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Life Among the Clowns

For clowns, it’s all about kids and makeup
Experts know what it takes to look just right for National Clown Week
Feeling funny. Frances Sharp, aka Twinkles, left, puts the finishing touches on 11-year-old Josh Bublitz’s clown outfit. When it comes to drawing a clown face, Sharps says, “Just have fun drawing designs on your face, just like kids with crayons.” Christina Stuart, FLORIDA TODAY
When applying her makeup, Frances Sharp has learned that less is more.
And she’s a clown.
“When I started I had the huge fake eyelashes, bright red hair and the big nose,” says Sharp, better known in these parts as Twinkles — clown by day, clown by night. “But then an expert clown looked at me and said ‘that’s not Twinkles.’ “

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This writer obviously is too shallow to even consider the centuries-old evil that clowns have perpetrated on the masses. Obviously, he was hired only for his looks.

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