Preface to my now untitled and now unpublished apocalyptic novel

I wrote this as a preface to my apocalyptic/sci-fi novel which was previously called The S.O.B, Existensis, and S.H.T.F -none of those names are working for me now…you can find my brief synopsis at where I will also be posting each piece of the book… your comments and suggestions are encouraged and valued…

I’m thinking of dumping the preface…does it do anything at all for you?

The greatest people ever born on planet Earth all expected that humanity, culture, and everything else in the world would eventually improve. They dedicated their lives and souls to creating Paradise, but somehow it never happened. Utopian dreams, peaceful philosophies, enlightened ideals, and benevolent forms of government somehow never survived the relentless assault of fascist nightmares, warlike mindsets, destructive tendencies, and the corruption of values when faced with desire. Despite selfless sacrifice, lifelong labor, and some damn good ideas the world never stopped grinding the poor, exploiting the helpless, and turning human against human. Maybe it was simply a result of human nature, maybe it was a result of a human complacency, maybe it was the systems that developed, or maybe it was some sort of flaw that inherently inhabited power structures and words. The world has never changed…until the day the shit hit the fan…

By the way…any title suggestions are appreciated too!