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Terror Suspects of the Week: Pissed off Kung Fu Monks

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Shaolin Temple, the cradle of Chinese kung fu, is demanding an apology from an Internet user who said its monks had once been beaten in unarmed combat by a Japanese ninja, Chinese media reported on Friday.
Shaolin Temple, in the northern province of Henan, became famous in the West as the training ground for Kwai Chang “Grasshopper” Caine in the 1970s “Kung Fu” TV series.
Ninjas — professional assassins trained in martial arts — date back to mediaeval Japan.
“The so-called defeat is purely fabricated, and we demand the Internet user to apologise to the whole nation for the wrongs he or she did,” the Beijing News said, citing a notice announced by a lawyer for the Shaolin monks.
Relations between Chinese and Japanese are sensitive at the best of times, with emotions still running high over Japan’s invasion and occupation of parts of China in the first half of the 20th Century.
The Internet user, calling themselves “Five Minutes Every Day”, said on an online forum last week that a Japanese ninja came to Shaolin, asked for a fight and many monks failed to beat him, the newspaper said.
“The facts that the monks could not defeat a Japanese ninja showed that they were named as kung fu masters in vain,” the Internet user was quoted as saying in the post.
The Shaolin temple “strongly condemned the horrible deeds” of the user, the newspaper said.
“It is not only extremely irresponsible behaviour with respect to the Shaolin temple and its monks, but also to the whole martial art and Chinese nation,” it quoted the monks as saying.

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Sierra Club willing to Negotiate with Superferry

I’m relieved to see that the Sierra Club isn’t interested in shutting down the Superferry. This whole situation is ridiculous. It’s shit like this that keeps Hawai’i as a horrid place to do business and as a result as a backwater in the Pacific rather than an economic powerhouse working towards sustainability.

The Sierra Club said it is willing to negotiate with Hawaii Superferry officials about allowing the ferry to resume operations.
The Superferry has been sitting at Honolulu Harbor. Environmentalists said that was not their primary plan.
“Our goal is not to stop Superferry from operating,” said Jeff Mikulina of the Sierra Club.
The Sierra Club and Maui environmental groups won an order banning the Superferry from Kahului Harbor, but they said they expect the ferry will be able to survive environmental review.
“I think that would also help being sort of a pressure relief valve for some neighbor islanders who rightfully have some concerns,” Mikulina said.
Because the courts have essentially ordered that process to take place, the Sierra Club has met its first goal and said it is now willing to consider allowing Superferry to sail again under very strict controls.
“Perhaps in the short term they put in extreme measures in to protect for those things then we understand what the impacts are and can go back and revise them. That could be an outcome,” Mikulina said.
Another reason environmentalists might want to settle is that if the Superferry is shut down for a long time or pulls out of Hawaii the public backlash might lead the Legislature to weaken the environmental law.
The Maui groups appear less willing to discuss negotiations. However, they also agree that the Superferry will sail eventually.


Photo ID cards for Indian cattle

I might be showing my ignorance here, but can you really tell cows apart in ID photos??

Indian border guards are photographing cows in villages in the eastern state of West Bengal and issuing them with identity cards, officials say.
Border Security Force (BSF) spokesman GK Sharma said the move was meant to stop smuggling of cattle from India to neighbouring Bangladesh.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Photo ID cards for Indian cattle

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Two quick reviews- Why We Fight and Joyeux Noel

Why We Fight and Joyeaux Noel – 2 quick reviews
First- Why We Fight is a powerful look at the military industrial complex and the imperialism of the United States since Eisenhower. Definitely one sided, but really, there only is one side to what has happened to the United States and her policies. Makes me want to move…anywhere outside of the USA, but scared to.
Second-Joyeux Noel illustrates the absurdity of war by showing 1914 in the Trenches. Without a doubt the best Christmas Movie ever made.

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Absurdly cute moving plastic plant

I’ve never been sure if those little solar-powered head-bobbing dolls are cute or creepy, but I absolutely love these little bobbing plants. I can’t really explain why… I saw one on someone’s dashboard yesterday, and I just have to have it.

Everyone likes a little nature in their home or workplace. The problem is most houseplants need constant TLC in order to survive. But even if you’ve got green fingers and a farmer’s touch, you can bet your watering can your plants won’t wiggle about like Flip Flap Q Minis.

Flip Flap Q Minis

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Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown- a short review by Chris Damitio
In terms of keeping you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next, this movie gets a perfect score. It was amusing, well scripted, and pleasantly captured the sense of nervous tension that all of the women felt. At the same time, the mise en scene and overall composition of the frames managed to make all of the women stand out. The colors of their costumes, the very specific and unique looks that each of them had really fit with the dementia that each of them felt. Small details like the rumba cab driver and his bouffant hair style created an eccentric feeling to everything about this film. I loved it.

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Skyscraper Urban Farms

Scientist Dickson Despommier has designed a scheme to grow crops inside 30-story skyscrapers. This urban farm concept could help feed a rapidly growing population, leave space for forests, and supply potable water for entire cities.
A look into the near future can be alarming: Currently, 40% of the land world-wide is being used for agriculture, to feed our current population of about 6 billion people. More and more forests are being cleared every year, removing valuable trees that sequester carbon dioxide and help quell global warming. By 2050, the population is expected to jump to 9 billion–how will the land be divided up?
If it were up to Despommier, a microbiologist at Columbia University, the answer lies in urban farming. Despommier envisions 30-story skyscrapers where crops are grown on every floor, each providing enough food and water for 50,000 people.
More than 100 crops can be grown indoors by taking advantage of a technique called “hydroponics,” where plants grow using mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil. The plants would travel down conveyer belts past stationary grow lights and automated nutrient-delivery systems. Genetic engineering, where researchers can control the characteristics of an organism, could play an important role in the vertical farm concept by modifying the growth requirements of different crops.
In terms of water production, the skyscraper farm could use a process called “evapotranspiration,” which is basically the condensation that comes from plants’ leaves. Despommier plans to irrigate the plants with sewage that has been filtered through barrier plants and zebra mussels, which are the best-known filtering organism.
Despommier is also part of New York Sun Works, an eco-friendly engineering firm in Manhattan concerned with global warming and agriculture–the top cause of pollution. By using compact vertical farms instead of clearing more land, forests could be saved and trees grown to help combat global warming.
Although Despommier predicts that the first vertical farm will likely cost billions of dollars, with funding, he thinks a prototype could be constructed in five to 10 years. One day, he envisions an entire skyline dotted with skyscraper farms



NJ Iphone hacking Teen trades it for a new car

A New Jersey teenager has cut a deal to trade a hacked iPhone for a new set of wheels and three further iPhones, Yahoo! reports.
Seventeen-year-old George Hotz, of Glen Rock, made the announcement on his blog, having successfully unlocked the Jesus phone. Duly released from the shackles of AT&T, the device was then swiftly offered for sale.
Hotz said: “Terry Daidone, the founder of Certicell contacted me this morning, and offered to make a trade for the iPhone. I traded it for a sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones.” He described the trade as “a great end to a great summer”, and he can only hope AT&T’s attack lawyers don’t provoke a sudden autumn chill.
Daidone, who’s the co-founder of Louisville, Kentucky-based CertiCell, has apparently also offered the young man a paid consulting job, but stresses the company doesn’t have “any plans on the table right now to commercialize Mr. Hotz’ discovery”.

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How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates

The FBI has quietly built a sophisticated, point-and-click surveillance system that performs instant wiretaps on almost any communications device, according to nearly a thousand pages of restricted documents newly released under the Freedom of Information Act.
The surveillance system, called DCSNet, for Digital Collection System Network, connects FBI wiretapping rooms to switches controlled by traditional land-line operators, internet-telephony providers and cellular companies. It is far more intricately woven into the nation’s telecom infrastructure than observers suspected.
It’s a “comprehensive wiretap system that intercepts wire-line phones, cellular phones, SMS and push-to-talk systems,” says Steven Bellovin, a Columbia University computer science professor and longtime surveillance expert.

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Angelina Jolie Visits Iraq

Angelina Jolie has travelled to Iraq to highlight the plight of the country’s refugees.
The ‘Tomb Raider’ star – who is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador – met with 1,200 refugees camped out in makeshift shelters near the war-torn nation’s border with Syria on Tuesday (28.08.07).
She said: “I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to the humanitarian crisis and to urge governments to increase their support for the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and its partners.
“My sole purpose in both countries is to highlight the plight of those uprooted by the war in Iraq.”
The 32-year-old actress also witnessed dozens of Iraqis crossing the border into Syria to escape the fighting in their homeland.
She also met privately with US troops and other foreign forces deployed in the region during her trip.
On Monday (27.08.07), Angelina flew from New York to Syria before travelling to the Syrian capital of Damascus to visit Iraqi refugees in their homes.
She said: “It is absolutely essential that the ongoing debate abut Iraq’s future includes plans for addressing the enormous humanitarian consequences these people face.”