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Carter's warning, Prices rising, and Bin Laden's driver.

If you enjoy conspiracy talk, you certainly know about the warning that Dwight Eisenhauer gave regarding the military industrial complex. A lesser known warning came from Jimmy Carter about the dangers of energy consumption.

Check this out from Drudge:

“The energy crisis is real. It is worldwide. It is a clear and present danger to our nation. These are facts and we simply must face them.” — Jimmy Carter, July 15, 1979
History has born Carter to be dead on.
In that same speech Carter proposed a cap on foreign oil imports and an ambitious conservation plan that included a 48-mile-per-gallon fuel efficiency standard for cars.
If that amount of savings was going on, United States would have no need to import a drop of oil from the Middle East

In the United States, donsumer prices were 5% higher than a year ago and rose 1.1% on a monthly basis, the Labor Department said yesterday. Energy prices were the main driver of price growth, and were 6.6% higher in June as the cost of petrol, natural gas and heating oil increased. As a result, the average weekly wages, after adjusting for inflation, fell by 0.9% in June – the biggest monthly decline in 24 years.
How does that feel? At least now you know you aren’t imagining it. I didn’t have the right tool to fix a flat on my moped recently and when I took it to the mechanic today it turns out he had raised the price of labor since two weeks ago when I talked to him. Cost then, $60 to repair the flat and put a new tire and tube on the bike. Cost now, right around $80. When I asked him why the price had gone up so much he told me that his prices had gone up because his expenses have gone up. I still feel like I’m being gouged but I had just pushed the damn thing a couple of miles to get it there. For the extra $20 I would have bought the god damn tool I needed. I’ll admit it though, I didn’t want to push it all the way back home. It’s more than the cost to replace a tire on a fucking car though! At least it gets 100 mpg.

In any event, I wouldn’t have thought twice about spending that $20 on a couple of drinks or a decent bottle of wine, so I let it go…mostly. I think I’ll be investing in some tools soon though.
Have you ever heard of Hawaiian Shave Ice? Well, now you can get Martian Shave Ice. The new Nasa lander is scraping ice from the surface of the red planet. So far the only flavor is dirt.
The stock market wizards keep pulling new tricks from their hats to keep stocks above the 11,000 mark. This is a psychological move since many investors now look at a drop below 11k as indicating with certainty that we are in a recession. I have no idea how they managed to get the cost of oil to drop with these bizarre rumours that the soured economy is lessening demand. You would think people would be conserving…but really, the big spenders in energy consumption haven’t slowed all that much. It’s all smoke and mirrors and despite the disdain I feel for the magicians tricking us, I tip my hat to them for pulling it off again. How long can they hold on?
The smoke and mirrors are good, no doubt, but see how it makes you feel to read about Osama Bin Laden’s driver giving testimony. The terror suspect is accused of conspiring with al Qaeda and providing material support for terror because he served as bin Laden’s $200-a-month driver and occasional bodyguard. Conviction could carry life imprisonment.

At this point I should admit that while was driving for a limousine service, several of my charges were war criminals within the Bush administration. I was not happy about the situation but I needed the job so I shuttled them back and forth from five diamond hotels to the U.S. Pacific Command (PacCom) for meetings with other big wigs. I know, shame on me for providing material support to Bush and his cronies. Funny that with all their security they either didn’t know or didn’t care that I was even then running a blog called Terror Suspect.