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My perfect day defined….

Vago of the DesertSomeone asked me yesterday to define what I would consider to my own personal perfect day. Here goes:

Each day, I wake up when I want to and don’t have to talk to anyone before my second cup of coffee and morning bowel movement.

Two hours of writing without any interruptions.

After checking to see if there is any urgent good or bad news via email and the web, checking with my assistant before eating a delicious savory breakfast (plenty of tobasco) or some yogurt and fruit and sour dough toast.

I take a long walk in the mountains, near the sea, or through an interesting city or village. Either alone or with people I love – depending on what’s on my plate. Lunch on the go.

I get to use my hands to work on something useful. Building something, painting, auto maintenance, gardening, carpentry, stuff like that. Ideally, there are interesting friends to talk with during this work.

Another checkin with my very capable assistant. Check in with the money machine and make sure it’s flowing my direction. Do any tweaks necessary.

A few hours of web work and research.

Dinner with friends and family followed by chilling out on a balcony or next to a fire somewhere. A bit of wine or scotch isn’t out of the question.

Some lazy sex preferably including a blowjob. Save the acrobatics for special occasions.

An incredibly soft bed with clean, soft sheets and a feather pillow for dreaming on.

Rinse and Repeat.


In your face, mother fucker.

I’m going to start referring people to this post when they call me an asshole, a dick, or any other name intended to offend me.

I always laugh when someone takes the time to point out I’m an asshole like it will mean something to me. I mean, come on, haven’t you read my books? Even if you just read the reviews you can get the gist of it. I’m an asshole and I’m unapologetic about it.

Of course, there are about fifty people who will disagree with me on that – maybe say that there is a deeper side to me, a kinder, gentler side, a loving side. Those are the fifty people I would dive on a grenade for. Not because they love me, but because they are truly superior human beings whom I respect, admire, and would do anything for.The way I look at it, there are two types of people in the world. Those who deserve respect and those who don’t. Everyone starts at zero and our actions are what define us. (Okay, three types – the powerless and helpless whom we must protect) That’s it.

It’s amazing how quickly people define themselves and how incredible some people prove to be when you least expect it. On the other side, it’s amazing what douchebags 99% of the population really are. Including me – the unapologetic asshole.

Now that you’ve read that, read this:
“I have never met someone who is living a bold and successful life—and by successful I mean prosperous, kind, and in touch with the meaningfulness of what they?re doing — who has apologized for being perfectionistic, mercurial, unrelenting, or whatever their slightly controversial hallmark characteristics are. You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.” ~Danielle LaPorte


Rocking the fucking Rou

My back hurts, my eyes hurt, my mind hurts, but I’m rocking the fucking casbah even though I don’t live in it anymore.

In the past 24 hours I’ve posted 44 travel stories to 19 different travel blogs. I’ve hired a social media assistant and taken care of six major wordrpess issues that have been kicking my ass.

I’ve pissed off four advertisers, told three guest posters to go fuck themselves, had a gnarly fight with my wife and managed to secure a couple of nice contracts for advertising over the next couple of months.

I’ve begun developing a network of twenty blogs and have brought ten sites to life that were simply going stagnant in the water. I’ve revamped my social media strategy completely, done a minor redesign of and held my daughter until she went to sleep four times. That’s in the past 24 hours.

I’m fucking exhausted, out of patience, low on sleep, and feeling distracted to no end, but I keep on pushing on. And as I see things getting done, I know that I’m doing it for a reason and it feels good.

Keep on rocking on.

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The Reasons I Probably Don’t Like You

Annoying Travel Blogger
I know you can’t believe someone doesn’t like you, but actually, I don’t.

The Reasons I Probably Don’t Like You

If you think I don’t like you, don’t worry. You’re probably right. I doubt that feeling would come from nowhere. It probably comes from the fact that I don’t like you. Here are some probable reasons:

1) You keep touching me. Unless we are intimate (meaning have had or are going to have sex) or you are so smoking hot that I’ll later have masturbation fantasies about your touches later – I generally don’t like to be touched. Stop it.


2) You keep interrupting me and other people who are having interesting and respectful conversation with non-related topics. You are a conversation hijacker and distractor. Gross! Go away.

3) You are too loud. Volume doesn’t equal excitement or interest except to 4-year-olds.

4) You don’t understand when I say “No, I don’t want to drink shots from a navel (or anywhere else)” and you keep pushing me to drink and get super drunk with you

5) When the topic of books come up you start to talk about movies, when the topic of films come up you talk about films that have the following plot “A single American saves the entire world”

6) You like to degrade and belittle Fags and Jews and possibly tell jokes about ethnic minorities or religions

7) You are inconsiderate of the need of others for peace and quiet

8) You offer criticism without offering a suggestion for how to improve. Any idiot can say something is shitty, but it takes someone of substance to say “That is shitty and this is how it could be better..” for example “You are shitty and you could be better if you read this and paid attention to it…”

9) You are incapable of putting things back where you got them from. Messy, slobby, lazy.

10) You want me to like you too much. Nothing builds contempt so much as desperation.