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Flashback: Naked Pictures of McCains vice presidential pick. Sarah Palin.

I’m glad there aren’t any of Biden. Actually, I haven’t looked, there might be. These are not confirmed, but it looks like the real deal. From OSI There’s a conservative for you.

nude sarah palin
sarah palin nude

Whether McCain or Obama wins, the United States is in trouble. The first thing you need to think about is how are you going to survive what comes next. My first recommendation is to read Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vagabond. Use it to change the way you think about what you need and what you have.

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There’s some strong evidence that this is a shoop … she is rather pleasing to look at though … too bad she’s a typical self-interested evil bitch

Wow. Is that really Moosekiller Sarah? Wow, this photo is just perfect for those Christian conservative men who have secret porn addictions. Looking at the vice presidential candidate choice’s natural rescources; an especially great way to spend your time and feed into your moral sins.

If that truly is Sarah, she has a hell of a nerve to justify the things she does and believes; I know people do things when they are young they may later regret, but if this had been a Democratic nominee I would be the first one to realize the presidential candidate had made a mistake, but I think Mccain likes this kind of thing. So much for morality and values and Christian conservativism. How could Mccain pick such an evil bitch for Vice President. Just when I thought the GOP couldn’t get any worse they can always out do themselves each election with their stupidity.

Sorry guys, but the naked pictures are of the actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. From the Seinfeld series. Do you remember?


Wow, she sure does have a huge head. My first attempts at altering photos of people looked a lot like that too, the heads were always out of proportion.

Keep trying though, you’ll figure it out.

I’m actually more impressed if it is a nude pic of Julia Louise Dreyfus. Like I said before, these aren’t confirmed, but I would bet that if these aren’t the nude photos, that they exist luck on nudes of Biden…thank gods.

Are you really that desperate that you have to launch a character attack against Palin this early? This is sort of an admission (of a realization by the people behind this desperate act) that the “Demon-crats'” Political Agenda wouldn’t elicit the majority’s support.

Mr. Damitio,
I just finished reading your book Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual. I saw your website address at the the end and figured what the hell I’ll drop you a line. I really liked your book, I am in the Navy and there is too much bullshit with my current job. I know it is probably going to be the same on the outside. I have a calling for the road and I was doing some research on it. I ending up at on the page about ‘how to become a hobo’ and someone mentioned your book on there. I must say your calling for the road is much stronger than mine. All I want to do is inevitably delay getting a job. I think what you are doing is awesome. If it works there is no reason to fix it. Rock on.


I have seen Sarah Palins naked sexy body, and I personally think that she would make a fine President, being the first female and to be the first grandmother to have her grandaughter to be born in the Whitehouse.

Well I guess the GOP likes to send a 44 year old grandmother with a pregnant daughter whose mother distains federal sex education would send a fine example to America. I guess they seem to be able to be getting their trailer trash voters.

That does not look like her but I will bet she looks good naked. and I will bet she makes a good VP . After 8 yrs mabe we can make her President.
Shes not perfect but is the best thing I have seen in politics in my life.
Remember she did not maneuver for the position but was asked. Maybe just because she was a women but greater things for lesser reason have happend.
Grow up people get a life.

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