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Phantasmagoria: Creepy art exhibit at Honolulu Contemporary Museum

Just heard about this on the radio and it sounds amazing! One piece by a Colombian artist requires the viewer to breathe on mirrors to make the faces of missing persons become visible. Another work by a Mexican artist features a group of humidifiers – the artist sends the water from Mexico… water used to wash bodies in morgues!

Phantasmagoria: Specters of Absence, brings together 13 international artists including Christian Boltanski, Jim Campbell, Michel Delacroix, Laurent Grasso, upcoming 02art4 artist Jeppe Hein, TCM collection artist William Kentridge, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Teresa Margolles, Oscar Muñoz, Julie Nord, Rosângela Rennó, and Regina Silveira who use ephemeral means in their work such as fog, reflection, shadows, and vapors. The exhibition title refers to 18th-and 19th-century entertainments created by “magic lanterns” and rear-screen shadow projections. These precursors of the modern film projector were used to stage dancing specters and other frightening theatrical effects for their audiences. The exhibition draws on this rich theatrical tradition to reframe questions of absence and loss, death and the afterlife around contemporary issues.

The Contemporary Museum – Level Two

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Russia schools ban cult of death Halloween

Death cult? Does this kid look like part of a death cult?

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Moscow schools have been ordered to ban students from celebrating the cult of the dead, better known as Halloween, despite the widespread popularity of the imported festival to Russia.
Halloween is being forced underground because it “includes religious elements, the cult of death, the mockery of death,” a spokesman for the city’s education department Alexander Gavrilov said on Wednesday.
“It’s not an attempt to block the celebration of this holiday completely, just in schools and colleges,” he added.
Pumpkins and images of witches are widespread across Russia, with many bars organizing special fancy dress parties, despite the efforts of the Kremlin and especially the Russian Orthodox Church to curb enthusiasm for non-native festivities.
“This is destructive for the minds and the spiritual and moral health of pupils,” said Gavrilov, saying the ban had been recommended by psychiatrists.

Russia schools ban cult of death Halloween | Lifestyle | Reuters

Crime and Punishment Oddities possible

Unmasking American Legend D.B. Cooper

“On a rainy night in 1971, the notorious skyjacker jumped out of a 727 and into American legend. But recently, a chance lead to a Manhattan P.I. may have finally cracked the case.”

Left: An FBI sketch of “D.B. Cooper.” Right: Kenneth Christiansen, Northwest purser and former paratrooper; the suspect.

The Cooper file is now a morgue of dead-end leads. It sits buried in the basement of the FBI’s Seattle field office and occupies several shelves in long rows that open and close by spinning black plastic wheels. The belief among agents handling the case now is that Cooper died in the jump—the conditions were simply too brutal to survive, and the twenties would have blown away. When a new tip arrives in the mail, the Feds typically shrug it off and file it away.
One of those tips that came in was from Lyle Christiansen. In fact, he claims he told the FBI about his older brother several times. “Dear Good People,” a copy of one of his letters, written in November 2003, begins. “Here’s the story of how I began to suspect my brother was D.B. Cooper.” He was watching TV one night, he told them, and flipped on the show Unsolved Mysteries, which had an episode about the Cooper case. “I sat up in my chair,” he wrote, “because my brother was a dead ringer to the composite sketch of D.B.” Suspicious, he read up on the case. “There was so many circumstances that I became convinced my brother was truly D.B. Cooper!”
“I’m not getting any younger,” Christiansen wrote to the FBI again, and for the final time, in January 2004. “Before I die I would like to find out if my brother was D.B. Cooper. From what I know I feel that he was and without a doubt.”

Unmasking American Legend D.B. Cooper, Who Got Away With Hijacking a Plane — New York Magazine

Crime and Punishment Oddities

Ex-prisoner buys his former cell

A former prisoner in Australia has decided to buy his own jail cell.
Graeme Alford spent several years in Pentridge Prison, Melbourne, for embezzlement and robbery.
But he is not planning to actually live in the cell again. It is being turned into a wine storage facility as part of the prison’s commercial redevelopment.
Mr Alford, a former barrister, said the purchase was “purely an investment” as he swore to stop drinking after his release in 1980.
Before its closure in 1997, Pentridge prison was Australia’s most notorious jail.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Ex-prisoner buys his former cell


Robert Goulet Dead

He will live in my mind forever because of the SNL parody of him below.

Robert Goulet, who marshaled his dark good looks and thundering baritone voice to play a dashing Lancelot in the original “Camelot” in 1960, then went on to a wide-ranging career as a singer and actor, winning a Tony, a Grammy and an Emmy, died yesterday in Los Angeles. He was 73.

Politics war is waste we know nothing

A quick roundup of links

There is a lot I want to share with you…for the moment though…no time…so enjoy these links…what I consider to be the best of the net this morning.

Olberman on the War on Terror- Is there NOTHING that Al Queda won’t do? Are they really the blame for EVERY incompetence? It seems now and for a while at least the Republicans have become delusional in their pursuit of convincing the World of the Enemy. Hmmmm

Here are the 25 stories you won’t hear about in the mainstream media over 2008.

The Best Conspiracy Theories in the World
Aids invaded the U.S. from Haiti (in 1984 my sex ed teacher told us to avoid sex with Haitians, Heroin addicts, Homosexuals, and Hemophiliacs….the 4 H’s…)
Ron Paul Wows Iowa…GOP ignores him.
Disneyland Small World boats getting bigger to accommodate heavier riders

critters LOL terror suspects

Army sent after minks on the run

Go, minks, go.

BERLIN (Reuters) – Twenty German soldiers were deployed on Friday to help recapture around 17,000 minks on the run.
The animals had been let out from a mink farm into the eastern German countryside by unknown perpetrators, according to police in Stendal, 55 miles west of Berlin.
Local officials and mink farm employees also spent the day trying to trap the animals at large.
“So many minks escaped, I have no idea how many they’ll catch,” police spokesman Joachim Albrecht said.

Army sent after minks on the run | Reuters

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What is driving oil prices so high?

An enlightening summary from BBC. Oil demand around the world is increasing, partricularly from China and India, while several major supply sources are threatened, including the Middle East, Mexico and Nigeria. And with oil wealth rolling in to Russia and Venezuela, Putin and Chavez can afford to discount the wishes of the US government.

Oil prices have surged to record highs above $93 a barrel.
Prices have more than quadrupled since 2002 and are currently 40% higher than at the start of the year.
What factors are causing this unremitting increase and what are the likely consequences for consumers and the global economy?

BBC NEWS | Business | What is driving oil prices so high?

Poor Vago

We the People Radio

Yesterday (10/27/07), I was the guest on Alex Ansary’s radio program in Portland, Oregon. Here is a link to it if you guys want to hear about it. We spoke about geopolitical situations and the importance of being ready for any sort of catastrophe whether it is natural or man made.

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Leading supplier of body armor in Iraq raided company $ for Bat Mitzvah with Aerosmith

The former CEO of the leading supplier of body armor to U.S. soldiers in Iraq was charged yesterday with looting the company to bankroll a lavish lifestyle that included a $10 million bat mitzvah for his daughter.
In addition to the bat mitzvah – which included performances by Aerosmith, 50 Cent, Tom Petty, Kenny G and the Eagles – prosecutors said David Brooks got the firm, DHB Industries, to pay for other goodies.
Among them were a face lift for his ex-wife; vitamins for his stable of 100 horses; pricey vacations; fancy jewels; an armored car; a $194,000 Bentley; and a $100,000 diamond-studded belt buckle.