President of the World Bank

maybe there is something to like about this guy after all….

In this combo picture, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, with holes on his socks, is seen as he leaves from the Ottoman era Selimiye mosque in Edirne, western Turkey, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007. Wolfowitz was in turkey for a-two-day official visit. (AP Photo/Nadir Alp/Anatolia)

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Gangsters are happier than Police

No big surprise. Apparently 65% of Korean police report job satisfaction while 79% of gangsters, even those in jail are satisfied with their lives.

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean gangsters get more satisfaction from their line of work than the police, according to a survey published on Tuesday in local dailies.
According to the survey conducted among 109 jailed mobsters by the Korean Institute of Criminal Justice, 79.3 percent of gangsters said they were somewhat or very satisfied with their life in organized crime.
About 65 percent of police said they enjoyed their profession, according to a separate survey.
South Korean gangsters make on average about 4 million won ($4,255) a month, which is typically higher than the pay for police.
The criminal justice survey said crime syndicates in South Korea get most of their money through traditional methods such as extortion, prostitution and gambling.
But mobsters have been looking to diversify their operations and are trying to muscle their way into shady stock deals or earn a share of corporate mergers and acquisitions, it said.
($1 = 940.1 Won)

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Military Shows Off New Ray Gun

The future is now. Dreamers…we need you to come up with new ideas…this time try to imagine a peaceful future….

Military Shows Off New Ray Gun
MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Georgia – The military’s new weapon is a ray gun that shoots a beam that makes people feel as if they will catch fire.
The technology is supposed to be harmless – a non-lethal way to get enemies to drop their weapons.
Military officials say it could save the lives of innocent civilians and service members in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.
The weapon is not expected to go into production until at least 2010, but all branches of the military have expressed interest in it, officials said.
During the first media demonstration of the weapon Wednesday, Airmen fired beams from a large dish antenna mounted atop a Humvee at people pretending to be rioters and acting out other scenarios U.S. troops might encounter.
The crew fired beams from more than 500 yards (450 meters) away, nearly 17 times the range of existing non-lethal weapons, such as rubber bullets.
While the sudden, 130-degree Fahrenheit (54-degree Celsius) heat was not painful, it was intense enough to make participants think their clothes were about to ignite.
“This is one of the key technologies for the future,” said Marine Col. Kirk Hymes, director of the non-lethal weapons program which helped develop the new weapon. “Non-lethal weapons are important for the escalation of force, especially in the environments our forces are operating in.”
The system uses millimeter waves, which can penetrate only 1/64th of an inch of skin, just enough to cause discomfort. By comparison, common kitchen microwaves penetrate several inches of skin.
The millimeter waves cannot go through walls, but they can penetrate most clothing, officials said. They refused to comment on whether the waves can go through glass.
Two Airmen and 10 reporters volunteered to be shot with the beams, which easily penetrated various layers of winter clothing.
The system was developed by the military, but the two devices currently being evaluated were built by defense contractor Raytheon.
Airman Blaine Pernell, 22, said he could have used the system during his four tours in Iraq, where he manned watchtowers around a base near Kirkuk. He said Iraqis constantly pulled up and faked car problems so they could scout out U.S. forces.
“All we could do is watch them,” he said. But if they had the ray gun, troops “could have dispersed them.”

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Film on Film as Life on Life

Another of my assignments for you..Enjoy

Film on Film as Life on Life
by Chris Damitio
Watching a great film can give a person insights into the existence they lead. That may be the key to why human beings are willing to spend as much time as we do sitting in darkened theatres or immobilized on couches during sunny days watching things that may or may not have happened on a big screen or a tiny box. The truth is, film ( and television for that matter) is a means of gaining meaningful experience (and sometimes not so meaningful experience) that we might not otherwise have the means or ability to find. Film is, in fact, a sort of life in that it is capable of giving us the means to think or experience things in a different way; so when a director creates a film that is about film itself, they are actually showing us a bit of life about life.Three films that take this profound approach are Richard Linklater’s Waking Life (2001), Robert Altman’s The Player (1992), and Francois Truffaut’s Day for Night (La Nuit Americain) (1973). In these three films, these three directors not only demonstrate that all film is self referential, but endeavor to also show that life itself can often be a viewed as a self referential experience. In doing so, they take the experience of watching the film from an externalized experience into the realm of an internalized experience by forcing the audience to participate emotionally, intellectually, and perhaps even on a more subtle plane that is easier felt than described.


Seoul denies Kim Jong Il under arrest

United Press International – Intl. Intelligence – Seoul denies Kim Jong Il under arrest
Seoul denies Kim Jong Il under arrest
SEOUL, Jan. 26 (UPI) — South Korean officials Friday denied a Japanese news report that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is under house arrest amid a power struggle.
Japan’s Jiji Press said Kim was absent from Pyongyang at a time when his aides were involved in an intense power struggle.
Kim may be under house arrest by the military, possibly at his luxury villa at Wonsan on the east coast, the news agency said, citing an unidentified South Korean source. Or he may have suffered a decline in his health, it said.
“We see no signs backing the news report,” said an official at Seoul’s intelligence agency. Seoul’s Unification Ministry also denied the report as groundless.
In Tokyo, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki also said Japan “has not heard information of that kind.”

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Mysterious, Large Ice Chunk Falls on Tampa Man's Car

Another example of the fact that at any moment, something can fall from the sky and kill you. In this instance no one died, but if it did that much damage to this car, imagine what it would have done to you….Enjoy life. It is fleeting (and sometimes ends suddenly when something from the sky crushes you.)

First Coast News – Florida State News – Mysterious, Large Ice Chunk Falls on Tampa Man’s Car
TAMPA, FL (AP) — A 20-year-old Tampa man is trying to figure out where a chuck of ice that fell on his car came from. The mystery ice plummeted from the sky yesterday morning, pushing in the roof on Andres Javage’s 2000 Ford Mustang and blowing out the rear window.
Inspectors with the Federal Aviation Administration are reviewing flight schedules to determine whether the ice might have come from an aircraft.

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Who has less of a life than this?

I pose the philosophical question now…who has less of a life, the man who just sold his or the person who bought it? Holt’s webpage is

SYDNEY (AFP) – A 24-year-old Australian surfer who sold his life, including baggage from a painful break-up, on eBay says he is still not quite sure why he did it.
Nicael Holt sold his name, phone number and all his possessions, including clothes, CDs, a surfboard, a laptop, a wonky pushbike, childhood photos and a “nice lamp” given to him by an ex-girlfriend, on the internet auction site.
The successful applicant bid 7,500 dollars (5,790 US) last week to become Holt, right down to spending Christmas with his parents and inheriting “some tension with a former ex from a painful break-up.”
The identity of the eBay auction winner is known only as ridderstrade.
Holt, a philosophy student from the southern coastal city of Wollongong who has set up a website to explain his actions and ask for donations to charity, said he was unable to explain why he sold his life.
“Im still racking my brain to come up with the answer or any answer as to why I did this?” he wrote.
Motivating factors were boredom and intrigue as to what constitutes a life and what made him who he was.
He added he was “hoping to make a point that the amount and type of things that are for sale in this world is insane and wasteful.”
In his sales pitch, Holt said the winner would be entitled to a four-week training course in how to be him — including lessons on how to surf, climb, skateboard, fire twirl and do handstands — as well as two months of on-call support afterward.
He also promised to introduce the winner to all his friends and potential lovers, including eight people he had been flirting with.
“Lifestyle is very social. It includes a lot of going out,” he noted on his eBay advert.
“Friends will treat you exactly as they have treated me. This includes friends who take me surfing, running, climbing and cook for me. All of these features will be transferred over to the winning applicant.”
His legal identity, passport, qualifications and future inheritance were not for sale.
Holt’s new website has raised only a modest 100 dollars for charity.
“In the spirit of this, there are people in the world who are dispossessed and actually have nothing,” he writes on the website.
“So I would like to make a contribution to these people by donating to a charity.”

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Pressure mounts on African Union to reject Sudanese chairmanship

Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir is one of the primary (if not THE primary) architects of the bloodbath in Darfur. Now he wants to lead the African Union, the body responsible for the undermanned peacekeeping force in Darfur. It is outrageous and it might actually happen. While the world begins to pay attention and hold ‘Concerts for Darfur’ in Carnegie Hall, the already-hellish situation worsens.
UPDATE BY CD: Thankfully, Sudan didn’t get it. Story

KHARTOUM, Sudan: Sudan braced for a diplomatic showdown as the government confirmed Sunday it intended to secure the chairmanship of the African Union, while outside observers and regional rebels warned the move would compromise the African body’s attempt to pacify Darfur.The AU is set to meet this week in Ethiopia to choose its new chairman among African heads of states. The spiraling violence in Sudan’s western Darfur region is expected to top the agenda, along with the ongoing turmoil in Somalia.
The AU has 7,000 peacekeepers struggling to end the fighting in Darfur, where many observers say Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is a party to the conflict and should not chair the organization.
But Khartoum says AU leaders already agreed to select al-Bashir during last year’s summit.
Sadiq dismissed claims that a Sudanese chairmanship would put the African force in an awkward position in Darfur, saying the regional body’s chief does not have oversight over day-to-day peacekeeping operations.
But Darfur rebel leaders warned they would stop considering the AU mission as an honest peace-broker in Darfur if al-Bashir is selected.
“We are fighting al-Bashir and his army. … There will be huge chaos in Darfur if he becomes AU chairman,” warned rebel chief Khalil Ibrahim in a phone interview from Darfur.

Pressure mounts on African Union to reject Sudanese chairmanship as Darfur situation worsens – International Herald Tribune
Human Rights Watch on Darfur

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Be careful comparing me to a beat poet…

I might beat your ass.  I composed this on the bus on the way home…put it to a simple guitar riff and here you go…from mind to reality…as quick as that…
ripped of, shit on, tore up, and spit out


Asstrology- Take Your Head Out of Your Ass

The instructor in one of my classes accidentally wrote Asstrology instead of astrology while discussing pseudoscience….If it hadn’t of existed…I would have created it….the same instructor also told us about Orthodykes, a Jewish Lesbian website (link is to a blogspots blog as seems to have exceeded its bandwidth)…have a look at both and enjoy…


Take your head out of your ass.