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The Bad News…and the Good News

There are two sides to every coin. Every good spawns an evil and every evil spawns a good. Not to mention, if you take the long view of things, black and white, good and evil…tend to become less distinct.
For example: The bad news is that 80+ people died in Mumbai attacks today. There really is no good side to that, however, it is good news that we have reached a point again where 80 people in a non-U.S/European country dying violently is worth the U.S. media noting. Not too long ago, this would have hardly gotten a mention. Think about that for a second and tell me if I am wrong.
On a different black and white note, I heard a couple of homeless guys talking earlier today at a bus stop and one of them asked the other how many black friends he had (the asker was black, the respondent was whitish), the whitish guy said some definite number. I don’t remember what it was, but the important thing is that I realized that if I were asked a question like that, I wouldn’t even know how to answer it. I’ve never counted my friends in terms of color or religion or gender or any other similar way. It would be easier to answer how many republican friends I have or how many friends that are missing fingers…anyway, it just struck me as a strange thing to ask and a stranger thing to have an answer to. is someone black if their dad was black or if they are from New Guinea or if they are Aboriginal? I have no idea. Maybe the easier question is how many bigots am I friends with…easy answer is none if I can help it.
And in response to the bombings in Mumbai, let me just say that the terrorists just made a huge mistake. India is not a country to fuck around with.