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Arundhati Roy on Bush in India: "Just Not Welcome"

I am a big fan of Arundhati Roy’s writing and of her political sentiments. Here’s a lovely example of both. (And if you haven’t, read her heartbreaking The God of Small Things.)

On his triumphalist tour of India and Pakistan, where he hopes to wave imperiously at people he considers potential subjects, President Bush has an itinerary that’s getting curiouser and curiouser.
For Bush’s March 2 pit stop in New Delhi, the Indian government tried very hard to have him address our parliament. A not inconsequential number of MPs threatened to heckle him, so Plan One was hastily shelved. Plan Two was to have Bush address the masses from the ramparts of the magnificent Red Fort, where the Indian prime minister traditionally delivers his Independence Day address. But the Red Fort, surrounded as it is by the predominantly Muslim population of Old Delhi, was considered a security nightmare. So now we’re into Plan Three: President George Bush speaks from Purana Qila, the Old Fort.
Ironic, isn’t it, that the only safe public space for a man who has recently been so enthusiastic about India’s modernity should be a crumbling medieval fort?
Since the Purana Qila also houses the Delhi zoo, George Bush’s audience will be a few hundred caged animals and an approved list of caged human beings, who in India go under the category of “eminent persons.” They’re mostly rich folk who live in our poor country like captive animals, incarcerated by their own wealth, locked and barred in their gilded cages, protecting themselves from the threat of the vulgar and unruly multitudes whom they have systematically dispossessed over the centuries.
So what’s going to happen to George W. Bush? Will the gorillas cheer him on? Will the gibbons curl their lips? Will the brow-antlered deer sneer? Will the chimps make rude noises? Will the owls hoot? Will the lions yawn and the giraffes bat their beautiful eyelashes? Will the crocs recognize a kindred soul? Will the quails give thanks that Bush isn’t traveling with Dick Cheney, his hunting partner with the notoriously bad aim? Will the CEOs agree?

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Taylor meets Obasanjo in Nigeria

OK, what is going on here? Liberia’s brutal former-warlord Charles Taylor is enjoying asylum in Nigeria, rather than being sent to the UN Special Court in Sierra Leone to be tried for war crimes. Nigeria had previously indicated that it would turn Taylor over to an elected Liberian government, if not to the special court.
Now, a few days before Nigeria’s president Obasanjo meets with Liberia’s new elected leader, Obasanjo has a hush-hush airport meeting with Taylor….
Ironically, Nigeria has been the most generous supplier of peacekeeping troops in West Africa and has also sheltered Taylor, one of the biggest instigators of violence in multiple West African countries.

Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo has met privately with the former Liberian President Charles Taylor, who lives in exile in the east of Nigeria.
Officials said their conversation at Lagos airport on Sunday lasted about 30 minutes but gave no further details.
Nigeria is under pressure to hand Mr Taylor over to an international tribunal in Sierra Leone that indicted him on war crimes charges.
President Obasanjo is due to meet Mr Taylor’s successor later this week.
Officials said Mr Taylor arrived in Lagos in a plane belonging to the president’s fleet and they met in the presidential lounge before he returned to Calabar.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Taylor meets Obasanjo in Nigeria


Like Humans, Monkeys Can be Snobs Too

I can relate…I wish someone would pay me to look at the riffraff..though, I don’t mind watching crazy people dance on city sidewalks and am amused by expletives shouted out in public places…but maybe those people aren’t really rifffaff….
monkey snob
ABC News: Like Humans, Monkeys Can be Snobs Too
Feb. 28, 2006 — No question about it, in some ways we humans are very much like monkeys.
Scientists at the Duke University Medical Center have found in past research that, like some humans, monkeys will “pay” for the attention of a monkey of higher social rank, and even to see the female hindquarters of another monkey. And now they’ve added even more evidence of the similarity between monkey and human behavior.
Monkeys, it turns out, can be snobs.
For several years now, neurobiologists at Duke have been studying how monkeys perform in a social situation, or more specifically how the brain is wired to deal with social cognition. It’s all part of ongoing research into autism, which affects more than 1 million Americans and is the fastest-growing developmental disorder.
Persons suffering from autism have much difficulty in dealing with social situations, including paying attention to what’s going on. So several years ago Michael Platt and Robert Deaver began studying rhesus macaque monkeys to see if they could figure out how these cleaver animals deal with their social challenges.
In early research they found that monkeys, like humans, pay considerable attention to what others in the room are looking at. We humans see that all the time at parties. One person turns to see who just entered the room, and in a split-second the rest of us take a gander too.
The research, using sophisticated timing devices, showed that the action was almost instantaneous among monkeys as well as humans. If one monkey saw an image of another monkey looking to the right, it looked instantly to the right.
Building on that work, the researchers decided to see if monkeys would be willing to forego some of their juice for various privileges, including seeing an image of a monkey with a higher social rank, or looking at a bit of monkey porn.
Monkeys were willing to “pay” for both those treats, but they weren’t willing to pay a drop of juice to see a picture of a monkey with lesser status. In fact, they wanted to be paid to look at riff-raff. Give them juice, and they’ll look, but otherwise forget it.


FUKN = Future Uncertain, Kiss Now

FUKN Future Uncertain Kiss Now
Well folks, time is running out. It’s running out for all of us. It could end at any moment. Better start kissing. George W. Bush should Kiss Saddam. Bin Laden should Kiss Blair. You should kiss your mother. And if you are thinking of joining the military or the mujahadeen you should kiss your ass goodbye. The Future is Uncertain, Kiss Now. Fukn. It’s a good idea. Enjoy Fukn~
Chris Damitio
Chairman of the Fukn Bored

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Iconic Che

I see a lot of Che T-Shirts on the UH campus…I like these better…
His spirit may never die, but he’s dead as a doornail.
Che fought exploitation, inequality and oppression.
I doubt he would be a fan of his iconic image on t shirts.


Gandhi, Bush, and the Bomb

Check this out if you want to see some irony at work…great article…
Gandhi, Bush, and the Bomb
by Lawrence S. Wittner
On February 24, at a press briefing, White House National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley announced that, when U.S. President George W. Bush travels to India next week, he will lay a wreath in honor of Mohandas Gandhi.
For those familiar with the cynical gestures of government officials, it might come as no surprise that an American President would attempt to derive whatever public relations benefits he can by linking himself to one of the most revered figures in Indian and world history.
But the level of hypocrisy is heightened when one recalls that Bush is currently one of the world’s leading warmakers and that Gandhi was one of the world’s leading advocates of nonviolence. Furthermore, the American President’s major purpose for traveling to India is to clinch a deal that will provide that nation with additional nuclear technology, thus enabling it to accelerate its development of nuclear weapons.
Gandhi, it should be noted, was not only a keen supporter of substituting nonviolent resistance for war, but a sharp critic of the Bomb. In 1946, he remarked: “I regard the employment of the atom bomb for the wholesale destruction of men, women, and children as the most diabolical use of science.” When he first learned of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Gandhi recalled, he said to himself: “Unless now the world adopts non-violence, it will spell certain suicide.” In 1947, Gandhi argued that “he who invented the atom bomb has committed the gravest sin in the world of science,” concluding once more: “The only weapon that can save the world is non-violence.” The Bomb, he said, “will not be destroyed by counter-bombs.” Indeed, “hatred can be overcome only by love.”


THE TRUTH & LIES OF 9/11 – Google Video

This is something everyone should watch…question it, listen to it, and most importantly, don’t accept everything (or anything ) that Bush and the US government are telling you on faith…
I don’t think this is any kind of ‘proof’, but it is something to consider…
THE TRUTH & LIES OF 9/11 – Google Video
This pioneering, groundbreaking expose of 9-11, now two years old, painted a stark and accurate picture of our world today and TOMMORROW. Mike’s new introduction “connects the dots.”

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Bush 'waving when fell off bike'


US President George W Bush was waving to police when he fell off his bike at the G8 summit in Scotland last July, newly published police papers reveal.
Mr Bush was shouting “Thanks, you guys, for coming” when he lost control and collided with an officer, the documents obtained by Scotland on Sunday show.
The smash left Mr Bush with scrapes on his hands and arms, and the policeman needing crutches for an ankle injury.
At the time, Mr Bush laughed off the crash as a sign “I should act my age”.
The police report confirms that Mr Bush later telephoned the injured policeman to ask how he was and to apologise.
The cause of the officer’s injury was officially recorded as being “hit by a moving/falling object”.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush ‘waving when fell off bike’

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Sex Pistols: "We're not your monkey and so what?"

The remaining Sex Pistols have turned down an invitation for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with this note (posted at thefilthandthefury)….

Next to the SEX-PISTOLS rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain. Your museum. Urine in wine. Were not coming. Were not your monkey and so what? Fame at $25,000 if we paid for a table, or $15000 to squeak up in the gallery, goes to a non-profit organisation selling us a load of old famous. Congradulations. If you voted for us, hope you noted your reasons. Your anonymous as judges, but your still music industry people. Were not coming. Your not paying attention. Outside the shit-stem is a real SEX PISTOL”

(Kids, stay in school.)

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Mad Monkey Disease????

Personally, if I had to pluck coconuts for ten years, I’d probably bite the fucker too…
angry monkey
Monkeys attack masters
Monkeys attack masters
THEIR monkeys had always been obedient, plucking coconuts for them.
But not until when they went berserk and attacked their masters on two separate incidents on Friday and yesterday.
In the first incident, Hassan Hussein, 58, sustained seven stitches on his left hand while Azimat Mat Hassan, 66, received 10 stitches and a tendon tear on his right hand. Both are warded at the Alor Star Hospital.
Hassan from Kampung Pokok Pauh in Pokok Sena said he instructed his monkey “Lehâ€? which he had kept for 10 years to pluck coconuts for his friend’s kenduri at about 8pm on Friday when the incident happened.
“It managed to pluck 30 coco-nuts before it became violent. I panicked when it attacked me and bit my hand,’’ he said.
He, however, managed to put it in my motorcycle carrier and headed for home before seeking treatment at the hospital.
Azimat, from Kampung Pondok Lama in Pokok Sena, took his monkey “Nyanâ€? to pluck coconuts, also for a kenduri, at about 6.30pm yesterday when the animal attacked him while coming down the third tree.
“I pulled my hand away while my friends tried to subdue the monkey,â€? he said.
His friends rushed him to the hospital.