Iraq, Yugoslavia, Hatemail

There’s a new road cut into the woods behind Fairhaven Park. I don’t know why the road is there but it sure ruins a nice walk and some really cool BMX jumps. There was a whole network of jumps and dirt tracks back there, not anymore.You can expect to see a few more kids hanging out on Railroad Avenue because their bike jumps got plowed over. Those jumps looked like a lot of work to build, but I suppose it’s more important to build more crappy looking planned communities with generic looking homes. You would think the homeowners around here would take up arms against developers. Every tree that gets cut lowers the potential value of homes because it diminishes the tourism potential of the area. That means home values will remain steady or drop depending on how available affordable housing becomes. I want to own a home someday but not in Compton, and not in an overdeveloped Stepford neighborhood. I wish Bellingham would put a moritorium on new development. Buy back any undeveloped land and turn it into parks and playgrounds and historic markers, and tourist information booths. I’m worried about that road but at least theres nobody shooting at us or dropping bombs on our country.
In Kosovo, however, a lot of people are dying every day. Ethnic Albanians want to be independent of Serbia. Serbia doesn’t want that. There is no easy solution. Gross human rights violations are being made. I’m afraid we’ll just start dropping bombs like we’ve done with Iraq. The Iraq bombing campaign has been sustained longer than any other US strike since Viet Nam. We’ve been bombing them a few times a week! Nobody really talks about it anymore. We are killing people. Stop for a second and think about it. That’s what bothers me…nobody is thinking about it. It deserves a least. What are we trying to accomplish? To overthrow the regime? Or to just have somebody to bomb? It’s crazy. Real people with real families, real loves, hates, jobs, hopes and fears are dying as a result of our bombs and sanctions. I’m sure of that, but I’m not sure why. If you know, fill me in. I wonder if some country might “accidently” launch something at us. China is upset, Italy is mad, Iraq and all the Arab countries are a bit sore over this whole bombing thing…Maybe on the eve of Y2K Mother Russia will get her last laugh…oops! sorry, it’s our computers, don’t retaliate…please…we didn’t have the money to fix em..honest….

Poor Vago

Ideas for a Libertarian Website

The government exists to serve its citizens. Our government is a government of, by, and for the people. As citizens we have both rights and obligations. These rights include voting and holding office, saying and writing what we think, practicing our own religion, having a fair trial, and maintianing our privacy. Our obligations include getting an education or learning a trade, serving in juries, and paying taxes to support our government.
The right to human dignity. Every person should be treated with equal respect.
Freedom of thought movement and choice
The first requisite for citizenship in this Republic of ours is that he shall be able to pull his own weight.–Thomas Jefferson
The key to expressing our views effectively is knowing the issues.
What is the problem/
How is it affecting us or our children?
What is proposed?
How will it help or hurt?
Free Thinkers Federation….A collective of open minds for the betterment of all humanity.
To better humanity through understanding, communication, and cooperative effort. As The Free Thinkers Federation becomes larger these truths will evolve, as all truth must. We hold these truths to be self evident but acknowledge that in the universal scheme of things, situations may alter cases when things are viewed in the long term rather than the short. All people are created equal and share a fate of living followed by death. The following is a bill of rights which all people share.
1) 1) The right to speak freely and with responsibility for ones own words.
2) 2) 2) All person have the right to claim responsibility for their actions. Damaging actions such as polluting, theft, vandalism, excessive waste, and white collar crime shall carry the penalty of the assessed property or damage plus 125%. Crime does not pay.
3)All persons have the right to make moral decisions which do not affect other individuals. These include but are not limited to sexual orientation and practice, drug and alcohol use, birth control, abortion, religious preference, and medical assissted suicide.
4)Any person violating the right of others to exist peacefully through violence, murder, rape, molestation, or illegal incarceration shall lose all of their rights and be assigned to government works projects.
5)All persons are gauranteed the right to a place to live, enough food to eat, and medical treatment.
6)All persons are gauranteed the right to work for their sustenance. Above the gauranteed basic necessity’s citizens may enter free enterprise or civilian works projects which pay above and beyond the governments individual subsidence allotment.
7)All persons have the right to bear arms after having served a period of one year of governmental service and completing certified government training courses. Firearm regulations will be strictly enforced and all firearm privelidges taken away at the discretion of an advisory gun safety committee.
8) all persons have the right to assemble and operate a free press except when the interests of national security are threatened.
9)All persons have the right to vote in free elections and to run for jelected office in same elections. Votes will be counted individually with the candidate with highest popular vote winning.
10) The right to the future. Any person violating anothers right to the future through negligence, pollution, wastefulness, carelessness or intention will suffer the severest of consequences.
It has been pointed out that corporations are “super people”. After all, under current law, corporations have the same legal rights as people yet are not subject to the natural restrictrions of mortality and biological growth. We believe therefore that the existence gap between people and corporations must be closed and encourage dialogue and discourse as to how this is best done.
Taoism is a philosophy of life which advocates looking at the totality of existence as one unit ruled by a universal force called CHI. Chi is an energy that is instrumental in achieving Tao, which could roughly be translated as peace and oneness.