Travel Photos

Pictures from a few of the countries I’ve been to and took at least one picture in

Okay, I realized that there are tons of places I went before digital photos that I don’t have photos of! Might be time to scan those if I ever make it back to the USA…


Pictures of some paintings I’ve done

I’ve always liked painting and drawing but the truth is that one of the only ‘D’ grades I ever got was in drawing. I like painting too and have painted at least a hundred canvases, maybe more, but mostly I end up just putting them on the street and then hiding somewhere to see if someone picks them up- that’s what happened to most of these and to my delight, most of them were picked up and carried off as if someone found a treasure.

Pictures of Me

Some Pictures of Me in Various Places

These are pictures of me on various islands in Hawaii, in China, Indonesia, California, at burning man, after some incredible car moments, in North Carolina, Portland, Bellingham, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Tahiti, Nevada, New York and a few other places. I hope you enjoy looking at me because I’m in each of these pictures.