Lottery Green Card

A lot of people would love to immigrate to the US because this is a great country! A land of opportunities as a lot of people say…
The US Immigration offers the opportunity to any citizen in the world to apply for a green card (or permanent residency) through lottery. It’s a weird system but it has been there for decades!
The most important is that this program is FREE! You heard me it’s FREE!
That’s why you don’t want to use all those SCAMS that will get money from you to apply for a green card. All these websites are SCAMS! Do not use them because applying to lottery is free…
The only official website:
Good luck and don’t hesitate to apply every year!


What to do to enjoy your time on the internet…

When you browse the web, you can read interesting magazines, enjoy personal stories like on watch videos, check pictures and last but not least play games!
There are thousands of opportunities on the web to play and have fun for a few hours (instead of watching TV for example…). Some of the possible games are blackjack, bingo, poker, scratch cardsor roulette. You can find some of those games online like Bingo sites online or poker sites or virtual rooms where you can play with people from all over the world. This is a lot of fun and on top of that you get to meet different cultures and different nationalities… Very fun, right?
However, there are so many sites out there that it is always complicated to find the right site for you. That’s why you want to ask your friends, or check specialized forums or magazines in the field. It’s always a pleasure to do this investigation to realize what would be the right site for you: the site where you would feel comfortable playing, the site where you have a good time and the site where you want to come back!
It’s like a retail store. If you enjoy the experience in a retail store, you want come back! Otherwise, you decide that this was your last trip there! Too bad…
At the end of the day, what matters in life is to find out the right place for you to hang out and have fun. The internet is so diversed that you can find out many sites that will make you happy… Enjoy the web and be happy!