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The Sex Score in a Bizarre World Lab

Sex Score and Universal LabHe took his coat off and hung it on the peg,, where it always was, waiting for him to take it wherever he went. He walked into the kitchen, melancholy, and full of wonder as his mind thought back to the days of his youth. Working on yachts and falling in love at every port until the list of loves became like a list of books he’d  read. And forgotten.

It was no longer  simple  to answer  how many women he’d slept with or how many times he’d been in love. He had to second guess himself. In recent years he’d answered with

“ You really don’t really want to know that” and if pressed he would say “Four”. It was the magic number. Not too many, but not too few. Only it was such an outrageous lie.

Bizarre world in which you were expected to keep your own score as you went and nearly every other person was keeping their own “score”. It turned it into a giant competition for the good and the bad.

Life was confusing enough without developing this incredibly complex game called Love. It was a constant battle to remain afloat in the overcrowded sea of humanity.

He set his briefcase down and walked into the living room, grabbing a banana as he passed through the kitchen. He sat in his lazy-boy recliner and reached for the remote control after rocking the lever back as far as it would recline.

Kicking off his shoes he wondered to himself, “ Why are my socks so nice. Why do they have designs woven into them.Certainly not because I like them, but as a part of the game. At some point I decided that nice socks would make it simpler to seduce women.”

He kicked off his shoes one at a time. Right foot first, then left foot. They dropped to the floor  beneath the footrest of the recliner. He knew they would get in the way when he went to un-recline, but at this point he didn’t care. Later he would be annoyed with his earlier self for creating more work for his later self.

Life is like that. The now you is usually making decisions for the later you, and usually,  they are lousy decisions. Maybe you get it right more often as you get older, but you still screw up every time you do anything important.

Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is often blind.

If we knew the future would we let it happen, or would we change the future, making it unknowable. Knowing too much is worse than knowing nothing most of the time.

What if you knew you’re destiny and hated it? Would you create it by trying to evade it? In which case would you have created it without the knowledge?

Does the universe have clockwork motion which gives us 70 or 80 years before we have to return to our places? What do we want?

Now is the time to communicate with our future selves so that we don’t regret any decisions later, make the best decisions possible.

What should I do? Do what you think is right.  Don’t hold back in your beliefs, explore them, trust them, make the most of your hunches and talents. It isn’t really what you think that counts.

Do you get what I’m saying? It makes sense to live your life as if every decision is your last.

When does it end? We don’t know. I t goes on as long as it goes on so make yourself at peace today. Find what it is you need to do.

What you would regret in your last moments. So what if you thought it would go on, you’d have more time.

You don’t that is the nature oft eternity. The world isn’t the friendliest place in the universe. It is made to solve problems.

Think of the world as a laboratory. The picture you had as a child was not entirely wrong. The Universal  God is a consciousness, which works in a clockwork fashion to an ultimate goal.

Humanity and life are a way to solve certain theoretical problems. Life is placed within the universe in various situations to which the best solution is found through adaptation.

It is not the word of anything. Each planet not a lab, but a test tube contained within the vast workshop-lab that is the universe.


A Matter of Some Gravity – The Meaning of Black Holes

A Matter of Some Gravity – The Meaning of Black Holes


There are forces in the universe which affect all of our lives. Through the centuries madmen and scientists have tried to recognize and label these forces. The difference between madman and scientist is whether the theories of the individuals are accepted or rejected.

A fundamental premise of the scientific method is that no theory is ever proven true, but if it is unable to be disproven, its validity is generally accepted. Current conventional scientific wisdom says that the universe is curved in time and space. Much of this theory rests on the work of Albert Einstein, especially his theory of relativity (E=MC2). The bending of space and time would be most likely to occur in the vicinity of a massive amount of gravity. A black hole is conjectured to be one of these gravity sinks. In the process of its evolution a star would eventually be acted upon by a contraction of matter, which causes an increase in the gravitational pull at the center of the star.

Eventually the matter becomes so contracted that it becomes a single point or singularity. This singularity is so dense that light ( which appears to be one of the only constants in the universe) is unable to escape and so a black hole can be detected as only an absence of anything detectable. The proof of black holes has been that we cannot detect them, however in 1973 Stephen W. Hawking discovered that quantum effects will cause black holes to emit particles, as this happens the black hole will evaporate, leaving none of the original mass, maybe.

In such a situation particles are packed so densely together that fundamental movement is arrested on the quantum and molecular level. Time stops. A less than perfect analogy is that of water going through a funnel. At some point the width of the funnel becomes so narrow that the water stops. But instead of going still the water would keep swirling because the force of gravity is still acting upon it from below. At this point the water above the narrowest point of the funnel is pulled into the swirling motion and the curvature of space and time occurs.

The swirling causes a stronger gravitational pull which draws in more water which increases the pull drawing in more water etc. etc. etc. Relativity points out that time moves more quickly when acted upon by outside gravity. The closer you are to the source of the gravity, the slower time moves. On a minuscule level this means that the higher your altitude on earth the faster time moves for you since the center of earths gravity is presumed to be somewhere in the center of the earth. If time is arrested inside a black hole how does a particle have time to escape?

A problem arises with paradox. If time is stopped at the center of a black hole, then further collapse is impossible because the collapse occurs in time. This could mean that extending outward form the center of a black hole time would gradually stop leaving a solid body of stopped particles. The singularity no longer exists, the black hole is now an extending solid which changes the entire set of equations which define a black hole. Another problem is that if time is observed to have stopped within the black hole from the outside, what is observed both inside and outside from the black hole?

Einstein discovered that space-time is curved by the presence of matter. The famous analogy is a rubber sheet stretched tight with balls of various weights and sizes placed upon it. The larger a body, the larger the curvature of space. The larger the curvature of space, the more other bodies are affected by that curvature. If eneough weight is placed upon the sheet all bodies will fall to the center and movement stops. Time is measured by the movement of matter/energy. If the movement stops, time stops.

At the present time the universe is in a state of movement (expansion), debate rages at whether that movement will continue indefinitely (infinite) , stop at an outer limit (static), or reach an outer limit and then contract back to a stopping point (clockwork).
Black holes are presumed by some to be regions of such intense gravity that everything (most easily thought of as information by scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose) captured by a black hole is irretrievable. Both scientists agree that a black hole continues to contract until the point of evaporation. It is at his point that they disagree.

Penrose believes that at the moment of evaporation information is regained by the universe and phase space volumes increase. Hawking believes that the information is lost which, violates the theories of conservation of matter and energy. His argument is that the beginning and end of the universe ( and hence time) cannot be the same. Through a single small irregularity at the beginning of time, multiple irregularities grew.

Therefore we are travelling from a orderly universe to a sloppy one. Another imperfect analogy would be a clean house (the universe) before a party (time), each guest ( irregularity ) creates a small mess, but like good guests, they clean up after themselves. Each partygoer however forgets to wash the glass they are drinking from and at the end of the night despite each person cleaning their mess, the house is filled with glasses of various liquids. Some of the glasses are still full (young stars), some of the glasses are empty (black holes) , most are in a state somewhere in between (stars between formation and collapse).

Hawking seems to be saying that the state of the house never really changed because the glasses and liquid were already there so there are no limits to the universe, things just change position.

Penrose on the other hand seems to feel that because the glasses are no longer in the cupboard or the liquid in the bottle a new state has been created which demands that at some point the glasses be washed and put away and the bottles refilled.
What keeps black holes from forming from every bit of matter in the universe? Stars and galaxies radiate heat which causes thermal pressure which acts as a temporary balancing point against gravity. The reason it is temporary is because heat has a tendency to radiate outward (almost as if it is drawn to cold) thus the material which provides the fuel which provides the heat is sent outward in tight little packets of energy called quantum.

Quantum actully fill the space between the states of matter and energy, exhibiting properties of both. Thus as the quantum is carried away, the actual matter begins to shrink. If it is no more than two times the mass of our sun, the shrinkage will be stopped on the atomic level by the motion of electrons or neutrons and a neutron star or white dwarf star is formed.

For larger mass objects this force is overcome and eventually (according to Hawking ) a black hole forms which keeps mass, energy, and quantum from proceeding outward to the edge of infinity. This is a black hole. Eventually the black hole swallows everything around it including itself leaving behind less than was put into it. Black holes a a massive solid emptyness where time stops but change continues and laws of conservation do not apply.

Is it any wonder they also lie at the center of so much debate?


Ramblin’ Man: On learning and College Tuition Costs


Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that we can’t learn just for the sake of learning?

Rather, if we do we still have to pay for it, so the only benefit we get from it is being more informed, better able to make decisions, and too poor to do anything about the problems we see.

The Learning PyramidI think that’s a problem. No wonder there are so many people in “college” who don’t want to be here. They (and us, so we) are faced with a choice of drudgery making pennies so someone else can make considerably more or suffering for a few years while we build up debt, taking classes that may not interest us but are required to fulfill a curriculum someone else has decided is appropriate for the job we may want.

Welcome to a screwed up world.

First of all decide what you want to be (never mind that you are reasonably uninformed about what is out there or what it requires.) Next, talk to a counselor who will recommend which courses you should take for what you think you want to do. Then strap yourself in for a ride. For many students new opportunities open up as they learn, seemingly unrelated classes lead to new insights. Many classes that I would be enthusiastic about are effectively not open because I have fulfilled my requirements in those areas ( I could take them, but hoping to go into debt as little as possible, I try to finish up my “degree” as quickly as possible.)

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Vago’s Motorcycle Club

Hey, if you want to join a motorcycle club…this one has nothing to do with me. Except it has my name and it was formed near where I grew up, they wear my favorite color, and all the major chapters are in places where I’ve lived or my family lives today. (Thanks Rev for pointing this out!)


The Vagos Motorcycle Club, also known as the Green Nation, is a “one-percenter” motorcycle club that was formed in San Bernardino, California during the 1960’s. The club’s insignia is Loki, the Norse god of mischief, riding a motorcycle and members commonly wear green.The Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have named the Vagos as an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, claiming that they are involved in criminal activities such as producing, transporting and distributing methamphetamine and marijuana, as well as assault, extortion, insurance fraud, money laundering, murder, vehicle theft, witness intimidation and weapons violations. The Vagos have approximately 300 members among 24 chapters located in the American states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and three chapters located in Mexico.

My Mission Writing

The Contents of the Can – Looking at your Trash

contents of the dumpster
The Contents of the Can by Vago Damitio

When’s the last time that you actually took a few minutes at what is going into your garbage? Has it been a while since you looked? Do you imagine that since you haven’t looked that no one has looked? Well, unless you control every step of the trashing process from start to finish, you are wrong. Point blank. No doubt about it. And that’s not all, if you live in a modern country, then someone is making money off your garbage at various points down the line. If you live in a non modern country, then someone is probably using your garbage to some sort of profit somewhere down the line. This might all seem very strange and improbable to you, but, like the wise man said, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ and this is no exception. Mankind has been making use of other people’s garbage for as long as mankind has been producing garbage.

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Ramblin’ Man: No Longer a Vegetarian

No Longer  a Vegetarian


rambling man columnJust a few days ago I decided to give up being a vegetarian. To start I went to the market and bought a whole roasted chicken, a loaf of white bread, and a big jar of mayonaise. I went back home and ate the first meat I’d had in two years. It was a delicious yet horrible sensation to be eating meat again. When I finished, I went outside and took up smoking again. My old hack returned almost instantly, and I laughed as my body began going into antiwithdrawals.

“Take that!”, I thought aloud. It felt great, for the first time in at least months and perhaps years, I didn’t feel bitter at the meat eating, smoking, generally unhealthy mood our society seems to be in.

I used to laugh at the veggies, with their self righteous talk and save the world rhetoric. They were always browbeating some innocent guy that liked the way pork ribs taste. Let me be honest here, the original reason I quit eating meat was because my teeth are spaced closely together and it drives me nuts to get meat stuck between them. Whew! There it is, I‘ve finally let it out. After I started ordering veggie burgers, I met this girl and she quickly convinced me that what I was doing was right (is it ever that hard to convince someone that what they are doing is right?)

During two years of other vegetarians convincing me that we were right, I did learn some pretty valid reasons to avoid eating meat. The meat industry is probably the number one rapist of our natural resources, the meat industry is beyond cruel to our fellow beings, meat isn’t really that healthy or necessary for human beings, and of course meat sticks in my teeth. There are hundreds of other reasons, all of them equally valid, but I am drifting.So at this point you are probably asking “so why did you take it up again?”. I’m getting to that.

I was walking down a local street with two beautiful vegetarian women last week. We passed by a local burger place where two fellas were enjoying their cheeseburgers. I was thinking to myself that sometimes grilled meat smells so tasty when one of the women I’m with says “Oh, doesn’t that smell gross!” she said it much louder than necessary and woman number two says “Oh, I know, it’s so sick, I can’t believe anyone would eat something that smells like that.” Both of them were being pretty theatrical and loud so the cheeseburger guys could hear. I saw this look flash across those two guys faces and I immediately empathized with them, here they are , minding their own business and somebody comes along and bashes on the food they’ve been waiting for. “It smells pretty good to me,” I said. That was about all I could get out. Suddenly I was being barraged by vegetarian propaganda, all of which just didn’t change the fact that those burgers smelled good to me. It really got me to thinking.

I have lots of friends that could be described as hippies, they hang out and drum together, talk about love, and spirituality, etc. etc. etc. They complain about the system, talk about making things better and all that hippie stuff but most of them see somebody eating a burger and suddenly love is out the window. So anyway, It hit me all of a sudden that it’s just as easy to find enlightenment as a corporate meat-eater as it is to find it as an unemployed musician. Suddenly the whole world opened up to me. Wow, I can actually “sell out” and not give up my principles.

Just because I eat meat doesn’t mean I have to eat it at McDonalds( McDonalds is a pretty nasty little operation, read up on it, you’ll see.) I don’t have to wear robes and sandals to follow my spiritual beliefs, and I don’t have to ruin somebody’s lunch just because I don’t agree with their beliefs. So anyway, there it is, I guess my whole point is go ahead and do whatever it is you want to do, I won’t judge you for it, but just because you don’t smoke, drink, smoke weed, eat meat, drive a big car, or worship satan doesn’t give you a liscense to be a jerk to those that do.

Published originally in The Echo. This was one of my first Ramblin Man columns in 1996

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Real Moroccan Food – Lentils and a Chicken Sandwich

Okay, I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of every meal, but here is a between lunch and middle dinner meal. Fresh made bread stuffed with fresh killed and cooked chicken and some lentils.

My pictures aren’t great, but they will do. For now anyway. Looks delicious, right?

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Et tu Brutus?

This is one of my favorite Shakespeare stories…worth sharing again and again.

shakespeare, julius ceasar, brutus

ASPEN, Colo. – Julius Caesar lay dead and Brutus was talking to his co-conspirators about swords and blood when he paused and excused himself, saying “I seem to have stabbed myself.”

Aspen actor/director Kent Hudson Reed accidently cut his leg open with the knife he was using in an outdoor performance of “Scenes from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar” on Wednesday.

He tried to carry on, “but my boot was filling up with blood and I was flubbing my lines, wondering if I was going to pass out, wondering if the audience could see the blood.”

Portia (Susan Mauntel) took Brutus to a hospital for stitches and play narrator Tyson Young announced the performance was canceled.

“That’s what you get for trying to kill Caesar,” he said.

Reed said actors normally don’t use real knives, but the scene was set up so none of the performers were close enough to hurt each other.

“But I hadn’t thought an actor might stab himself,” he said.

Reed said the show would go on, although Brutus might be limping for a while.

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Cost of a Pint around the globe

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Richard III – Evil Evil England

Richard III: Evil Evil England by Vago Damitio

Richard III PosterA Review of Richard III (1998) starring Ian Mckellen and Annette Bening

When one looks at the United Kingdom, one naturally expects to find certain things. Among these are crumpets, tea, drivers sitting on the right hand side of automobiles, double-deck buses, and a deep and abiding love for the largely symbolic hereditary monarchy. These, we have been led to believe by popular fiction, television, and current events to believe are some of the cornerstones of that elusive quality that one might describe as ‘Englishness’. In our modern world, we have a somewhat quaint view of what it means to be English that doesn’t always match up with the historical realities of the past. Far from being home to a people with centuries of hobbit like habits, England has witnessed a multitude of atrocities and wars and has been instrumental in shaping many of the policies that have directly led to mass genocide, civil wars, totalitarian regimes, and many of the other evils that have plagued humanity through the ages of recorded history.

Some of the bloodiest episodes in English history are known as the ‘Wars of the Roses’. These wars were fought between two houses of nobility that still have a huge rivalry in the modern world. Lucky for England, this antagonism usually finds its place on the sporting field today. Not so in the 1400’s when the Houses of Lancaster and York fought horrible bloody battles to take control of the English throne. One of the worlds most beloved writers, William Shakespeare, wrote of these events in a number of his plays. Among them was Richard III.