our prayer that God will help us in these look outs for answers.

Thank you.

Can we be mindful of the kind of language we use in such a public forum as this – some of which are very offensive in nature. Let’s be mature when discussing as no one is interested in reading people swearing at other people. This is uncalled for.

Simon I have nothing to do with this issue, I’m from North Malaita, why do you have to say everyone in North Malaita? I know the SSEC church very well and I don’t think the SSEC church has ever declared anything as such. What is your problem? maybe you are just another person who is in need of serious help????? You need the Grace of God. If certain people believe in somethings then who are you to direct such horrible words towards them? It is their basic human right, let them be, you are entitled to your own beliefs or ideology.

As a Malaitan, i am happy to be one choosen by God to be born and toil in this beautiful island,Israel is my spiritual home and Malaita is my physical home, my geneology tells me my tribe comes from one of the sons of the first man by the name of Belty Gao and his wife Malanta,where they come from according oral story from my grand parents is from somewhere far away from a big mass of land,crossing big oceans

might be it is true, on some of the alter in the tabu place in Malaita there were Hebrew writings on might be it is true some of the tribes from Malaita are from israel.Nau wane malaita ne’e musi kwala ani kulu.Prophet Michael Maeliau is on the move to Jerusalem .Israel.

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