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Notes from an Interview with a Militiaman

Interview with Paul Ridley
A woman n Skagit in
The idea is absurd that domestic violence is man beats up woman, that doesn’t teach anybody anything an if you can’t define domestic violence than nobody can deal with it. Its about power and control. It’s not about sex and neither is rape and neither is incest, predators are all survivors of domestic violence and incest themselves. The self medication from alcohol and drugs is a result of not being able to deal with whats going on.People learn to sedate them selves cause they never learn to deal with it cause they don’t know what it is. It’s people. Not man or woman or children verbally sexually physicly biologicly socially abuse each other any way they can and if we keep portraying it as man beats up woman noones gosnna know how to deal with it. And PTSD is the same kind of stress.Survivors of floods, disasters, fires, lightning strikes…if you feel like your life is threatened or could end, the end result is post traumatic stress disorder and theres many people that have that severe and their social skills don’t allow them to participate. So those are the kinds of people we try to teach new skills….don’t lie, don’t cheat, here help me pick up some garbage and some appliances off the ground, and dont tell anybody you did it, then you can feel good about doing something. You helped out you know and you’re doing something for the environment. if you start with self esteem, you gain discipline, cause self esteem is pride. Discipline can come from fear or pridebut leadership, the ability to guide and direct somebody is the best kind of discipline because it comes from within, you know what I mean. EspriDe Corps. And thats what we provide you know, we provide a gold arrow, a symbol of hope, we provide a motto..forward which is optimistic and its red for the blood spilled in combat, and then, we provide a acreed, Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere we can. Can, we never say can’t. And the problem with all of these dysfunctional people is there isolated. If you can get them out and make them feel good, they’re on the way up. You don’t have to teach them anything spiritually, they already believe in something you just ask them what do you believe in and whatever they tell you you use that as a spiritual foundationa nd build upon what they already believe in, you don’t have to change what they believe in

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Ramblin Man (Bellinghamblin' Man's) Bio

Ramblin’ Man’s Bio.
Born in Tacoma, Washington in 1971 to a rock musician and a cocktail waitress. We moved from Tacoma to Big Bear Lake, California and travelled most of the continental U. S. before I could fully appreciate it. My earliest memories are of the road. Ghost towns and Holiday Inns, coming over mountains and seeing towns laid out below like a thousand jewels. My parents split up after a big “disco” scene. My childhood is full of memories of cocaine, jam sessions, babysitters watching pornos, and that whole wierd time of being a kid in the 1970’s. I was almost 10 when my parents split up. I spent my teens running away, playing in the woods and at the beach, doing drugs, and working on the Ski Slopes. I rebelled as far as I could from my parents. I joined the Marines. I hated it, but was pretty good at it. I was was trained a mortarman, a grunt, and an Air Traffic Controller. I was honorably discharged after four years. Seargent Damitio. I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and became a student at North Carolina State University. I worked as a bartender. On January 02, 1996 I arrived in Bellingham. I had never been here before. I found a picture of Mount Baker and I knew it was the place I’d been waiting to call home my whole life. I gave away everything in my apartment and drove across country. Once here I lived in my car, then with heroin addicts, then with a poet named Alyssa. I’ve lived all over Bellingham and Fairhaven is the only place I want to be.
Real Name: Christopher David Damitio
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington ( more specifically…Fairhaven)
Towns and cities lived in (places I’ve had jobs and/or homes):
Tacoma, Washington Millington, Tennessee
Seattle, Washington Memphis, Tennessee
Big Bear Lake, California San Diego, California
Mendocino, California Jacksonville, North Carolina
Fawnskin, California Raleigh, North Carolina
Redding, California Knightdale, North Carolina
Myrtle Creek, Oregon Juneau, Alaska
Canyonville, Oregon London, England
Profession: Writer
Jobs worked in life:
Waiter House Painter Mill Worker Air Traffic Controller
Cook Bellboy Driver Apartment Manager
Bartender Delivery Boy Laborer Office Manager
Editor Janitor Commercial Painter Casting Director
Roofer Handyman Disc Jockey Craft Services
Manufacturer Engineer Asst Store Manager Barrista
Cashier Radio Producer Ski Lift Attendant Alpine Slide Attendant
Dishwasher Caterer Room Service Sales Associate
Woodcutter Furniture Maker Begger Plasma Donor
Countries, Territories, and States Hitchhiked in:
Alabama Utah N. Carolina Pennsylvania Canada
Arkansas Nevada S. Carolina Kentucky Scotland
Arizona Colorado Virginia Louisiana England
California Wyoming W. Virginia Ohio Puerto Rico
Oregon Idaho Tennessee Florida Grand Bahama Island
Washington Alaska Mississippi Georgia Mexico
Drugs I’ve done:
Marijuana PCP NO2
Cocaine LSD Opium
Nicotine XTC Crack (freebased cocaine actually)
Alcohol Psilopsybin Nutmeg
Cryatal Meth Pills (all kinds) Bannana Peels ( they didn’t work)
Drugs I’d do again: (see list above but get rid of “C” drugs and bannana peels.)
Movies I’ve been involved with:
Practical Magic The Follower
Limbo The Barrell Brothers
Wild Charm of the O’Neils Second Generation

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Throw Away Society and Friends of the Trees

Our society faces some problems! One of the biggest is the amount of waste we produce. Our landscape is overflowing with “waste”. What is waste ? Websters defines waste as (1) using, consuming, or expending thoughtlessly or (2) causing to lose energy, strength or vigor. I’d like to offer one more definition– waste is an unused resource.
The waste which fills our dumpsters and our lives is actually quite valuable. I know a man who collected peoples “trash” from alleyways in Los Angeles for five years, storing it in a building which was slated for destruction. When LA finally decided to tear down the building he sold all of his “waste” for over a million dollars! Another friend rescued two hydraulic tools from a dumpster and sold them for nearly $72,000 dollars! On a much smaller scale, I personally have pulled blown amps and old computers from dumpsters and sold them for $100 or more.
The point is, there is enough “waste” in the dumpsters of America to feed, clothe, house, and educate everyone. Why does it happen?
After W.W.II, our wartime factories converted to civilian production, suddenly there was more than we could use. A new society was born. “The throwaway society.” The throwaway society provided maximum employment and plenty of goods and services. Americans had more available through gainful employment and massive production. The key was keeping people spending by creating incentives to buy “new, bigger, better” products instead of keeping trusted ones. We introduced the concept of planned obsolescence.
Some of the drawbacks of “the throwaway society” ? Consumer debt is at an all time high and instead of working less, we’re working more. A family with one income used to be able to own a home, raise children, and enjoy some time at home. Now, it is all we can do to have two incomes pay for a rental home, raise one child, and keep food on the table. Another drawback is obvious, the environment. Look around, anywhere…..
Here’s the key, think about the value of what you’re throwing away….is it trash or is it an unused resource….you wouldn’t throw away cash, would you?
Send your hatemail to
If you’d like to know more about “waste” and how we can profit from it check out .
Michael Pilarski and Friends of the Trees
Michael Pilarski is taking action to save the worlds forests.
Inspired by Richard St. Brubaker, who promoted tree planting internationally;
Pilarski helped found Friends of the Trees Society (FOTS) in 1978. FOTS mission is to
double the worlds forests, inspire, enable, educate, and assist people to live in harmony
with forests and trees, and publish positive visions of a sustainable world with strategies
to get there.
Rather than just sound the alarm about threats to the environment, FOTS emphasizes
immediate action..
“We are a part of the pro-active wing, we have solutions,” Pilarski said.
FOTS operates at local, regional, national, and international levels. They have
distributed over 170,000 seedlings, thousands of seed packets, and sponsored events
which have brought information to thousands of people. Currently they have over 10,000
people on their mailing list. FOTS and Pilarski have played a huge part in forming the
Bellingham Permaculture Club which combines practices of urban and rural
sustainability and meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.
into an overall system of agriculture and living which has a minimum negative effect on
the planet. FOTS has also created The Travelers Repair Network (TERN) which links
travelers with individuals and organizations in other countries around the world who are
involved in sustainability.
Is Pilarski satisfied with FOTS progress so far?
“Heavens no, the world is heading hell bent for disaster, but the good news is – more
people are aware we’re heading there.”
Pilarski offers some everyday steps people can follow to help save the planet:
plant trees , look for ways to reduce consumption of the earth’s resources, and support
the restoration of nature.
” At Friends of the Trees, we believe in multiple functions for single elements, in other words, one person can do more than one thing at a time.”
“Friends of the Trees is not a radical group,” Pilarski said , “We’re not into extreme
action, we’re into promoting non-violence and less consumption.”
In addition to founding FOTS , Pilarski has edited Restoration Forestry: an
International Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices and compiled The Third
World Resource Guide with Michael G. Smith.
Currently FOTS is sponsoring workshops on gathering local herbs and edible wild
plants without damaging the environment on the eastern and western slopes of the North
Cascades as well as the Puget Sound lowlands. On August 16 and 17, FOTS, The
Herbalist (Seattle) and Wonderland Tea and Spices (Bellingham) sponsored The
Northwest Herbal Fair at the River Farm near Bellingham. This event’s focus was
showing people how to use local herbs in their lives. For more information on Friends of
the Trees, Permaculture, or current events in sustainability contact Friends of the Trees
Society at (360)738-4972.

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Financial Aid Blues

Financial Assistance Blues
The other day I noticed that my cupboard was close to bare and my bank account in a similar situation. A lot of us know it is difficult to get an education, support yourself, pay bills, feed yourself, and still have anything left over to buy toothpaste with. ( A lot of folks don’t know thanks to trust funds and rich daddies, I’m jealous and a little bitter, mostly jealous.) So anyway I’ve been going to the Food Bank for a while, this is a great resource, anyone can go down there and get bread, veggies, canned goods, staples, and even treats (only one please!).It’s located on the corner of Ellis and Iowa streets and operates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you’re a starving student type, check it out, if not think about going down there and volunteering to help the folks less fortunate than you in your community. Back to my bare cupboards, I’ve been craving more than food bank food. A friend suggested that as a working college student, he thought I deserved food stamps. Sounded pretty good to me, the money I’ve been spending on eggs, cheese, and meat could all be better spent paying my heating or phone bills. I decided to swallow my pride and go give it a try.
The first thing they did was have me fill out some paperwork, no problem, I was in the military, I can fill out paperwork for days ( literally!). Then I had to wait about an hour (again my military experience comes in handy.), only to be told that I should come back in two days with a ton of documentation and paperwork: birth certificate, social security card, statement from my landlord ( who lives in California ), shared household statements ( yes even my housemates had to submit their names, jobs, ssn, and statements which said we share bills but not food ), pay stubs ( which I never keep.), tax returns, bank statements, insurance policies, auto titles, contracts, financial aid statements, military documentation, and signed testimonials from every lover I’ve ever had. I gathered together what I could over the next two days and showed up hopeful of getting $20 or $30 dollars a month in food stamps even though at this point it didn’t really seem worth it. My appointment was at 2:00 PM, I waited at DSHS until 3:00, and then this crabby old nag calls me to the window.
“Why are you here?”, she asked me.
“I’m no philosopher Ma’am, but I’d like to get some food stamps because I’m hungry.” I replied.
“It looks like you only worked 17 hours this week at the beginning of October”, she said clawing at my work schedule.
“That’s right, but that was my first week at this job, since then I’ve worked 25-30 hours every week, see..” I said, starting to feel hopeless.
“I’m sorry, if you weren’t in school we might be able to help you, either that or if you worked more”, the harpy squawked at me.
“But lady, if I weren’t in school, I’d be able to work more and I wouldn’t need food stamps”, I tried to reason with her.
“The system is not designed to help those who are helping themselves”, she pointed out.
That was all I could take, I picked up my stuff and left the so called Department of Social and Human Services. I was feeling angry and confused at the system we’ve allowed to take root within our society. It is a system that pays you for not trying to help yourself. If I quit school I would be eligible for all kinds of help, but because I want to achieve more, ( and in the process spend all my time studying, and my money buying books) I am not eligible for aid. Huh?
On the way home I ran into a friend who told me of a similar experience. She’s a single mom, returning to school and working at a job under the table so that she can support herself and her son.
“I have to lie to those bastards all the time just to have enough to feed and clothe my son,” she said, “ I don’t want to be on foodstamps and welfare, but I need it while I learn the skills I need to get a decent paying job. I don’t want my son to have to go through all this in order to get an education.”
Maybe I should try to get some grants or scholarships to help with my expenses. Well, I tried, I filled out the lengthy form required, then showed proof that I was telling the truth, only to be told:
“You made too much money in 1996, you don’t qualify.”
“But hey, I spent that money supporting myself up until this point because I didn’t have financial aid.”
Doesn’t matter.
Another horror story I heard from a Whatcom student. He was working 40+ hours a week and taking 13 credits. It was rough but he maintained a pretty high GPA and supported himself and his family. He was laid off and went to Job Security to get unemployment, they turned him down saying that he couldn’t work while he attended school full time. He tried to explain that he had been working 40+ hours while he attended full time for almost a year. Didn’t matter.
A solution? I don’t have one. It’s a messed up system that needs to be torn down and completely restructured. I think probably the best way to do that is to just go down there and lie, use every means you can to break the bank on this corrupt system that not only keeps people from helping themselves but also robs them of their dignity and ambition. Apply for financial aid, apply for foodstamps, welfare, unemployment, and any other program that sounds good, even if you don’t need it. If outright lying isn’t your style ( it’s not really mine, but some people like it…..) at least fill out the paperwork, clog up the process, and drive up the expense of the bureaucracy until it crumbles and something decent comes out of it. Me? I’m off to the foodbank, and then I’ve gotta go to work, wish I had time to do my Geology homework.

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Gun Control?

I was on the bus this morning when a heated debate broke out behind me. I often eavesdrop on the public transit system, so my ears perked up. This particular conversation was over gun control and more specifically, Proposition 169, which is intended to prevent accidental gun deaths or injuries, but in the process curtails many individuals “right” to bear arms by requiring registration of weapons and trigger locks. The arguments I heard on both sides were seemingly valid and it led me to wonder how some of my fellow students at Whatcom Community College
viewed gun control and Proposition 169.
(background on 169, summary)
I definitely have views of my own, (don’t worry, I’ll share them) but before I get into them here is a sampling of what WCC students had to say about Proposition 169.
Many students share the concern that guns are a large problem in our society, but surprisingly (to me) they are equally wary of legislative entanglements.
Megan Ellis said “I think its [Proposition 169] kind of good but on the other hand I think its a bunch of legislative bullshit. I’m in favor of something that limits guns but I really don’t think it will do much for safety.”
Shawn Blake agrees with Ellis about safety “From the statistics I’ve seen, the number of deaths from accidental firing is relatively low. The way that this proposition is worded, I don’t think it would prevent more than a small percentage of this already low number. I don’t think the money for all of the bureaucracy of regulating it is justified by the marginal effectiveness it would bring.”
The wording of the proposition is a cause of concern for many people. People who are in favor of gun control are voting no because of ambiguous language and terms.
Carl Baensch says “Although many view this initiative as taking away certain fundamental personal rights, I believe that gun ownership and use does need to be more strictly regulated. Unfortunately, this initiative is rather poorly written, and while it does represent a necessary shift in thought regarding gun control, the issue could be addressed in a better way.”
“Guns,” Baensch said, “are very dangerous. In the interest of public welfare, we should impose increasingly strict regulations upon the ownership of them.”
Jimi Healey uses a comparison between guns and automobiles to illustrate his concerns.
“I feel that people who care to possess a firearm should feel that possession is a responsibility and if they want a gun then they should receive their gun privelidges just like one recieves driving privelidges, ” Healey says. “ They should have to get the appropriate liscenses and knowledge of safety for themselves and others.”
(more quotes in favor)
Now onto the editorial portion of this. The following is my opinion and if you don’t like it, then shoot me.
If you don’t have a gun, you can’t shoot me. That is the basis of my belief. I no longer own any guns and the chances of me shooting you are close to zero (because I don’t have any guns to shoot you with, are you following me?)
I think guns should be criminalized. I think the reason so many criminals have guns is because we allow the manufacture and sale of so many of them in our country.( I won’t even go into the fact that we are the worlds largest arms dealer.) Guns kill people. People kill people. People with guns kill people. I don’t see how to stop people from killing people, but it will be much harder for people with guns to kill people if they don’t have guns. If I have a gun and you have a gun and you try to kill me with it, maybe I’ll use my gun to try to kill you, maybe we’ll kill each other, or maybe the bullets will miss and some innocent bystander will get killed. The fact of the matter is statistically if you have a gun you are more likely to die by a gun. That is true.I’ve been shot at by people with guns, they were probably card carrying NRA/militia members.
I feel that by having a gun you are limiting my freedom to exist. Your right to bear arms is not equal to my right to existence. I don’t exactly look like a upright citizen, maybe when I walk up to ask the time you will think I’m robbing you and shoot me.