A moment's reprieve from the Scary Arab Clowns

The Scary Arab Clowns have agreed to give me a moment to address my friends and family via here and facebook due to the increased activity on both sites and the interest this has caused. First of all, let me say thank you for all the congratulations, warm wishes, warnings, and announcements that I am […]

On the Road Again…odd but true.

I know this may seem odd, but I am on the road again. Don’t worry though, I haven’t abandoned new found love. Instead, this is a practicality. Admittedly, I have wanderlust and Hanane understands this, so while she arranges her passport and completes some English teacher trainings, I am hitting the road. Today I took […]

Rocky the Beach Boy aka Aboudeen the Wrestler

15-12-08_1436.mpeg While I was riding my skateboard around Waikiki today, I ran into my buddy Rocky. Rocky is the captain of one of the catamarans that pulls up on Waikiki and takes folks out for sunset and blue water cruises. If you make it to Waikiki, his catamaran is the one right behind the statue […]