Traditional Holidays are Dead

I’ve noticed this year that I have no holiday spirit left. Not just Christmas, but all the holidays. Presidential birthdays – Shame on them all. No more presidents, please. Valentines – I’ve been married 10 years and didn’t even like this holiday before I was married. Now, it’s just a game of gauging expectation and […]

The End of the Free Ride – Free and Underpriced Services Ending

I hadn’t noticed that Craigslist now charges you $5 to sell a car but it’s been that way for more than six months. I just hadn’t been selling a car until now. It’s been a fun ride as the internet destroyed all the best industries in the world with freebies. All the ‘disruption’ that we’ve […]

The State of the World in 2019

To say that things seem to be precarious would be an understatement. Climate change is having devastating effects around the world. Totalitarianism and Fascism are on the rise and seemingly ready to march. The act of simply living has become an increasingly expensive proposition. Children in the US and other countries spend their childhoods staring […]

Reflections on Sept 11th 18-years later. Dominators and Cooperators

The problems in the world can be traced to one group of people – no, it’s not an ethnicity, religion, or nationality. It’s a mindset. Dominators. Dominators are those who believe they should be able to force the world to do what they want. Not just single people but communities, states, nations, and even the […]

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for the Antichrist in 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections

1. You think kids should be in cages and families don’t have the ‘right’ to stay together when they seek asylum 2. You hate abortion for any reason unless it’s an abortion of a non-white or non-American person 3. You believe white people are naturally superior to non-white people and Americans are superior to non-Americans […]