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Urban Survival Manual

For those of you that have been unable to find the link to the Urban Survival Manual, here it is again. I suspect that you are using the inferior internet explorer browser which causes the tables on this site to overlap….download firefox and look on the right side column to download all of my books…for free. Or go to and download them. If you enjoy the books, please help spread the word about them and also leave some reviews or comments at the lulu link above. Thanks.
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World's largest robot show opens in Japan

I’ll post more on this as time goes on….
World’s largest robot show opens in Japan
Thursday December 1 2005
TOKYO: Robots that perform medical, welfare and security jobs are taking part at the largest robot show in the world, opening here on Wednesday.
Robots, manufactured and designed by 152 companies and 40 organisations in Japan and abroad, are being displayed at the 2005 International Robot Exhibition. The exhibition has been held every alternate year since 1973.
Among the many robots being displayed in this year’s exhibition is one from Hitachi that is capable of following instructions to fetch objects. It drew much attention at the 2005 Aichi Expo that ended in September.
The exhibition is organised by the Japan Robot Association and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.


TSA to Allow Scissors, Tools on Planes

Okay, what I want to know is are they going to give me back my god damn swiss army knives, nail clippers, tweezers, and scissors? Incidentally, Mink Hippie and I were recently travelling together and I realized I had a ‘prohibited’ item in my pocket. Out of curiousity, I stashed it in my carry on. The TSA ran my bag, saw something, ran my bag again, and then let me go. I repocketed my contraband and boarded the plane shortly after…. Good thing we’ve made air travel even more of a pain in the ass….

    WASHINGTON – Airline passengers will be allowed to carry small scissors and tools onto planes, reversing a rule that led to confiscation of many thousands of sharp objects at airports since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, a
    Homeland Security Department official said Wednesday.

Regular, Premium, or Chicken Grade Fuel

It has been a while since I posted an interesting Chicken story….imagine…we can cull all the bird flu chickens and relieve our dependence on petroleum at the same time… that is worth dancing about.
chicken dance
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Fuel is the thing with feathers. Hoping to find an efficient way to help power automobiles and trucks, researchers at the University of Arkansas say they have developed a way to convert chicken fat to a biodiesel fuel.
“We’re trying to expand the petroleum base,” said Brian Mattingly, a graduate student in chemical engineering. “Five to 20 percent blending of biodiesel into petroleum-based diesel significantly reduces our dependence on foreign oil.”
Mattingly’s research allows biodiesel producers to assess different materials to see what works best. Producers will be able to choose the best way to convert different grades of chicken fat into fuels.
R.E. Babcock, a professor of chemical engineering, said chicken-fat fuels are better for the environment and the machines.
“They burn better, create less particulate matter and actually lubricate and clean things like cylinders, pistons and fuel lines,” Babcock said.
Traditionally, biodiesel producers have used refined products like soybean oil because they are easier to convert to fuels. However, the refining process makes soybean oil more expensive — and fuel producers must compete with grocers for the oil supply.
Chicken fat can be a less-expensive substitute because it is available at a low cost. However, fatty acids in raw chicken fat can lead to the creation of soap during the various chemical processes.
In his studies, Mattingly used high-quality fat (less than 2 percent fatty acid content) and low-quality, feed-grade fat (6 percent fatty acid content) obtained from Tyson Foods Inc. plants in Clarksville and Scranton. The high-quality fat is more expensive than the feed-grade fat, but both are less expensive than soybean oil.
It took different steps to refine the different fats, but it could be done, Mattingly said.
“The project demonstrated that there is a very fine line between facilitating an adequate reaction and generating so much soap that the biodiesel yield is diminished,” Mattingly said. “Basically, deciding which method to use comes down to economics.”
Michael Popp, an associate professor of agricultural economics, said it is too early to tell if making biodiesel fuel from chicken fat is economically feasible.

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Creativity linked to sexual success

Well, I was wondering about this..I guess this explains a lot…now, I’ve got to get back to creating….
I’m assuming they mean 4 to 10 a year….
LONDON (Reuters) – Pablo Picasso, Lord Byron and Dylan Thomas had more in common than simple creativity. They also had active sex lives, which researchers said on Wednesday was no coincidence.
Psychologists at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Open University in Britain found that professional artists and poets have about twice as many partners as other people.
Their creativity seems to act like a sexual magnet.
But Dr Daniel Nettle, a psychologist at Newcastle University’s School of Biology, said it is a double-edge sword.
“Poets and artists have more sexual partners but they also have high rates of depression,” he told Reuters.
Nettle and his colleague Helen Clegg questioned 425 British men and women, including professional artists, poets and schizophrenic patients, about their creative activity, sexual encounters and mental health characteristics.
Although creative people have long been associated with active sex lives, the researchers believe their study is the first to back it up with research.
They found that professional artists and poets had between 4 and 10 sexual partners, while less creative people had an average of three.
“We found it in both the men and women which was quite a surprise to us,” said Nettle, who reported the finding in the journal “The Proceedings of the Royal Society (B).”
The study also showed that the average number of sexual partners increased as creative output went up. What the artists produce draws attention to them, which seems to enhance their sexual allure.
“It could be that very creative types lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act more on sexual impulses and opportunities, often purely for experience’s sake, than the average person would,” said Nettle.
The active sex lives of artists is often tolerated, even by long-term partners who are less likely to expect loyalty and fidelity from them, according to the researchers.
Picasso, Byron and Thomas were famous for their art and their attraction to women.
“They illustrate some of the phenomena quite well — lots of acclaim and lots of women,” said Nettle.



Christmas is coming…better not open this link at work, but you better open it…at least make sure you have a moment of privacy…


Saddam and his seven co-defendants

Just heard on the radio that there are seven co-defendants – am now picturing Saddam as Snow White…… I know, it’s a stretch – work with me here….
The link below is Al Jazeera’s update on the trial. People are pissed that the judge is showing deference to Saddam, allowing him to make complaints and to dominate the courtroom.

The 68-year-old former president began his monologue on Monday with a verse from the Quran which reminds believers who aspire to heaven that God knows who participated in the struggle and who persevered.
Two of the seven other defendants also spoke out during the two-and-a-half-hour session, complaining of their treatment in detention or dissatisfaction with their court-appointed counsel.
The tribunal adjourned until next Monday to give the defence time to replace lawyers slain since the opening session on 19 October.
The court’s tolerance of such comments drew sharp complaints from some politicians, who believed the Iraqi High Tribunal was bending over backwards to accommodate a defendant who should have already been convicted and executed.
“The chief judge should be changed and replaced by someone who is strict and courageous,” said one legislator, Ali al-Adib, a senior official in Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari’s party.

The tribunal allowed former US attorney-general Ramsey Clark and prominent lawyers from Qatar and Jordan to join the defence team as advisers, a move aimed at convincing foreign human-rights groups that the trial would meet international standards of fairness.
Also, the chief judge, Rizgar Muhammad Amin, ordered all handcuffs and shackles removed from the defendants before they entered the courtroom – another gesture towards the accused.
Saddam, well-groomed and the only defendant wearing Western clothes, moved quickly to try to seize control of the proceedings. He was the last defendant to enter the chamber. While other defendants appeared frightened and exhausted, he swaggered confidently to his seat, greeting people along the way with the Muslim greeting “peace be upon you” as he held a copy of the Quran.
He complained that he had to walk up four flights of stairs in shackles and accompanied by “foreign guards” because the elevator was not working.
Judge Amin said he would tell the police not to let that happen again.
“You are the chief judge,” Saddam snapped back. “You should be giving them instructions and not just tell them. This is our country.
“You are Iraqi and they are foreigners and occupiers. They are invaders.”
Saddam also furiously complained that some of his notes and his pen had been taken from him.

Aljazeera.Net – Saddam trial adjourned

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Sand Sex Brazil and Bikinis

Someone certainly knows how a woman is shaped. Wow. The thing I like about sand sculpture is the temporary nature of the art…no attachment….
A man passes by sand sculptures of girls wearingbikinis at the Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005. A new law restricts the sale of postcards showing scantily clad women, a campaign aimed at reducing exploitation and sex tourism that has drawn mixed reactions in Brazil’s tourist capital. (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)


'Crying' Virgin Mary Statue Draws Believers

It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle! Maybe the Virgin crying blood means that something is about to happen…quickly folks….get your spam, sardines, and flashlight batteries ready!
Red stains are seen running from the left eye of a statue of the Virgin Mary at the Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2005. According to Anthony Nguyen, a deacon at the Church, the stains first appeared more than a week ago, but they were wiped away. The stains reappeared a week later. Visitors have been flocking to the church to see what many call ‘a miracle.'(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

insurance nightmares

Katrina, Burning Man, and Rainbow Family

This is a fun story if only that the characters don’t really seem to fit together but do…amazing how a disaster can bring about something so cool and bond people together…. everybody repeat after me…. “We want more disasters….let’s let the world get fucked up completely so that we can fix it completely….” I’m not joking here….I hope the world gets douched….and it’s not because I’m bitter…it’s because I think hope can only be born of difficulty and never of complacency…. bring it on…
KRT Wire | 11/20/2005 | Amid ruin, `a beautiful thing’
Amid ruin, `a beautiful thing’
Chicago Tribune
WAVELAND, Miss. – The New Waveland Cafe seems like the kind of place one might find near Madison or Berkeley, or perhaps in the parking lot of a Phish concert.
Located inside a cavernous geodesic dome, the cafe offers three meals a day that are served by the Rainbow Family of Living Light, a scruffy assortment of dreadlocked, tattooed and pierced crew members, most of whom are in their 20s. Guitar and drum music wafts from nearby tents, and the Center for Alternative Living Medicine offers condoms and massages.
A few yards away, the scene at the Waveland Market is quite different. An open-air market (a misnomer since everything is free) that offers everything from laundry detergent and clothing to potato chips, it is manned by a neatly groomed staff of evangelical Christians in bright green t-shirts. They are considerably older, and as one might expect, more conservative than the cafe staff.
The New Waveland Cafe and Market is one of the most curious yet inspiring stories to emerge in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Located in a devastated town that took the brunt of the storm’s fury, the cafe and marketplace are the combined effort of two groups from radically different backgrounds who have come together to help the residents of the beleaguered Mississippi coastline.