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Obama Screwing Jimmy Carter

Wow. Check this out fromThe Jewish Daily Forward

Denver — Former president Jimmy Carter’s controversial views on Israel cost him a place on the podium at the Democratic Party convention in late August, senior Democratic operatives acknowledged to the Forward.
Breaking with the tradition of giving speech time to living former presidents, convention organizers honored Carter with only a short video clip highlighting his work with Hurricane Katrina victims and a brief walk across the Pepsi Center stage.
The sidelining of Carter was driven by recognition in the Obama camp and among Democratic leaders that giving the former president a prominent convention spot might alienate Jewish voters.
“What more could we do to diss Jimmy Carter?” said a Democratic official who was involved in deliberations on how to handle the former president’s presence at the convention. The treatment Carter received, the official added, “reflects the bare minimum that could be done for a former president.”

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Naked Pictures of McCains vice presidential pick. Sarah Palin.


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I’m glad there aren’t any of Biden. Actually, I haven’t looked, there might be. These are not confirmed, but it looks like the real deal. From OSI There’s a conservative for you.

Whether McCain or Obama wins, the United States is in trouble. The first thing you need to think about is how are you going to survive what comes next. My first recommendation is to read Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual. Use it to change the way you think about what you need and what you have.
Remember that you can use the three A’s to get what you need, but that is it. Get the manual and learn this stuff ASAP.
Buy it.

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Nader, McCain, Obama, and those other people

Ralph Nader held a pretty successful super rally in Denver, chances are you didn’t hear about it because the mainstream media has, as usual, completely ignored him. Major kudos to the Fort Collins Now for actually covering the event.

“Spoiler? Who has spoiled America more than the Democrats and Republicans and their corporate masters?”
Ralph Nader posed this question to an estimated 4,000 supporters who gathered in the University of Denver’s Magness Arena for a rally on Wednesday night. The consumer crusader and serial candidate for president was referring to the 2000 election when George Bush was determined to have won the presidential election over Al Gore by 537 votes; Nader received nearly 100,000 votes nationwide, and rightly or wrongly has suffered the blame for the Bush administration’s eight years in power ever since.
The “spoiler” label is as much a part of Nader’s persona as his overgrown eyebrows, his grumpy countenance and his continued crusade against what he calls the “two-party duopoly” of the American political system. Nader’s presence in Denver — while Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was accepting the nomination across town at the Pepsi Center — was to argue for the presidential debates to include not just Barack Obama and John McCain, but him other third party candidates, including Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party and Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party. The lengthy program included speeches by Nader campaign worker Ashley Sanders, Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello, actor Sean Penn, anti-war activist and senatorial candidate Cindy Sheehan and Green Party vice-presidential candidate Rosa Clemente.
Nader focused on the what he called the “corporate crime” that he believes is ravaging America and ruining its political system.
“The politicians in charge—indentured to their corporate pay masters—are pushing through legislation that the American people disagree with,” he said. “This is not a democracy by even a weak measure.”
While Nader said he supports the Democrats’ positions on civil and human rights, he also believes that the biggest thing that Democrats and Republicans have in common is “the velocity with which their knees hit the floor when corporate interests knock on their door.”
Nader’s speech was the highlight of a program focused on the theme of inclusion and choice as well as action.
Sanders said that too many progressives are more concerned with making changes that are safe than with making changes that are necessary. The responsibility to change lies with individuals, not policymakers in Washington, D.C., she said.
“What movement has ever succeeded that stands around and waits for Washington to pull a rabbit out of a hat?” she said.
She added that the American public has been on the verge of great change in elections before, and that they have failed to make the correct choices.
“What year will you decide that your government is your representative and not your master?” she asked
Penn, the actor and filmmaker, said he has not yet made a choice as to who to vote for in November, but he believes that it is un-American for the Democrats and Republicans to restrict the debates.
Rosa Clemente, the Puerto Rican and African-American Brooklyn-born vice presidential candidate for the Green Party, who has been in Denver all week to support the multiple protests in Civic Center Park and elsewhere, preached unity for third party candidates, at least in regards to the fight for debate participation.
Cindy Sheehan, the outspoken antiwar activist, took the stage to raucous applause. During her speech, Sheehan called President Bush “a boil on the ass of democracy” and said that getting rid of a boil would be easy; it’s revitalizing the democracy that is the challenge for everyone with America’s best interests at heart. Sheehan, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi for her Senate seat in the San Francisco area, also asserted that “if you, Nancy Pelosi, allow a debate (between all candidates in our district), it will be a landslide for Sheehan!” She also addressed the concern that many potential third-party voters have, that a vote for a third party candidate is a waste.
“If you vote for Obama or McCain, you are throwing away your vote … have the courage to allow alternative visions,” she urged the crowd.
That message has been at the core of Nader’s various campaigns for years. He urged young voters in the crowd to exercise their right to vote and asked them to stay true to their core values when they head to the polls
“It is better to vote for someone you believe in and lose,” he said, “than vote for someone you don’t believe in and win, because they will surely betray you.”

Manwhile in California, the FBI has shut down an infoshop/activist headquarters
And while Obama’s speech was sometimes moving, it still raised concern if you listen to the in between parts.

As President, I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power.

Nuclear power? Clean coal? These are not good ideas. Look into them. Clean coal is a bogus idea put out by the coal companies and nuclear waste still has no way to be safely stored or gotten rid of.
And does this sound like an anti-war candidate?

When John McCain said we could just “muddle through” in Afghanistan, I argued for more resources and more troops to finish the fight against the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11, and made clear that we must take out Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants if we have them in our sights.

Now on to the war candidate. McCain is holding his Republican Convention in the U.S. city that spends more on junk food than anywhere else. Nice huh?
McCain has shocked pundits by selecting 44 year old governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. She is anti abortion, anti gay marriage. She has five children, one with Down’s Syndrome.

Palin lives in Wasilla, a town of 6,500 about 30 miles north of Anchorage, with her husband, Todd, a blue-collar North Slope oil worker who won the 2007 Iron Dog, a 1,900-mile snowmobile race. He is part Yup’ik Eskimo. The two have spent summers fishing commercially for salmon, an enterprise that once left her with broken fingers aboard their boat.
Palin’s clean-hands reputation has come into question with an investigation recently launched by a legislative panel into whether she dismissed Alaska’s public safety commissioner because he would not fire her former brother-in-law as a state trooper. Trooper Mike Wooten went through a messy divorce from Palin’s sister.
The governor denied orchestrating the dozens of telephone calls made by her husband and members of her administration to Wooten’s bosses. She says she welcomes the investigation: “Hold me accountable.”
Palin, who led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at her high school, could help McCain’s standing with social conservatives who have been skeptical of him.
She is a proponent of petroleum development, in tune with McCain, although the two disagree on drilling in Alaska’s protected Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She favors drilling there.
The governor also opposed designating polar bears as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, fearing that step would get in the way of a proposed natural gas pipeline tapping the North Slope’s vast reserves.
Before becoming governor, her political experience consisted of terms as Wasilla’s mayor and councilwoman and a stint as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Yikes. Be very scared of this woman. And McCain might just croak if he gets elected. That gives us an inexperienced president with a down syndrome infant who prefers oil profits to a clean environment and uses her power to take out personal vendettas. Hello totalitarian neo-conservativism!


Osama Bin Laden or Obama and Biden- Vote Nader

Wierd huh! It’s like bizarro world.

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader delivered an indictment of the Democratic Party Wednesday night and assailed the press for ignoring third-party candidates.
Speaking to reporters before a Denver rally of supporters and onlookers, Nader said the Democratic Party has abandoned “working people” and become “an indentured servant” of corporations.
He went on to blast the party for accepting contributions from business interests to fund this week’s Democratic convention. “The corporate merry-go-round has hitched its wagon to the Democratic Party and the rhetoric of the Democratic Party has responded accordingly,” Nader declared.
Nader’s supporters staged Wednesday’s rally to back his position that he and other third-party candidates should be included in this fall’s debates. But Nader launched into a broader attack on the two-party system, corporate influence on government and a press corps Nader accused of acquiescing in a duopoly.
“If we were in the debates, we would have a three-way race,” Nader said. “But tens of millions of Americans have never been told we are even in the race.”
Six percent of respondents to a July CNN poll said they want Nader to be president. A Wall Street Journal poll around the same time had Nader at 5 percent.
A number of minor and major celebrities and musical acts took the stage before Nader, including antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, who said she first blamed President Bush for her son’s death in Iraq but now believes both parties are captive of a “military industrial complex.”
Actor Sean Penn said he came as a supporter of no candidate, but praised Nader and joined him in attacking the media as “servants of a corporate agenda” and accusing Obama and McCain of “diminishing our Constitution” in their support for Bush administration anti-terror policies at home.
Rally organizers said 4,000 people paid $10 in advance or $12 at the door to attend. They listened patiently and occasionally cheered wildly while Nader delivered his views about corporate influence on the two major parties.

making the impossible Politics possible

With zero media coverage, Nader at 8%

Approaching zero media publicity and Nader is still polling at six, seven and eight percent in the polls. Check out this one just in from Time/CNN. In three battleground states, Ralph is a factor.
In New Mexico, Nader polls 8 percent. In Pennsylvania, Nader is at 7 percent. In Colorado, Nader is at 7 percent. And in Nevada, Ralph is polling 6 percent. And the poll shows that Ralph is pulling votes from across the board. Like we said at the beginning. Build it and they will come.
We’re scheduled to be on 45 state ballots by September 12.
Ralph Nader will be on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. Tomorrow — Thursday August 28, 2008 at 9 a.m. EST.
You can listen and watch live on the Internet at
Spread the word.
Together, we are making a difference.

Onward to November.
The Nader Team


The DNC – things you aren't hearing

Okay, so aside from not hearing about Ralph Nader, the other thing you aren’t hearing is that China isn’t the only place where protesters are suppressed. I remember at the DNC protests back in 2000 that there were thousands of us in the streets, but the mainstream media said nothing. As I watched Hillary speaking on the TV in the student union, it occurred to me that there just might be some protest going on outside that wasn’t being covered. By the way, nice line she got out about the ‘sisterhood of the travelling pants suits’. Maybe if she had worn less bright colors and looked more like an executive, she might have won. In any event, I have a new theory that the reason she lost was because she was the more capable of winning against McCain…the democrats are doing it again, figuring out how to lose a battle that they didn’t have to do anything to win, just provide a decent candidate early and shut up.
Anyway, back to Denver and the protests.

and if you want to watch something funny, look how the protesters treat fox news


Trip Report: Hawaiian Island of Lanai. The Bourgeois Island.

I just got back from a low budget trip to the island of Lanai. In my opinion, Lanai needs to be redubbed from ‘The Pineapple Island’ to ‘The Bourgeois Island’. You can read the following and make up your own mind. Before I left, I had several friends tell me that Lanai is their favorite of the Hawaiian islands. Frankly, I’m mystified by that. Read on to find out why.

Since walking around Oahu at the beginning of summer, I’ve been itching for another adventure but because of a lack of money and a job that requires me to be available for tours that I find out hours before are not going out, I haven’t really had the opportunity. So, when I was asked to schedule myself for work in August, I decided to take the weekend before classes begin at the University of Hawaii and visit the island of Lanai. Lanai was the one island that can be visited that I hadn’t visited yet. I have yet to visit the island of Kaho’olawe which is under native Hawaiian/ U.S. Navy control or the island of Ni’ihau which is owned by the Robinson Family. Both require special permission to visit. There are also the roughly 700 islets, reefs, and atolls of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands to visit. But I have spent some time exploring the big island of Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Kauai…and of course the 9th island, Las Vegas.

So Lanai seemed like a good choice, especially given the glowing recommendations of several friends. Friday morning, I woke up, took the bus to the airport ($2), caught a flight on Island Air (using air miles from Hawaiian Air just $17) to Lanai, and armed with a tent ($20 at Sports Authority) and a sleeping bag ($3 at a garage sale), I set off to explore ‘The Pineapple Island’.
The only choices for lodging on Lanai are The Lodge at Koele ($500 per night), The Resort at Manele Bay ($500 per night), The Lanai Hotel (about $150 a night), or the Castle and Cook campground ($5 per night plus a $20 registration fee). I decided to stay for two nights, so based on the tent and sleeping bag you can guess what my chosen accommodation was ($30). So essentially because of the bogus registration fee, camping is $15 per night. The campground is owned by Castle and Cook which formerly was the parent company of Dole foods who formerly owned 95% of the island of Lanai and grew pineapples there. However, in 1985 Castle and Cook was purchased by Billionaire David H. Murdock who spun Dole foods off as a different corporation, shut down the pineapple growing on Lanai, and built the two ultra luxury resorts. No doubt about the fact that the resorts are nice. Murdock’s antiques fill both properties and if you are looking for a place to spend thousands of dollars and pretend to be nobility, these are the place to be. The resorts offer meticulously landscaped grounds, trap shooting, croquet, tennis, pools, horseback riding, and other past times for the wealthy elites.

Since Murdock shut down the agricultural industry, the 3300 residents of Lanai have two choices; work cheaply for the wealthy or move somewhere else. Nice, huh? Just like feudalism is supposed to work.
I didn’t know all of this when I arrived. I had heard about the jeeps that rent for $125 a day and also that a hotel shuttle pass could be purchased for $35 that would get you between Lanai City and the two resorts. I bought the shuttle pass ($35). What I didn’t know was that the drivers wouldn’t ask to see the pass at all but would assume I was staying at the resorts. The pass was unnecessary, but worth the price anyway because I used the hell out of the shuttles. Incidentally, out of all the rich resort guests that rode the shuttle with poor old me, not one of them tipped the drivers in front of me, I made a point to tip visibly whenever I got off the shuttles, hopefully it shamed some of them into tipping too. How’s that? The vagabond is the only tipper.

So I got on the shuttle from the airport and rode to the resort at Manele Bay, conveniently located next to the Castle and Cook campground. Very convenient in fact since I probably used the resort facilities more than most of the registered guests. In the morning they serve very good coffee for free in the lobby, the beach chairs are padded and covered with terry cloth covers, and there is free lemonade and ice water provided at the beach. The only thing missing was the beach girl to put on sunscreen for me, but I bet if I would have asked at the concierge desk she would have been there. When I asked about the individual pieces of artwork, they handed me an ipod that was preloaded with a podcast that gave a tour through the resort and Murdock’s expensive art collection. I thought this mural summed up everything pretty good. Notice the happy poor people carrying the happy rich woman on their shoulders. Substitute the people of Lanai carrying Murdock and you get the point.

At the campground I checked in and asked the attendant, a guy named Foto, if I could camp on the beach. He told me that only residents of Lanai could camp on the beach but that I was welcome to set up my tent on the grass about 40 yards from the beach. I was relieved to find out that Lanai residents got some benefit out of being serfs. Lord Murdock lets them sleep on the sand.

Foto told me that a haole girl had been bullshitting him about sleeping with a local guy and he had let her sleep on the beach but that he had come early today and saw she was sleeping alone and so he had kicked her off the sand. Then he told me she had big cucumbers with her. I believed it all, but the cucumbers were a joke and we both laughed at the idea.

I had heard that the snorkeling was exceptional there, but when I went out, I found that the best snorkeling on Lanai is roughly equivalent to snorkeling in Lanikai or Waikiki, all very good snorkeling, certainly better than crowded Hanauma Bay, but not exceptional.
My friend Sam had told me that a cafe in Lanai City served a great hamburger. I caught the shuttle into town and went to the Blue Ginger Cafe and Sam certainly hadn’t lied. It was the best cheeseburger I have had in the state of Hawaii. Hands down. No contest.

I got the cheeseburger to go with a root beer and went out to the Dole Park rather than eating with the classes. Instead I ate with a crusty old man named Vic in the park and he told me stories about people getting banned from the island by Castle and Cook, about how it had been when there were good jobs, and about how if tourism went away the only jobs would be landscaping for the non-resident, visit once a year, multi-million dollar absentee landlords. Vic was my primary informant on the island and I visited him again the next day.

I returned to the campground, hiked out to sweetheart rock and along the fisherman’s trail, and then laid down on the sand to watch the stars. The stars on Lanai are vivid and brilliant. Lack of a big city makes a huge difference. The stars might be the best part of Lanai. The stars and the cheeseburger.

Next day, I decided to make the 12 mile trek to Garden of the Gods. Lanai has big game hunting animals. Bighorn sheep from somewhere and deer from India. Royal game preserve. I thought I might see some if I walked, besides, a jeep was $125. So I walked. I might have seen some animals but every four minutes or so a rented jeep would go zooming down the dirt road kicking up dust for me to breathe and honking their horns before they went around corners too fast, thus scaring off any wildlife I might have seen. I did see a turkey and a pheasant. I didn’t know turkeys could fly…odd sight.

At the Garden of the Gods, the view was nice. The place might have had a spiritualness to it, I might have been feeling it, but then another jeep pulled up and a guy from the resort asked me “Did you walk all the way from the resort? How long did it take?”
“Short walk,” I replied thinking of the walk around Oahu “Just a couple of hours.”
“You must be in good shape,” he said as his belly sat on the steering wheel and then he drove away leaving dust on the garden of the gods and making me glad I’m not a big fattie.

Back in town I had another cheeseburger for dinner and went back to the campground where a young couple from the big island had set up their tent way too close to mine. He was swilling beers and she was griping from the tent. For hours I heard “Baby, you okay in there?” followed by unpleasant bitchy girl noises.

I tried a slice of pizza at another Lanai City establishment and it was awful. Like mushy frozen pizza. Yuck.

I explored the other resort, the Lodge at Koele and watched as people dressed way too nicely to be on a tropical island went to eat meals that started at $50 an entre. Then, back to camp and looking at the stars. I was glad to have brought my ipod since otherwise I would hear “Baby this, baby that” and “gripe, gripe, gripe”.
I was surprised to hear that Lanai has a Shipwreck Beach where there is one of three ferrous concrete ships in the U.S. wrecked on the reef. I’ve seen the other two in California and New Jersey so decided to skip this one. I also skipped the Munroe Trail since it is another jeep clotted trail.

In the morning I got more free coffee and took another snorkel and swim. I thought that maybe I would splurge on breakfast at the resort but decided against it when i saw that for two eggs, toast, and bacon it was $38. I’m not joking. So, enjoying the little bit of hunger, I went to the ferry terminal to catch a ferry to Maui ($35). I was glad to be leaving Lanai. I don’t see any reason to go back. Breakfast in Lahaina on Maui with all the same stuff was $8.
On Maui I stayed at Patey’s Place, a fairly run of the mill hostel with roaches and several long term guests monopolizing the lower bunks and snoring through the night ($25), I watched Tropic Thunder (filmed on Kauai $16 with snacks) and wandered through Lahaina having a burrito at Maui Tacos ($10).
In the morning I caught the bus ($1) to Kahalui and then took the superferry ($59) to Oahu. The superferry was really great. I’ve always supported it and now that I’ve ridden it, i support it even more. I paid the upgrade fee to get free drinks, snacks, paper, and more comfortable seating etc ($20) and was stoked on it. Really great views of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Molokini, and could even see Hawaii in the distance.
Back on Oahu, I paid $22 to get a cab home and then I showered and now am writing this. All in all, I paid less than a night’s fee at one of the resorts, a little less than $300 which will get you five or six Thai hookers in Ko Samui if you tip well, plus the room, plus food, plus beer, plus some souvenirs for friends back home, plus something else I’m not thinking of…
So there it is friends, you can go to Lanai if you want to, but you probably won’t see me there. Not unless you are paying…and if you forget to tip the drivers and servers, well, don’t be surprised if I tell you to fuck yourself and catch the ferry to Lahaina for some cheap breakfast and a piss your pants funny movie.

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Happy Thoughts.

I know everyone is all abuzz over the Olympics and Joe Biden (by the way, I am incredibly surprised that Obama picked such a magnificent running mate…maybe he will be okay after all) but here are some interesting thoughts to consider. (Thanks Relevellerr!)

-The Senate is processing a resolution (#580) which calls for a number of sanctions on Iran and urges the president to blockade Iran for the purpose of preventing that country from receiving any shipments of refined petroleum. Because of its limited refining capacity, Iran must import 40% of the oil it consumes. The situation echoes memories of the U.S. blockade of Japan over 67 years ago which prevented that country from receiving the oil it needed and which is now considered to have been a factor in Japan’s decision to attack Pearl Harbor.
-49 Senators have signed on as co-sponsors of Resolution 580.
-The House of Representatives is processing a resolution (#362) similar to the Senate’s, but one that also urges the president to set up a blockade to inspect all people and items entering or leaving Iran and prohibiting Iranian officials from traveling outside the country except for the purpose of nuclear negotiations. In a bulletin published last month, Ron Paul described it as a “virtual war resolution.”
-261 Congressmen have signed on as co-sponsors of Resolution 362.
-Three weeks ago, major elements of the U.S. Navy and several other nations including the United Kingdom and France, concluded a naval exercise in the Atlantic, called Brimstone, and described as a dress rehearsal for a blockade of Iran.
-Since then, the following naval assets have been reported to be heading for the Persian Gulf and the other waters abutting Iran:
-the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, with French Naval Rafale fighter jets on board, and her battle group,
-the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and her battle group,
-the USS Iwo Jima, an amphibious assault ship,
-the United Kingdom’s aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and her battle group,
-and the French nuclear attack submarine Amethyste along with other French ships.
-This armada is joining up with the existing elements of the Fifth Fleet already in the Gulf and its vicinity, which include:
-the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and her battle group,
-the USS Peleliu and her battle group,
-at least one nuclear attack submarine and a variety of other U.S. ships.
-It has been widely reported in the foreign press that this is the largest naval buildup in the Gulf area since the inception of the war in Iraq.
-Russia recently conducted a naval exercise in the Mediterranean involving at least 11 warships, an unknown number of submarines, the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsoy and the heavy missile cruiser, Moskva, described as the flagship of its Black Sea Fleet. The exercise was conducted out of and supplied by the Russian facilities at the Syrian port of Tartous.
-The German online publication, ALLES SCHALL und RAUCH, reported that the Kuznetsoy carries about 47 combat jets and ten attack helicopters. The planes have stealth capabilities that are considered inferior to America’s technology, according to the article, but Russian planes were allegedly able to approach U.S. vessels without being detected.
-Undoubtedly, the U.S. and its allies have developed an arsenal of cutting-edge weaponry that has been kept under wraps. Nevertheless, the German report goes on to say that Russian missile technology is of a particularly high order. It claims that there are no known effective counter measures at this time to protect against the high speed torpedoes and missiles Russia has developed that could be capable of sinking an aircraft carrier.
-It is also thought that this technology may have been shared with Tehran which recently conducted its own missile tests, following Israel’s extensive dress rehearsal for an aerial attack on Iran.
-Israel, Kuwait and the other Gulf States have already made their “war contingency plans”, according to news reports, in the face of the growing likelihood of a major regional war in the Middle East.
-The recent and somewhat ongoing crisis in Georgia is considered by some foreign analysts to have been an early move in the high stakes game of chess that seems to be rapidly developing. There is considerable disagreement in the world press over whether the Georgian conflict was actually initiated by the West or by Russia. However, given the fact that it occurred at a time when the movement against Iran was already well underway, it is considered likely that there is a connection.
It may already be too late, but if Iran does not soon take the necessary steps to ease the concern over its assumed nuclear weapons program, it appears that a major action will occur. This most likely would involve a blockade, at least initially, although the possibility of a direct aerial, naval and missile attack cannot be entirely ruled out.
Even a blockade would almost certainly disrupt the supply of oil, however, causing the price to surge and cascading another wave of woe across the already struggling global economies.
Furthermore, the unknown reactions of China and Russia, in this respect, represent the ultimate risk of a naval or aerial confrontation between major nuclear powers.




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Vagabonding on lanai. 23-08-08_1140.mpegVagabonding on lanai.

ask the terror suspect. Politics shananapocalypse

The Real New World Order

Dear Terror Suspect,
Did you like the Olympic opening ceremonies? What about the Olympics? Do you have a favorite sport in the games?
~Tracy ….Cary, NC

I can’t remember if I wrote about this or not, but I am convinced that the opening games of the Olympics were more than they seemed. Personally, I am fairly certain they were the mark of the center of power in the world being transferred from the United States to China.

Here’s the thing. The moneyed power that sits behind all the thones and has for a long time now, moved capital and power to the United States from the Old World in Europe. Europe had been exploited and divided too many times and it was no longer a safe place to consolidate the wealth of millennia. That is what the world wars were about. They were about making the United States the center of the world where in the past it had been England, Spain, France, or Egypt.
The consolidation worked. Now after a century of using the natural wealth of the U.S. and now leveraging it to the highest degree possible, Capital is moving to a safer place where there is less chance of losing power. China is it.
It is my opinion that the opening ceremonies marked the completion of that transfer. China is now the dominant power in the world. Russia invading Georgia and the future conflict that seems to be coming between the U.S. and Russia will complete the process of turning the U.S. into a second class or perhaps even third world power. This rivalry between the United States and Russia is not to see who is the world power, it is to see who gets to be the second place power. In Olympics terms, we are seeing who gets the silver and who gets the bronze.
For a long while I thought that the E.U. was the future of capital and power, but it was a diversion that fooled many of us.They had no intention of going back to Europe.
Now is the time when the United States of America starts to come apart at the seams. Look for more war, less money, more working hours, less benefits, and an overall not as good life in the future.

Don’t be surprised if this image leaves U.S. currency sometime in the near future. In other words, it might be time for the U.S. to become the center of exploited labor it has turned so many other nations into.
I’m not a huge fan of the Olympics, but I love badminton. It’s the best spectator sport on the planet….next to curling.